Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 39: Justified Defense 2

“Grandma, believe me, the Qiao’s aren’t even a blade of grass in my eyes! You think I’m unworthy? And using your son to climb high?”

“Go back and ask your husband, Tianheng Entertainment is using this lady to promote his movie so hard, do you think I’m blind? For the sake of him being my old classmate, I’ll give you a bit of leeway, but you’re still going to give me a hard time, right?” Li Jia shoved Madam Qiao, pushing her backwards several steps.  

“Ask your son! If you had told me earlier that he was Qiao Feng, I wouldn’t have bothered to look at him!”

Li Jia’s cold, icy and angry rebuke caused all those watching the scene to freeze for a few seconds.

Mrs. Qiao’s face alternated from red to white. She had been married into the Qiao family for so many years, but who had not coaxed her and provided for her? When she was scolded by Li Jia, she was so angry that she lost her senses.


Shaking her fingers, she pointed at Li Jia, trembling. “You bitch, how dare you scold me!”

In a frenzy, she raised her bag and smashed it at Li Jia.

This scene was simply more exciting than a movie, so much so that the theatre staff forgot to react and watched as Mrs. Qiao the shrew tried to hit Li Jia.

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Li Jia took the popcorn from her arms and glanced at the large clock inside the cinema. “Aren’t you going to see a movie? It’s time to check-in now.”


“Huh? Oh! Hurry up, hurry up! I want to see Qiao Nan!” Yun Xiao took Li Jia’s hand with a joyful expression and happily went to see the movie.

The two young girls just turned around and left in full view of everyone. The staff stayed for a moment, saw Mrs. Qiao was still lying on the ground moaning and rushed to call 120.

“Who’s that unlucky old lady?” Yun Xiao was eating popcorn while probing the number of people in line.

“Qiao Nan’s mother.”

“Huh?!” Yun Xiao almost choked on her popcorn and looked at Li Jia in horror. “How much of a grudge do Qiao Nan have against you? You didn’t give him a good reception last time, and you flipped out as soon as you heard he was an old classmate.”

“It’s a long story.” Li Jia didn’t want to talk about it, she just said, “His mother is not very good.”

“It’s true that the rich have a lot of grudges.”

Yun Xiao had a profound look on her face, Li Jia rarely struck out at women, and if she did, there was only one situation.

The other party made the first move.

As a student at the police academy, Jia jia would never break the law. She was a good law-abiding citizen, but self-defence was a different story, and she was particularly good at it.

The two of them entered the venue under the scrutiny of the ticket inspector. 

Li Jia became quite famous these days, and with the incident just now, many people in the screening room were staring at her.


After beating Qiao Nan’s mother until she was sent to the hospital, now she was in the mood to watch a movie starring Qiao Nan, this mentality …… was really too tough.

Li Jia did not speak while watching the movie, Yun Xiao who originally talked a lot had watched this movie numerous times and was now looking down at Weibo to read the latest news.

In her opinion, with all the fuss this time, some people must have posted it.

Halfway through the movie, the lights suddenly came on in the screening room and seven or eight people in police uniforms poured in.

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