Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 38: Justified Defense 1

Lu Yue De frowned, his grandson’s tactics were too aggressive. “Did she offend you?”

“She has not offended me.” Long, perfect fingers tapped on the carved European railing, his tone cold. “Two years ago, this woman was so self-righteous that she thought Jia jia seduced her son for money.”

Lu Yue De’s old face sank, his granddaughter would still covet the Qiao family’s little assets?

The corners of Lu Yichen’s mouth were slightly hooked, but there was no hint of laughter in his eyes. “I guess her son refused to break up with Jia jia, she asked Jia jia to go to Golden Bridge Alley in her son’s name while five hooligans waited there to violate Jia jia. It just so happened that I passed by that day, and this incident was avoided.”

Lu Yue De’s face was blue and his cane banged on the ground. “Don’t leave traces on what you’re about to do.”


After saying that, he went downstairs without looking back. The Qiao family had been emboldened to act in a lawless manner!

It had been two years since the incident, and it was a fool’s errand to try to find evidence, and there was nothing that could be done to the other side by legitimate means.

Lu Yichen was in a lazy posture, resting his elbows on his cheeks and leaning back casually on the rattan chair. He had not yet cultivated his mind to let the woman go like that. He was just returning the favour.

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“Yes, a sparrow flying on a branch can’t turn into a phoenix.”


Madam Qiao? The doubt in Li Jia’s eyes turned into an icy aura when she heard these words.

“Beggar’s outfit? I’m afraid someone who wants to wear our University of A’s uniform doesn’t even have the qualifications!”

Li Jia was already full of anger, and when she saw her in person, she was not even the least bit polite. 

“You’re Qiao Nan’s mother?”

She remembered that the woman who scolded her two years ago didn’t look like this, and when she thought about it carefully, she understood. Mrs. Qiao didn’t even bother to do it herself, and had sent a random servant to humiliate her.

Li Jia mentioned Qiao Nan, and many eyes in the cinema looked over at Madam Qiao in surprise.

Qiao Nan’s mother?!

Looking at the person she was targeting , there were even more people watching around, even the cinema staff were looking around frequently, full of gossip. Was this a live version of an old mother sarcastically attacking her son’s woman? 

Sure enough, it was a shameless woman who took advantage of Qiao Nan to get to the top.

“What a sharp mouth.” Mrs. Qiao spoke even more harshly, pointing directly at Li Jia and laughing coldly. “You don’t even look at your own worth if you want to climb up to our Qiao family? Our Qiao Nan is not for a vixen of your caliber to climb into, so stop pestering my son in future!”

Li Jia had never seen such a self-righteous and shameless mother before.

“Who are you calling a vixen?” Li Jia stood up and pressed closer to Mrs. Qiao’s old face, which was painted with a lot of foundation.


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