Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 18: Your Brother Is here

“Jia’er, is there some misunderstanding between us?”

Why did her attitude turn colder when she realized that it was me?

Li Jia didn’t want to talk to him anymore. She opened the car door and walked out.

“Jiajia!” Yun Xiao wanted to ask for Qiaonan’s autograph, but her best friend seemed to hate Qiaonan. She hesitated for a moment, but after thinking it through, she thanked Qiaonan and left to catch up with Li Jia.

Yun Bin’s brow raised, and asked Qiaonan, “What was your relationship with Jiajia before?”

He knew Li Jia’s character. She would seldom be  unhappy with others, much less hate or get angry over irrelevant people.

Qiaonan was silent for a moment before he replied. “We were boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Yun Bin frowned and opened the car door. “Not anymore.”

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“It’s really Qiaonan! Ah!”

“Isn’t Qiaonan supposed to be in the entertainment city? How come he’s in front of our school?” The university girls fervently gazed when they saw Qiaonan.

The guards  also recognized him, and they didn’t know what to do for a moment. Qiaonan sending Li Jia to school was outrageous!

He wanted to follow her, but once he realized the situation, he sighed and reluctantly went back to his car. He could only leave.

“Jiajia! Wait for me!” Yun Xia’s breathless as she ran after Li Jia. The latter’s legs were long, and she was walking so fast.

Li Jia stopped walking and waited for her. “I’m going to change my clothes, and go home. You guys go back, too.”

She finished all of her activities for the summer school. Some A University students interned at the entertainment city as security personnel, responsible for different areas.

She was only a freshman and looked weak, so the entertainment city staff didn’t choose her to  be a guard, and instead, let her cosplay. Meeting Qiaonan was just an accident, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

“Jia’er…” Yun Bin wasn’t good at asking personal questions, instead, he said, “Do you want us to send you back?”

“I ……” Li Jia was just about to answer  when her phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID on the screen and answered the phone, “Brother?”

“Baby, I’m in front of your school.”

Li Jia looked at her two best friends, and asked, “You drove here?”

Lu Yichen laughed, his voice gentle and warm. “I want to pick up my baby sister.”

“Please wait for ten minutes, brother.” Li Jia hung up after speaking.

“Your brother is here?” Yun Bin’s intuition was telling him that Lu Yichen was much more dangerous than Qiaonan. The man was simply pervasive.

Li Jia nodded. “He’s already at the gate. I’ll change first before going.”

Yun Bin didn’t mention sending her back again, and Yun Xiao didn’t care much. The men’s and women’s dormitories were separated in different directions.

Yun Xiao and Li Jia didn’t live in the same dormitory building, so they went in separate directions. Li Jia went to her dormitory. She didn’t dare to let her brother see her in this outfit.


Suddenly, there was a warm and magnetic gentle voice from behind her. Li Jia’s heart trembled when she felt his breath brush against her ears.

Lu Yichen encircled her waist with his arms, eyes dark and hot as lava.

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