Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 43: The Rise and Fall 3

Qiao Nan’s eyes glinted when he saw the reporters outside. He stood up and headed out.

Qiao Shiming stared at him. “Stop right there!”

At the inner office of the police station, the expressions on the faces of all the officers, including Officer Yan, were already appalled.

Yan Biao listened to the low voice on the phone and his soul didn’t return for a long time.

“Okay…okay, don’t worry.”


He hung up the phone, his mind still empty.

Surprisingly, it was the old man of the Yun family who was personally taking care of this! That one called Li Jia, the little girl beside her was from the Yun family?

No wonder!

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Yan Biao received several phone calls throughout his life, but the most incredible to him was the call from the school’s highly respected headmaster, and the one from the Yun family, especially the Yun family, who were all titanic figures in this field.


His heart chilled, the Qiao family implied that they were sitting on Li Jia’s charges, but now both the Yun family and the headmaster were clearly on Li Jia’s side.

The headmaster must have seen that there was something wrong with the video, and the matter had such a big impact that allowing it to distort the facts would bring the reputation of A University into disrepute. He absolutely could not sit back and do nothing about it.

Yan Biao was actually half right, but it was simply unrealistic for a student to make  the old headmaster of the University of A to move. Besides, the old man didn’t pay much attention to this matter, so how could he suddenly ask him to investigate it impartially and strictly?


The driver’s speed had already reached the maximum speed limit.

Sitting beside Lu Yichen was Yu Qing, who was lowering his voice to contact Lu’s lawyers.

Only when he hung up his phone did Lu Yichen said, “Don’t tell the old man at home for now.”

“Okay.” Yu Qing nodded his head. “The person you asked me to inform has already called the police station.”

Lu Yichen nodded.

He stared at his phone, waiting for Jia jia to take the initiative to call him, but never she never called, and his heart felt a little annoyed. Was it because she didn’t want him to fix it  or did she not want him to know about it?   

At this moment, the police station was like the most bloody soap opera ever staged. When Mr. Qiao asked his bodyguards to stop his son, a few lawyers received a call from the law firm.

After answering the call, their icy faces began to chafe.


“Now, immediately, immediately, withdraw the lawsuit for me! Do not accept Qiao’s commission or all of you will be responsible for the consequences.”

Hanging up the phone decisively, the few lawyers who had gone through quite a few big scenes looked at each other, knowing very well that the Qiao family had hit a hard nail, and the call from the firm made it very clear that Qiao had hit an iron wall.

The last call Yan Biao received was directly to his personal mobile phone.

A modest, sweet baritone voice greeted him calmly and gently, but the words he uttered sent him spiralling into the ice.

“Captain Yan, if my little baby loses a hair on your turf… and suffers an ounce of aggravation, chop off one of your pretty daughter’s fingers…”

“You…who are you…”

Yan Biao’s trembling voice had not yet finished speaking, but the other party had already hung up.

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