Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 20: Are You Crazy?

Warning: This chapter contains contents that you might find disturbing.

Lu Yichen leaned back lazily, and propped up one of his hands behind Li Jia. His eyes glued to her slender body and soft features. He stared at the blue and white fitted short sleeves, smooth collarbone, slim waist, and short skirt  wrapped around porcelain, delicate, and slender thighs.

Lu Yichen’s hand held her waist, embracing her. Her body froze for a moment.

“You won’t be allowed to participate in this kind of activity again,” he said, his tone mild but with a hint of displeasure. Lu Yichen’s hand moved upward from Li Jia’s waist

“Okay,” Li Jia agreed. This was her first time to participate in an event after entering the university, and the first time to wear something that exposed her skin a lot. It was unlikely for her to do this again in the future, so she simply agreed.

Lu Yichen moved closer and closer, and from his position, he saw the well-developed soft and snowy white peaks inside Jiajia’s shirt. His breathing became chaotic.

T/n: OMG, a serial pervert! Alert! Alert! Alert! (Important things should be repeated 3x~)

The young lady emitted a sweet and seductive scent. She also had a devilish figure, and looks that made men swoon were all temptations that made people go crazy.

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The driver’s heart chilled when he saw Lu Yichen’s elegant and exquisite feature transformed to gloominess. He overheard their words and glanced at the rearview mirror, and then saw his expression.

Qiaonan is Jiajia’s classmate? The reason I canceled Qiaonan’s performance was to send him away from Jiajia, but I didn’t expect that it would make Qiaonan succeed!

The anger in his heart boiled, and it couldn’t be imagined.

Qiaonan and Jiajia still met, is it really impossible to change the events?

“Hey…! Brother!” Li Jia exclaimed because Lu Yichen suddenly embraced her. She hit her head on Lu Yichen’s chest.

His arms around her tightened. “Jiajia… you are mine. In this life, you can only belong to your brother.”

“Let go of me!”

Li Jia’s fist wasn’t a decoration, she pounded it on Lu Yichen’s stomach. Then, she quickly retreated, hurriedly tidied up her messy clothes, and angrily stared at him.

“Are you crazy?” She had put up with him for a long time!

Ever since Lu Yichen returned to China, he had become bizarre. He looked like an elegant and gentle nobleman, but the sharp and wild look in his eyes always appeared as if a demonic ghost possessed the body of an angel.

Li Jia’s heart chilled, and she retreated to the corner of the backseat. Lu Yichen suddenly appeared beside her, so fast that she didn’t notice how he moved.

Li Jia drew a sharp breath as Lu Yichen suddenly grabbed her shoulders, and his feverish kisses flooded her. He pressed the partition glass, effectively separating the driver’s seat and the backseat.

“Oh!” Li Jia’s eyes suddenly opened wide, she couldn’t believe this!

Lu Yichen had suppressed several years of love and longing, and it rushed out like a tidal wave. His palm touched her legs, eyes almost glowing red as he frantically tried to separate them.

Li Jia struggled desperately. “Brother! Don’t–! No-uh-uh-uh!”

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