Chapter 2: Back To Five Years Ago

It was this nightmare that haunted him for two years and shattered all his hopes. Lu Yichen stroked his forehead, and took a deep breath. His heart was suffocated for a while.

JiaJia died two years ago.

In order to save Xia Yuxuan, who broke up with him, he rushed into the middle of the road in front of a speeding car..  The  vehicle ran into him but before it hit him, Jiajia desperately pushed him away.

Originally, he was to save Xia Yuxuan—the woman he once thought he loved most.

Xia Yuxuan…

Suddenly, he opened his eyes,  and immediately realized that something was wrong.

He was obviously dead! He still remembered the sharp pain of the cold bullet passing through his heart, and he died in a vendetta.

That was right! He died!

“Dear passengers, the flight you are on has arrived at Capital International Airport, please bring your luggage and items off the plane…”

The  announcement was repeated in both Chinese and English. Lu Yichen was in a trance for a moment, and his eyes that were as dark as ink slightly squinted..

What happened? 

He quickly looked around, he was on a passenger plane!.

All the passengers around him had been disembarking one by one, and perhaps because he hadn’t moved, the flight attendant politely approached and asked, “Sir? How are you? Do you need help?”

The flight attendant with a professional smile saw Lu Yichen’s face and her eyes lit up slightly, and her voice became sweeter and sweeter.

“It’s fine.” Lu Yichen was still confused about what was going on and got off the plane in a daze.

After getting off the plane, he subconsciously picked up his silver mobile phone with the goofy character of Luffy at the back, the King of Thieves, but was surprised to see a black phone.

He stared at the phone for a long time, his feet pausing in place.

This …… phone was the phone he had used years ago! Not the one he was using now!

It was the same black phone he had used when he returned from England five years ago, six months before Jiajia had left him. On his birthday Jiajia had given him a phone, saying it was the most popular model of the moment, with a picture of her favourite anime character’s face on the back.

After Jiajia’s death, he had been using the phone she had once given him. The cartoon avatar on the back of the body was all worn, and a little dark yellow. Every part of the phone was familiar to him.

But now how …… did it turn out to be the same style as years ago?

Lu Yichen pressed the on button and saw the date and time displayed on the phone at first glance.

June 28, 2013, 8:05 am.

Stunned, Lu Yichen suspected that there was a problem with the time after his phone was switched off, and he opened his browser to search for Beijing time.

His mind went blank as he looked at the date and time displayed on it that matched his own screen.

June 28th, 2013!!!

It was August 19, 2016 when Jia Jia passed away!

When he died it was October 23rd, 2018!

He had gone back five years!

This realization made Lu Yichen suck in a cold breath, unable to come to terms with it for a long time.

When he realised what it meant, his pupils fiercely shrank.


The phone in his hand just vibrated.

“Pop!” Lu Yichen let go and the phone fell to the ground, dropping the black battery straight out.

He didn’t pick it first, looked around, saw the signage at the airport and remembered where he was and what was happening at the moment.

Five years ago, he had taken a flight back to the capital from England.

It was from London that he was now returning home.

At that time, the person who came to meet him was Jia Jia ……

When Lu Yichen realized, he immediately picked up his phone from the floor and assembled it, darting outside, running almost without regard to his image.

It was Jiajia! His Jiajia was alive!

The call was from her!


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