Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 49: The Ruthless Young Master Lu Part 1

The fact was only she didn’t want people, it would never happen that they didn’t want her! Li Jia wanted to compete and steal a man from her? What a delusional thought!  

So, what if she was an aristocratic young lady? She was still an orphan picked up from somewhere, who knew where she came from. She wasn’t noble.  

Xia Yuxuan had rejected Lu Yichen, but he loved her so much that it upset him. He was obviously jealous judging from the tone of his voice, he must be very uncomfortable, feeling like Dongyan robbed me from 

him. He would definitely not go with another woman to the ball.   


“Bang… bang…” There was a knock on the office door. 

“Come in.” 

After Lu Yichen hung up the phone, Mi Xue knocked on the door and came in, there was an uncontainable excitement in her eyes. Xia Yuxuan answered her vaguely, but didn’t say she was coming to the ball. She must have had a chance to go. 

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The corners of Lu Yichen’s mouth curved up, then he spoke in a magnetic voice, sounding like heavenly music to Mi Xue’s ears, “You get ready, then. Go with me to the ball two days later.”   

“Okay… okay!” She was overjoyed, trying to suppress the ecstasy in her heart. As she walked out of the office, she had an appropriate smile on her face, then she carefully closed the door. 


Her heart almost jumped out of her chest in excitement as she clutched the large pile of documents in her hands. Raising her chin, she walked proudly to her table under the astonished gazes of her group of colleagues.  


Sighing, Lu Yichen was distressed. 

Jia jia wasn’t available, so he had to bring someone else to be Xia Yuxuan’s rival and get in her way. As he thought of the reason why Jia jia couldn’t be his partner, he became even more unhappy.  

Although the matter with the Qiao family was over, Jia Jia still had to avoid the media. They were annoying. 

I need to find something else for them to do.

Lu Yichen was thinking about this when Mi Xue knocked on the door again, followed by two men in suits behind her. Apart from Yu Qing, Lu Yichen’s assistant, there was also the lawyer who was in charge of handling the Qiao family’s lawsuit.

Mi Xue was only responsible for bringing the people in and then went out. He had already told her earlier that he didn’t need to be informed when these two people arrived, and she could just bring them to his office directly.  

“Have a seat.”

They didn’t beat around the bush, and told him the status of the situation as soon as they sat down. 

“In compliance with your wishes, we have withdrawn the case and all matters of Qiao’s compensation have been discussed.” The lawyer took out the prepared documents from the briefcase he carried, placing it on Lu Yichen’s desk.  

In order for the Lu’s not to pursue this, the Qiao had promised to pay compensation and to apologize publicly. Things were going very smoothly. 

The Lu’s had manipulated in secret the direction of the public opinion, coupled with the fact that the evidence was ironclad, the boss of Tianheng Entertainment knew that this lawsuit would just drag down company to the mud, never to be saved again. 

“Things are going well.” Lu Yichen swept a glance at the document signed by Qiaos’.

“Young Master Lu, I wonder why you agreed to withdraw the lawsuit? This lawsuit was only a win, not a loss, and Lu’s was definitely able to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire Qiao’s. Honestly, I don’t really understand why you did that?” The lawyer held up his glasses and asked his question.

Businessmen were naturally profit-oriented, who would believe it if they were to say that Lu Yichen had suddenly become kind-hearted?

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