Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 33: Anger

“What if they recognize my brother, too?” Li Jia was trying to hang on for dear life.

The Lu company’s heir was bound to take over the company the Lu owned in the future, and before Lu Yichen left the country two years ago, he was a famous, handsome nobleman with a lot of juicy scandals with women; changing girlfriends frequently, they could form a circle.

She had heard of him even though she didn’t pay much attention to entertainment news, so you could imagine how striking he was.

It was just that he had been laying low for the past two years, and most people thought he hadn’t returned to the country.

“It’s fine, it’s been two years.” Lu Yichen’s dark eyes were bottomless. “It won’t be easy for them to recognize me.”

Li Jia didn’t want to agree, and felt bad, but his eyes were scorching as he stared at her. “Hmmm.”

They went out together. Lu Yichen got into the driver’s seat before Li Jia sat in the back seat with confidence.

The few car rides she’d had with her brother had been too profound for her to be alone in a space with him now.

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“Does Jia jia remember who told you to go to the alley two years ago?” Lu Yichen looked through the rearview mirror and saw Li Jia’s face, pale as snow.

She didn’t say a word, the corners of her lips pursed into straight lines, and her hands were squeezed into fists.

Lu Yichen added another bomb. “Brother found out that those thugs were deliberately arranged by someone to wait for Jia Jia there.”


Li Jia jerked to her feet, standing.


Her head hit the roof of the car and she covered it, sucking in a cold breath of pain.

“Jia jia!” Lu Yichen was startled, not expecting her to react so badly. “Are you okay?”

“Don’t you move! I’m fine.” Li Jia grimaced and sucked in her breath, her heart in shock.

The car started to move slowly, so she could only suppress the tumbling waves in her heart for now and let Lu Yichen focus on driving first.

She resumed sitting, her fingers creaking.

Someone was deliberately trying to ruin her! Who was it?

Two years ago she was defenceless, molested by five street thugs who wanted to rape her!

If they had succeeded, she dared not imagine the consequences.

Who had hated her so much? Who hated her so much that they would use such a vicious tactic?

She used to keep a low profile, she never showed her face, and she had no grudges with her classmates, so how could she invite revenge?

“Who did it?” Li Jia’s face turned red with anger, but her voice calmed down instead.

“It’s best if Jia Jia doesn’t know.”

Arriving at the destination, Lu Yichen parked the car, removed his seat belt and turned his head to look at Li Jia in the back.

When Li Jia heard his meaningful reply, she bit her lip and did not say anything.

Thinking about it, she didn’t know who she had offended.

She had been in a bad mood for a while, Qiao Nan had left without saying goodbye, she hadn’t answered her phone, and then she had received a note from Qiao Nan inviting her to meet him at the alley.

Qiao Nan…

She shuddered violently, her pupils dilating in disbelief.


How could he have done this?

“Thinking of something, baby?” Lu Yichen opened the backseat at some point, and sat next to her. As she thought about things, he took advantage of it and leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll help Jia jia punish the bad guys, okay?”

Li Jia looked up, her eyes flushed red. “It’s Qiao Nan’s mum!”

The other party still knew to use QiaoNan to lure her in. The most inexcusable thing was that she had asked Qiao Nan for help. But Qiao Nan had coldly rejected her, and told her to stop pestering him in the future!

Lu Yichen’s dark eyes were brimming with light, his fingertips hooked and tangled in her hair, and he was silent.

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