Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 40: Things Escalated

“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

“Why are the lights on?”

The viewers who were watching the film were irritated, it was written on their faces.   

Several police officers, led by cinema staff, expressionlessly announced,  “Who was the person who just injured Mrs. Qiao? Come forward immediately.”


Yun Xiao and Li Jia looked at each other, and all the eyes inside the screening hall looked at Li Jia.

“Don’t worry, just tell them everything.” Yun Xiao comforted her.

This show was too much! It made it look as if they had killed someone to arrest a criminal.

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“What the hell is wrong, Qiao Nan’s mother is telling lies with her eyes open!” Yun Xiao was upset for her best friend. “I’ll talk to my dad and see if there’s anything he can do.”


She was about to call when Li Jia stopped her. “How can you ask your dad’s help for such a trivial matter?”

It was too big a deal!

“That won’t do! I’m afraid that fatty auntie will take revenge!”

Yun Xiao skipped off to the side to snitch.

Yun Xiao spat, she couldn’t help it, who made Jia jia her brother’s darling, and maybe her future little sister-in-law?

“Hey!” Li Jia’s outstretched hand hung in mid-air, she still had to go to the police station with the police and could only stare helplessly.

She had to stay away from the Qiao family from now on, it was bad luck to run into them, and it was the first time she had been in the police station because of this.

As soon as the incident with Li Jia happened, the bodyguard who was secretly following her informed Lu Yichen.

When Lu Yichen heard about it, he immediately asked someone to pass the cctv video  from the cinema cameras to him.

“Give the stuff to Shenghao.”


Shenghao Media, the number one rival of the Qiao Family’s entertainment company, the proprietor behind it was the Lu Clan, but few people knew that.


There was no way the old fox of the Qiao family would miss the camera, and if he wanted to use this opportunity to deal with Jia jia?

Don’t blame him for being ruthless!

Qiao Nan’s father learned that someone beat up his wife, and being a clever man, the first thing he thought of was the CCTV record. 

After seeing the CCTV video from the cinema , Li Jia was so angry that she shivered.

The person who edited the video was definitely a talent!

Nothing of Mrs Qiao’s shrewish behaviour was seen, she saw herself giving her opponent a vicious over-the-shoulder slam without saying a word, and then the camera was all of Mrs. Qiao’s painful reaction. 

She turned her head to the two senior officers who graduated from University of A beside her and asked, “Does swearing get recorded?”


“We haven’t recorded yet.”

“Shit! What the hell kind of video is this!” Li Jia exclaimed, unable to maintain her ladylike demeanour.

“Look, I told you, how dark society is.” Yun Xiao poked over her head and continued to attack Li Jia with words. “Look at the Weibo of this big V with almost 10 million followers, the video was uploaded half an hour ago. I heard that the fat woman is Qiao Nan’s mother. In the comment section, fans have already started cursing you for shamelessly seducing Qiao Nan and beating his own mother.”

“I’ve experienced the darkness of society in the past two days.” Li Jia stroked her forehead and sighed long and hard. “I think if it continues, it might even rise that I deliberately killed someone.”


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