Chapter 19: Obsession

“Jiajia……” His arms wrapped around her, and his body pressed against her delicate curves. His wet tongue licked his red, thin lips.

He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, reflecting a very mysterious light and was very different from his image of a gentle, elegant man.

“You smell good.” He  held the back of her neck with one hand, and smelled the sweetness coming from it.

It’s so fascinating.

Li Jia took two steps away, and covered her neck to prevent exposure. “I’ll change first before I go home.”

“No need.” Lu Yichen’s red lips hooked up in a demonic arc, and looked at her with fiery eyes. Jiajia’s clothes made people want to tear it. Although Jiajia usually wore  conservative clothes, in his previous life when they indulged in alcohol, he clearly remembered and experienced  what was under her clothes. It was enough to make men go  crazy with her beauty.

He remembered the endless pleasure and ecstasy that night, and his eyes flickered with a strange light.

“I think it’s better if I change.” An alarm went off in Li Jia’s heart and she tried to move to go to her dormitory. Her brother’s gaze made her heart grow cold.

The girl’s dormitory had  a benefit against undesirable elements who wanted to trespass in the dormitory. The dorm managers were not ordinary ladies,  they were very skilled in dealing with any type of situation, especially in dealing with undesirable elements. A University only had few girls, and to prevent accidents, the school provided every possible solution to any problems that might arise.

“The car  is right behind you.” Lu Yichen pointed behind him.

A University was the capital’s top police school, and the area wasn’t small. If you wanted to stroll through the entire space, you needed to ride a bike for the entire day. Only small cars were allowed in the campus, and there was a speed limit. Drivers weren’t allowed to use the horn.

Lu Yuchen couldn’t wait, and drove here.

Li Jia pursed her lips. Can she go up first?

“Brother will carry you?” Lu Yichen’s eyes were hot as he moved closer to Li Jia.

Li Jia wisely chose to walk to the car. She didn’t sit at the passenger seat, instead, chose the backseat. She didn’t believe that he would still be able to look at her, and take advantage while driving.

Suddenly, Lu Yichen’s brow raised, and he went around. He opened the other side of the rear door, and sat beside Li Jia.

Li Jia froze and subconsciously blurted out, “Aren’t you driving?”

Just as she finished talking, the assistant who was standing on the side while looking at the scenery opened the driver’s side and got in.

“Go back to Lu’s house,” Lu Yichen said to the driver while looking at Li Jia with a smile. Li Jia stared at the driver, thinking that she fell for their trick.

Why wasn’t the driver in the driver’s seat? If she  knew, she would have chosen the passenger’s seat!

“What’s wrong? Baby seems to be unhappy?” Lu Yichen touched her soft, white face and moved closer toward her. His hot eyes roamed over her body, back and forth countless times.

Li Jia was inexplicably tense and stared ahead. “No.”

“Don’t be  afraid. It’s not like brother is going to eat you.” His tone was ambiguous and gentle. Then, his arms wrapped  around her soft body. His wet lips intimately kissed the corners of her lips.

Her taste was an addiction he couldn’t get over with. Perhaps, before Jiajia died in his previous life, he had fallen in love with her.

Li Jia pursed her lips, and didn’t say a word. She also didn’t move. The ambiguous atmosphere made her speechless, and she didn’t know what to say.

Yu Lichen’s black eyes were bright and bottomless. Behind the gold-rimmed glasses, they revealed a trace of strong obsession and possession.

She was a little afraid, so she put up with the intimate move. He stopped.

Li Jia  was secretly relieved and avoided his eyes, staring out the window.

Brother had changed a lot…

Before, he didn’t like to approach her. Although he  always smiled, others couldn’t feel the warmth. This time, when he came back, his eyes were amazingly hot.


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