Chapter 17: Qiaonan Was In A Car Accident

“We need to leave!” Qiaonan immediately put on his sunglasses.

“They spotted us! Quickly, quickly, brother! Brother! Ugh, forget it if you don’t want to get in!”

Yun Bin knew that he had no choice and hurriedly got in, sitting beside his sister.

“It’s Qiaonan!”

“Qiaonan is over there!”

The crowd and fans exclaimed in alarm. They planned to leave, but they didn’t expect to see Qiaonan here, driving away at a glance.

Li Jia saw the swarming crowd, and her heart palpitated. She really didn’t understand these star-chasing people or something. It was impossible to rationalize them with normal thinking.

Camera lights flashed around them and with the era of social media, everyone had the capability and power of the paparazzi. Yun Xiao was excited as  she was now in her idol’s car. She was sure she would hit the entertainment headlines tomorrow!

Qiaonan expertly drove out of the entertainment city, taking advantage of roads with less people. Yun Bin grabbed his sister’s phone, and called their family’s driver to pick up his group. With the surge of people in the entertainment city, it would be difficult for them to take a taxi.

After Yun Bin finished the call, Qiaonan was the first to speak, “Your costume is nice.”

“Really? It’s gorgeous, right?” Yun Xiao’s eyes were glittering with stars.

Qiaonan agreed and nodded his head.  Li Jia tried to cover up her legs, placing her hands over her knees. Her skirt was too short, and she was uncomfortable because of how much skin she was showing once she sat down.

Qiaonan thoughtfully took out a jacket, and handed it to her. “I didn’t expect to meet you guys here.”

Li Jia said thanks, and placed the jacket on her legs. “We’re here for the entertainment event organized by the school for the opening.”

She didn’t expect to meet him here. Li Jia was quite tempted to ask how he knew her name, but it would be crass if she asked because it would mean that she didn’t remember him.

“You know Jia’er?” Yun Bin asked in her place.

Yun Xiao was also curious , her ears perked up. “I didn’t know that Jiajia knew  Qiaonan! You don’t even tell me! It’s not right!”

Li Jia had a feeling of falling in the pit, and was subsequently shot.

Qiaonan turned to Li Jia, his gaze softening, and replied, “We were classmates in high school for years, but I changed schools during senior year.”

Li Jia’s eyebrows wrinkled as she tried to remember her classmates, but she had no impression of him at all.

“My original name was Qiao Feng,” he added. The corners of Qiaonan’s lips tilted as he thought of something interesting.

“It’s you!” Li Jia’s face turned pale in shock. “Impossible, Qiao Feng is nothing like you!”

Qiao Feng! She shared a table with him for two years. Because he had a special name, every time the teacher called him their classmates would laugh and say it was Duan Yu.

Qiao Feng …… Qiao Feng ……

The name wasn’t the one that matters the most, but it was that he changed so much! To top it all, Qiao Feng…

Li Jia felt very complicated in her heart. She resigned to the idea that it would be impossible to see him ever  again.

“Two years ago, Qiaonan had a car accident! His head was hit,” Yun Xiao whispered and immediately added, “But now, you’ve become even more handsome!”

Li Jia slowly understood what was going on.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t recognize you just now, and I didn’t expect you to enter the entertainment industry. This is quite a big change.” Her tone lightened a bit, and she returned his jacket to him.

Yun Bin was so sensitive to the change in the atmosphere between Qioanan and Li Jia. He frowned and coughed, “Please stop at A University.”

Qiaonan was silent for a moment, then he stepped on the brakes, stopping at the entrance of A University.

“Jia’er, you went to the police academy? You chose it?”

The capital’s A University was an institution that trained police talents. To enter, you not only needed to have excellent grades, but also good physical fitness.

Jia’er was still defenseless two years ago, but he had seen her throw a man at the international airport. She was no longer the Jia’er of two years ago.

“It’s none of your business.” Li Jia tried to open the door, but she couldn’t. She looked at him. “Please open it.”


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