Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 25: Lu Yichen’s Anger Exploded Part 1

“Who is it?” Lu Yichen’s face clouded over, and the air conditioner seemed to have dropped a few degrees. Yu Qing couldn’t help but glance at the machine.

“The maid from the Qiao family.”

“Qiao family?” Lu Yichen frowned.

“The Qiao family of Tianheng Entertainment Media,” Yu Qing added.

“Qiao Nan?”


Hearing this, Lu Yichen slammed his hands on the desk. The documents on the table shook and fell, clattering on the floor. Yu Qing squatted down to pick up the documents.

“It was also found that two years ago, Qiao Nan and Missy were boyfriend and girlfriend. The maid of the Qiao family had privately warned Missy not to pester Qiao Nan, supposedly at the behest of Mrs. Qiao.”

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Mi Xue was Lu Yichen’s personal secretary. She had a hot body and beautiful appearance, and had been working in the Lu Consortium for three years. She rose all the way to the top with extraordinary means.

Mi Xue took care of Lu Yichen’s work. In his presence, she acted with measure and careful calculation. Her work ability was top-notch, and even if there were some mistakes, he would mostly open one eye and close the other.

It was ironic, Mi Xue wanted to get into his bed in a previous life, usually taking advantage of work to deliberately show off in front of him. If a beautiful woman threw herself to a man, no sane man would refuse.

When Xia Yuxuan appeared, he chased her like a ghost. He not only arranged for her to enter T University where the nobles gathered, but also helped her get the internship with Han Dongyan of the Han Group.

But in the end, he didn’t know what happened or if there was a conflict between Han Dongyan and Xia Yuxuan as she chose the Lu Consortium over the Han Group. He  arranged Xia Yuxuan to do simple tasks around him, and she gradually stole Mi Xue’s position.

He drove Mi Xue out of the Lu Consortium to protect Xia Yuxuan. Han Dongyan, the flower protector, was even more ruthless. He hired someone to kidnap Mi Xue and threw her into the nightclub, specifically looking for an AIDS-infected individual.

In this life, he had Jiajia, so he didn’t want to entangle with Mi Xue. But when he thought of how many times Xia Yuxuan suffered in the woman’s hands, he thought it would be better to keep her around. Maybe one day, she might be useful.

As far as he knew, in this life, Xia Yuxuan still hooked up with Hand Dongyan.

“Mr. Lu, this is today’s newspaper.” Mi Xue walked in her high heels, swayed her hips, and smiled as she walked into the office.

She wore a red sexy, professional dress. The front was curved, and the back perfectly arched. It had a plunging neckline that when she deliberately bent over to hand the newspaper and deliver the tea, she exposed her generous bosom in front of Lu Yichen.

Unfortunately, Lu Yichen wasn’t in the mood to entertain her. His eyes were icy, so Mi Xue stood up straight, not acting ambiguous. “Mr. Lu doesn’t usually put the entertainment news in your eyes, but there’s news about you in the airport…”

“Got it.” How could Lu Yichen not sree Mi Xue’s true intentions? His gaze turned colder, and he didn’t look at Mi Xue more than once. “You go out.”

Mi Xue could only secretly grit her teeth and unwillingly left the office.

Lu Yichen wasn’t interested in the entertainment news. He picked it up and was about to deal with it when his eyes fell on the center page: Qiao Nan’s little girlfriend exposed! He personally picked her up!

Large-colored pictures showed Qiao Nan driving gently while his girlfriend sat in the passenger’s seat, and they were talking.

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