Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 11: This Is My Brother

Li Jia rolled her eyes.

The petite and delicate young girl in pink turned her head and glared viciously. “Damn woman, who are you calling a mistress! I’ll rip your stinking mouth off!”

“What? You don’t want people to talk about it?”

“You know what disgusting things you have done!”

The more the girls spoke, the more scathing they became. Xia Yuxuan’s pink lips pursed as she looked at Lu Yichen as if hurt and had been greatly aggrieved.


“Jia’er, is he your …… boyfriend?” Yun Bin, who was wearing a blue casual sportswear that complimented his slender figure, raised his eyebrow and stared at Lu Yichen, his tone unkind.

Lu Yichen’s fine eyes turned into slits, detecting an inexplicable hostility from the man. He embraced Jiajia tighter.

“She’s the one you’ve been waiting for?” Another tall, sexy woman beside Yun Bin flicked her gaze over Lu Yichen, her eyes glinting.

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He swept a glance up at Yun Bin, whose face was ugly, and his pupils went three degrees colder.


Li Jia nodded, ignoring the people watching from the side, and hurriedly explained. “This is senior Yun Bin, the one in the pink dress is senior sister Yun Xiao, along with Gao Qiao and Lin Yue ……”

Li Jia introduced them one by one, finally glancing at Qin Ya. “They’re all our school club buddies, and Sister Qin is from T University.”

Qin Ya’s delicate face was gloomy, no one had ever dared to ignore her like this!

“Why does Sister Qin need to hang out with a shameless mistress?”

“Yes, it’s a waste of time, bringing down your status.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Xia Yuxuan forced a smile and looked shyly at Lu Yichen, her teeth biting lightly on her pink lips. She spoke like a gnat’s cry, her delicate face was both aggrieved and sad.

Qin Ya swept a contemptuous glance at Li Jia, as if she saw something dirty. Today she was willing to participate in the event for the sake of the Yun family siblings. The Qin family had recently asked for help from the Yun’s. At her father’s request, she had to condescend to get involved with a group of commoners and poor people.

Now a lowly mistress had also come to disgrace her, making her wait for so long. The man she had taken a liking to didn’t even look at her for a mistress.

“Young master Yun, if today she’s here, then I won’t be involved. Figure it out yourself.” She laughed coldly in her heart, her arms around her waist, scrutinizing Li Jia like a queen on high.

Lu Yichen glanced at her grimly. How dare she ostracize her little darling right in front of him?

Li Jia was baffled as she said to Yun Bin and a few other students, “This is my brother, I mentioned it to you before.”



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