Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 34: Jumping From the Window To Escape

“Baby, don’t be angry.” Lu Yichen’s thumb rubbed against Jia jia’s lips, enthusiasm in his eyes.

The clamour outside the car rose in waves, unstoppable even with the close car and the tight windows.

Lu Yichen’s eyelashes lowered as his sanity resurfaced for a few moments. “It’s time to go to school.”

Li Jia was confused about what happened to Qiao Nan and her, shaking with anger. She had never seduced the latter to warrant Mrs. Qiao’s anger, and she wouldn’t even let her go!

She thought the other party would just verbally humiliate her because Mrs. Qiao cared for Qiao Nan, she could understand that. But she didn’t expect her to be so heartless! This was a crime! Two years ago, she was still underage, and the other’s party actions of asking thugs to rape her warranted a few years in jail for punishment.

“Be good, don’t think about it. Brother will help my baby get revenge.”

Li Jia’s mind was in turmoil, not paying attention to his words.

Just as Lu Yichen thought, many paparazzi were waiting outside the University of A to try their luck.

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“Tlzzs, usw’al pvweldv Nk Kky?”

“May I ask when did you and Qiao Nan meet?”

“Is it true you’re in a relationship?”

“Please answer…”

“Excuse me…” Li Jia blushed as the successions of questions continued.

Without saying a word, she turned her head and walked away. But a large group of reporters followed behind her, and the students in the surrounding classrooms all looked around, either with envy or curiosity, or disgust and disdain, all kinds of gazes.

Li Jia did not go downstairs, she knocked on the teacher’s office on this floor.

As soon as the office door opened, she entered quickly and sharply closed the door firmly with a bang, shutting all the reporters outside.

There were a number of other teachers in the office, looking at her in consternation.

“Li Jia?”

Li Jia’s angry in her heart. Under normal circumstances, there was no way those reporters could get in easily, they must have been allowed to come! And to keep watch!

She wanted to remain anonymous? Keep dreaming!

She had been a little skeptical about her brother’s words, but now she had no doubts.

Looking around, Li Jia found a window in the office. She opened it with a bang, leaped onto the ledge, before the teachers could see or process it.

Li Jia’s teacher-in-charge for her major finally came back to her senses, violently shocked because of her actions. “Jia Jia, stop right there! This is the third floor!”

Li Jia pursed her lips and leapt!

The teachers were stunned and hurriedly chased her to the window to look down. They saw Li Jia standing firmly on the air conditioner on the first floor, and she made several long leaps, jumping from the platform where the drainpipe and air conditioner protruded, and finally landing firmly on the concrete floor on the ground floor.

Looking up, she saw a group of heads poking out the window. Then she turned around, walking away sharply.

The teachers wipe the cold sweat on their foreheads because of the shock and fear. They shook their heads helplessly and said, “Li Jia’s a good student, but her personality is too aggressive.”

It was too much for the average person to bear. Someone loudly knocked on the office door, and the teachers opened it. A swarm of reporters rushed in, but Li Jia wasn’t in sight.

“So beautiful! What exactly is Li Jia’s identity?”

Shortly after Li Jia escaped from the third floor, a young man wearing a cap with a DSLR and press card around his neck carefully replayed the scene he had just filmed.

Crisp  and clean, the young girl’s slender figure jumping from the top simply looked like a special effects scene from a movie.

“What? She looks familiar?” He looked carefully again and with a flash of recognition, he remembered where he had seen her before!

She was the lead actress in the video of the airport beauty beating up thugs that became viral two months ago!


  • Damn, our female lead is super cool like Lara Croft!!!

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