Entangling Sweetly with my Adorable Wife: Baby, Where Are You Trying to Escape To?

Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

Chapter 1 Death and Rebirth

Torrents of rain poured down, lightning and thunder crackled in summer, and the sharp, harsh brakes of vehicles rose and fell on the downtown streets, accompanied by the shrill cries and shrieks of drivers.

“Brother, be careful!”


Li Jia’s body fell to the ground like a broken kite!

Her mournful exclamation was drowned in the shrill sound of the brakes, and it all happened in a flash  of lightning. 

There were noisy screams and vehicle horns all around, as well as the sounds of dialing 120 and 110.

Her body fractured from the violent impact. The rain pelted her face and her eyes looked at the gentle man standing frozen in the middle of the road, drenched in rain, his always gentle and warm expression slowly disappearing. 

His handsome face gradually contorting with fear and desperation. A beautiful girl in a white dress was still sitting paralyzed by his feet. She seemed to be frightened by the sight in front of her. With her big watery eyes, she held Lu Yichen’s trousers, trembling and shivering.

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“Mr. Lu, I’m sorry for your loss.”

The doctor was also helpless, the handsome man in front of him was Lu Yichen, the noble son of the Lu Group, a giant figure who would make the whole empire tremble when his feet were stomped, so the hospital did not dare to force him out directly and could only explain over and over again.

“You’re full of nonsense! Lijia is not dead! She’s not dead!” Lu Yichen’s eyes were bloodshot, and he struggled like a madman, his tidy clothes in disarray, his whole being like an insane person who had lost his mind.


“Help her! Help Jiajia!” 

It was all him! He killed Jiajia! If it wasn’t for saving him, Jiajia would not die!

“Sir, your sister and the fetus in her abdomen have no vital signs…”

“Yichen…” Xia Yuxuan, who changed into dry clothes carefully pulled Lu Yichen’s sleeves and motioned him to calm down.

Lu Yichen’s eyes shrank, and he stared at the doctor, opening and closing his mouth in a daze. Suddenly, it seemed that someone choked him. “You…what did you say?”

“Your sister has no vital signs…”

“Not …… not this sentence!” Lu Yichen was as if he had heard incredible news, his eyes looking at the pale Li Jia on the hospital bed, “Jia Jia is pregnant ……”

“Yes …… yes.” The doctor looked at him warily, in case he lost control.

“Pregnant? But Yichen’s younger sister is not married and has no boyfriend. How could she get pregnant?” Xia Yuxuan muttered sweetly, seemingly concerned because of Li Jia’s injustice. 

“Jia Jia usually looks clean in her private life. I didn’t expect it…” Her muttering was tantamount to telling others that Li Jia was unscrupulous, which embarrassed the medical staff on the side. After all, she  was dead.

“Pa!” Lu Yichen suddenly slapped Xia Yuxuan.

Xia Yuxuan couldn’t stand, she backed a few steps in her high heels and fell to the ground. She seemed shocked, covering her face. Her eyes immediately turned red, and tears flowed silently. “You hit me……”

“Get out!” Blue veins burst in Lu Yichen’s forehead, and he  buried his head in Li Jia’s neck, whimpering.

Pain and despair swept across the world.

Jiajia is dead.

She is dead.

And his child!

That was his child, it was his.

In fact, that night… it was not what Jiajia thought.

But now she was dead! She was dead!

He could never tell her all this again.


“Jiajia—— !” Lu Yichen suddenly woke up from his deep sleep.

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