Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 41: The Rise and Fall 1

She pointed to the bottom left corner of the video where the recorded time was displayed. “Although I’m not a professional editor, this video has been edited and spliced. Someone did it in a hurry before the police got it, and all the details weren’t polished.”   

A few people took a look at the location she pointed to and there was a break in time.

Unfortunately, this subtle flaw was washed away in the blink of an eye. Even if it had been spotted online by those with an eye for it, the professional water army and Qiao Nan’s fans would turn a blind eye to it. 

“There were a lot of people at the scene, was there any video of it?” Yun Xiao, however, thought of another channel.

She searched for keywords, trying to find some strong evidence. The online video had no voice, only a post-production soundtrack, it was unclear.

“According to the cinema staff, there was indeed a man who asked to see the video before.”


How can one  sit back and watch such an obvious frame-up, where the victim was still one’s schoolmate?

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After taking her statement, Li Jia was detained for observation. When the police station wanted to notify her family, they found out that her parents were abroad and had no contact information.

When they called the school, they didn’t know anything about her. What was even stranger was that the name on Li Jia’s registration form was Lu Jia.

Li Jia probably guessed that this would be the case, and the Qiao family would certainly use it to their advantage. The police officer in charge of her case had a cold face and looked at her in an unfriendly manner.

As the police station was about to notify her family, her dark eyes were fixed on the two senior officers. “Can I call my brother’s phone number? Is it okay?”

“Do you have any guardians at home other than your parents?” The dark-faced officer was clearly displeased with her lack of cooperation.

“I have the right to remain silent on non-case-related matters.” Li Jia’s’s attitude also hardened a few notches.

Her grandfather had a heart condition, and she didn’t want to subject the old man to it.

“Sir, this is Lu Jia’s brother’s phone number.” Constable Li handed the number Li Jia had written to the officer so that she wouldn’t offend anyone again.

He was about to call to inform Li Jia’s family when there was a clamour from the entrance of the police station. “What’s going on?”

Qiao Nan’s father was dressed in a black suit, and Qiao Nan, wearing sunglasses and stylishly dressed, appeared at the door, followed by a group of bodyguards and suits of lawyers and Qiao’s staff.

Outside, there were flashing lights and a crowd of reporters who had arrived for the news.

“Mr Qiao, why are you here in person? This must be your son?” He didn’t know he was coming, so he hurried up to greet Mr. Qiao.

“Hello, Officer Yan.” A large group of bodyguards surrounded  outside of the station to stop the reporters, and Mr. Qiao walked in with a grim face and shook hands with Yan Biao.

He saw Li Jia sitting at one side and frowned.

“Jia’er.” Before he could open his mouth to question, Qiao Nan was already sitting down beside Li Jia. “I’m sorry.”

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