Chapter 16: Impossible To Defend Against The Love Rival 2

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“Qiaonan didn’t come! The boss of the entertainment city must have had his brain soaked in water!” Yun Xiao sadly complained because she didn’t see her idol. “I skipped physical training so I can come here, but I can’t believe I didn’t even see his shadow! My idol slipped out of my sight!”

She pounded her chest, screaming in annoyance.

Qiaonan heard Yu Xiao from inside his car, and his eyes twinkled. He opened the window at the perfect timing when Li Jia came closer.


Li Jia was confused when she heard the unfamiliar voice and looked around. She couldn’t find the source of the sound. She didn’t look in his direction.

Finally, she noticed Qiaonan inside the car, but he was wearing sunglasses, so she didn’t recognize him immediately. Even Yun Xiao who was his hardcore fan and the one who noisily complained about not seeing him didn’t guess who he was at first glance.

“You are?” Li Jia asked, puzzled.

Qiaonan took off his sunglasses and flashed a mesmerizing and dazzling smile. He asked, “You guys are leaving? Need a ride?”

He winked at Yun Xiao who was dumbfounded. She was clearly in shock, her mouth opened and her eyes almost bulged out.

Who am I seeing? Look who she saw!

Like Yun Bin, Li Jia didn’t follow stars, but she still knew celebrities like Qiaonan. She looked at him in amazement and asked, “Did you just call me?”

“We haven’t seen each other in two years, and you don’t recognize me anymore?” Qiaonan leaned his arm on the car window. He looked like the boy-next-door type with his sunny and approachable smile, revealing his porcelain-like teeth.

Li Jia felt embarrassed, but she didn’t show it. When did she meet this big star? She didn’t know him.

She didn’t want to be rude, so she smiled and said, “Hello!”

“Hello! Hello! Is it really okay for you to give us a ride?” Yun Xiao hastily squeezed over in excitement, her eyes glowing, and she was almost screaming. But she still had some common sense, if she yelled his name, the opportunity to get to know him would fly away.

This time the entertainment city announced in advance that Qiaonan would come at the opening, so fans and reporters flooded the event. If she screamed, it would definitely attract everyone.

“Xiaonan! You can’t do it!” Yun Bin refused.

Yun Xiao ignored her brother, and tugged at Li Jia’s arm to do it. “Is it okay? Jiajia’s costume easily attracts wolves!”

Li Jia: “……”

Qiaonan smiled and nodded. “Get in,  there are too many people around here.”

“Sure! Sure!” Yun Xiao hurriedly opened the car door and pushed Li Jia in the passenger’s seat.

Li Jia tightly held the door. “Yun Xiao! Stop!”

Yun Xiao rendered her brother speechless. He didn’t want to owe anyone a favor. But his sister, upon seeing her idol, didn’t care about what he wanted. She immediately entered the car and sat in the back seat.

Then, she waved at him, and said, “Brother, you and the others can take the bus.”

A black line appeared on Yun Bin’s face, and he glanced at Li Jia. Finally, Yun Xiao explained to their group that Qiaonan’s car wouldn’t be able to accomodate all of them. They didn’t get into the car, but they strangely stared at Li Jia.

A lot of things happened today, and they didn’t expect that Li Jia’s identity was so great. They didn’t expect that a popular superstar also knows Li Jia.

However, since she’s the Miss of the Lu family, this wasn’t a big deal.

“Is that Qiaonan?”


Their group attracted the attention of the crowd. Others began to notice Qiaonan because he had parked his car for a long time, and he was surrounded with young and charming people dressed in attractive costumes.

At first, the bystanders didn’t notice the driver wearing sunglasses, but when he took it off, an eagle-eyed person spotted him, and with some uncertainty, he dragged his companion to check.


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