Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 50-51

Chapter 50: The Ruthless Young Master Lu Part 2 

Raising  his arched eyebrow, he casually threw the files on the desk. The corners of his mouth hooked up. “This small Qiao family, I haven’t put them in my eyes, so what about the acquisition?” 

The lawyer’s heart thudded as he heard not only disdain, but also powerful confidence in his words. 

When he finished reporting about Qiao’s lawsuit status, the secretary led him out. 

Lu Yichen massaged his temples, feeling helpless in his heart. How could he possibly let go of a mosquito because it was small? 

It was entirely Qiao Shiming’s good fortune to give birth to a good son who desperately cleared Jia Jia’s name in front of the media last time. 

If he took this opportunity to bring down the Qiao’s and Qiao Nan to the gutters, this would be like giving an opportunity to Qiao Nan to leave a deep mark in Jia jia’s heart. 

Then, the previous rift between Jia Jia and Qiao Nan would disappear. He didn’t want Qiao Nan to have a place in his baby’s heart!  

“President Lu, the matter you ordered a few days ago was finished over there,” Yu Qing suddenly said. 

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Inside the head office of Tianheng Entertainment Media, Qiao Shiming was so angry that he was admitted to the hospital after reading the headline news of the Shenghao  Media. 

“It must be him! Lu Yichen! Lu Yichen!”  

Qiao Shiming’s blood pressure soared and he could not be persuaded.

Qiao Nan’s face turned pale, that was his own mother after all, and such a terrible thing happened to her!

Lu Yuchen was so cruel!


“Hello, this is Genesis  Corporation…” 

“Put Lu Yichen on the phone…” 

Mi Xue’s  beautiful eyes widened. “Sir, not everyone is qualified to talk to our President Lu… on the phone.” 

“Tell him this is Qiao Nan, don’t think I don’t know about the heartless things he did! Put him on the phone right now!” Qiao Nan’s tone was so angry to the extreme. 

Mi Xue felt the different atmosphere. She knew what was happening at the Qiao’s. Now, Qiao Nan called, she couldn’t do anything about this. She sneered, “Wait for a moment, I’ll inform them of your call.” 

After about two minutes, Mi Xue gave Qiao Nan’s phone number to Lu Yichen’s office.  

Lu Yichen wasn’t surprised by Qiao Nan’s questioning, but without evidence, what could be done?

“Hello.” The phone just rang and Lu Yichen answered it.

“Lu Yichen, aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell Jia’er what you’ve done? How could she have such a sinister and poisonous brother like you!” Qiao Nan couldn’t swallow his anger.

His mother had been reckless, but Lu Yichen had been too ruthless!

“Then you go tell Jiajia well…” Lu Yichen laughed in a low tone, his voice ghostly and gentle as jade, not the least bit angry. “Qiao Nan, who are you to mention Jia jia in front of me? Do you know why my little baby is so disgusted with you?”

“What do you mean?” Qiao Nan’s heart trembled, his instincts telling him it wasn’t good. 

“You think I’m going to get five people to take a turn on Jiajia just because your mother scolded her ?” Lu Yichen deliberately added the word five people.

Chapter 51: Special Circumstances

“What did Madam Qiao do to Jia Jia two years ago?” Lu Yichen’s voice was gloomy, dripping with a rich,  ruthless killing aura. “Do you know what it means to do to others what they do unto you?” 

Qiao Nan was stunned, he couldn’t even hold the phone steadily. 

Two years ago? What did it mean to treat others the way they treated you? “Speak clearly!” 

The phone beeped.  

Lu Yichen hung up the phone with a straight face.

Qiao Nan punched the white wall fiercely, what did Lu Yichen’s words mean?

“Two years ago… two years ago…”  

He couldn’t believe that his mother had done such a vicious thing to Jia’er behind his back, and now, Lu Yichen retaliated. 

How could he still have the face to blame Lu Yichen for being so cruel? No wonder Jia’er was so angry, and told him that if he  knew he was Qiao Feng, she wouldn’t even bother to look at him. 


“Sir,  we received news that Luo Xie appeared in the capital recently, and it seems he will attend a high-level political and business exchange ball.” 

In the criminal police brigade, various people were busy sorting through the newly transmitted information about the drug lord group in their hands. 

They had been tracking this group for six months now. 

“Check out the famous high-level balls happening around this time.” Captain Gao of the Criminal Police Brigade had a grim, stiff face, spoke gruffly, looking less like a policeman but more like a bandit leader. 

“Make it fast! I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait again if we miss this opportunity.”  

When he spoke, the other officers rolled their eyes secretly. “Captain, how do we acquire channels to know these high level balls? Even if we did, it would take a lot of time to check them out, and we’d have to go through procedures to get in, so how easy would this be?” 

The people attending the ball could attract Luo Xie to make some acquaintances. They were definitely those people who had amazing status, so how could they allow the police to wreak havoc inside and arrest someone?  

‘That’s not necessarily true.” Yun Bin glanced at Jia’er who was carrying a large bag of cold drinks and walked over to help her.  

“Tomorrow, there’s an absolutely extravagant ball for political and business famous figures at the Sky room at the Imperial Hotel?” 


“The Imperial Hotel!” 

“Sky Room!” 

Little doll? The corner of Yun Bin’s mouth twitched. “I heard it from a friend.”

“Heard from who?”

“Who told you?”

“How do you know that?” Scrutinizing gazes shot over to Yun Bin. Even though he was usually calm, his scalp tingled after being fiercely stared by a lot of  police officers. 

The police were really professional interrogators, it felt like he was a prisoner being interrogated, really unbearable. 

“Lou Xie  was going to attend the ball at the Sky room?” Li Jia suddenly remembered that her brother had asked her to attend some kind of ball two days ago…

It couldn’t be such a coincidence, right? 

Lou Xi, nicknamed Luo Scorpion, was a famous drug lord and dangerous man! Her brother was one of the guests at the party!

Li Jia was unnerved. “Luo Xie wouldn’t kill anyone, right?” 

Wouldn’t this mean that her  brother  was high-risk?

Captain Gao scrutinized them. Whether they were interns or members of the team, they were all surprised when they heard about this. The two young people hadn’t graduated from the police academy, but they didn’t look surprised. 

His eyes deepened for a few moments, remembering that the teacher who recommended them to the  team had told them to not let these two kids do anything dangerous. He couldn’t help but feel suspicious of the identity of these two people. 

“Do you have a way to attend the ball?”   

Translator’s notes: 

  • They called Yun Bin a little doll.:D I thought it was Jia jia they called at first, but upon reviewing it, it was him. 
  • By the way, the venue is the Imperial Hotel, and the hall is the Sky Room. My mistake  on the previous chapters. 

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