Chapter 111. Stimulating the G-sp*t (H)

Seeing her face turn red as if blood would drip, he made a clicking sound and spoke in increasingly vulgar words: “You’ve already licked it, so what’s wrong with inserting a finger? Or perhaps you want something thicker and larger to put inside?”

Hearing this, her emotions surged, causing her chest to rise and fall, her ample bosom trembling with excitement, creating waves.

“Careful! I don’t want it like this~ ah~” What started as an angry outburst ended with him finding her G-sp*t. With a press of his fingertip, she gasped for air and let out sweet and sultry moans.


His fingers were more nimble than a p*nis, and deeper than a tongue, making them excellent tools for playing with her lustful cave.

His fingers delved deep into her soft flesh, digging and teasing her G-sp*t from time to time, rubbing back and forth.

The tingling pleasure felt like a series of fireworks bursting continuously in her mind, catching her off guard. Suddenly, words popped into her brain—so comfortable.

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The other hand moved rapidly inside her, piston-like movements, palm repeatedly tapping her mound, pressing against the small bud hidden by her petals.


The sound of “squelch, squelch, squelch” filled the entire office, stimulating and embarrassing her at the same time.

“Be gentle…” Shen Shuman muttered, her seductive eyes gradually losing focus.

She absentmindedly watched how sunlight poured in from the window, illuminating the floating specks of dust in the air, creating a golden rectangle on the floor.

Her heart floated and sank with those specks of dust, drifting aimlessly.

For a brief moment, she almost believed that in this world, there were only the two of them.

In his embrace, she could see his broad shoulders, hear his disheveled breaths, and smell his hormone-laden scent.

She could also clearly feel his hand covering her entrance, his two fingers moving alternately, penetrating her moist passage.

His fingers were pure-white and clean, with distinct joints. They could play slow or intense melodies, hold a surgical knife to save lives, and ignite flames on her body…

In the instant he pressed against her G-sp*t again, she forcibly suppressed the scream in her throat, only to have his big palm cover her mouth, leaving her with muffled moans.

“Hush! The soundproofing in the hospital isn’t good. Be a good girl and don’t make a sound~”

Wei Shi’s tone of speech during intimate moments was always gentle. However, when his gentleness reached its extreme, it would inexplicably send shivers down one’s spine, as if he were secretly plotting something.



Chapter 112. Drinking Honey (H)

Since she was young, Shen Shuman always felt Wei Shi was very intelligent.

In fact, it turned out that he was indeed a meticulous and strategic person.

He always kept his intentions hidden, making it difficult for others to guess.

Sun Yan once said, “He’s very sharp, I’ve never seen him fail.”

Not only has she never seen him fail either.

Is this how Scorpio men are?

Cold on the outside, dark on the inside, possessing a highly perceptive insight, always able to stay calm and rational, seldom at a disadvantage.

Confronting someone so deep and cunning, naive like her is like hitting a rock with an egg.

Therefore, in front of him, she has always been the first to raise the white flag.

A surge of pleasure flooded in, engulfing her.

Her body trembled violently, her legs restlessly bent, tightly gripping his large hand, her flesh pulsating rhythmically, sucking on his long fingers in a rhythmic motion.


An unbearable urge to urinate rushed out, she couldn’t control the gushing, she wet his hands.

The spring tide overflowed, soaking her panties and safety pants, some of the liquid even flowed onto the table, making it look as if she had just wet her pants.

“So tight.” Wei Shi tried to pull out his finger, wanting to insert another painfully swollen hard object.

However, her soft and malleable flesh, manipulated to be like a muddy swamp, clung to his finger, making it difficult for him to withdraw.

He took a deep breath, suppressed the imminent eruption of desire, and suddenly pulled out his finger, emitting a barely audible sound.

He withdrew his hand, deliberately brushing against her cl*toris, and she let out a “ha” sound, trembling in his arms, like a delicate flower being invaded by wind and rain.

Without the obstruction of his finger, the honey fluid contained in her small hole leaked out.

Her skirt had long been torn open, and her lower body, wrapped in safety pants, was clearly visible.

The two thin pieces of fabric, soaked as if they had been soaked in water, stuck wet and sticky to her v*gina, outlining the shameful camel toe.

He glanced at it briefly, his gaze darkening, the muscles in his legs tensed along with his lower abdomen, it was difficult for her to ignore the changes in his body as she sat on him.

She half-opened her seductive and enchanting eyes, gazing at him–

As time passed, the sun changed its position, shining diagonally into the room.


The shadow they were in, like a black veil, gradually pulled aside, allowing a little light to seep in, illuminating half of his body.

In front of her, he placed his finger, covered in shiny lustful liquid, horizontally at his lips, and a soft tongue slowly emerged from his moist lips.

In the dim light, the tender red tip of his tongue licked slowly from the base of his finger, curling around her lustful fluid before swallowing it down.”

His bright, shining eyes gazed directly at her, his tongue swirling around his fingertip.

As his lips parted, he unexpectedly slipped his finger inside, mimicking an indescribable action.

He ate with seriousness and precision, as if those two fingers were a unique delicacy in the world, worthy of his meticulous tasting.

This scene was sensual and alluring, yet not crude or vulgar. The interplay of light and shadow, the vivid contrast of colors, created a visual impact akin to a fashion magazine cover.

“Do you want to taste your own essence?” he asked, assertively bringing his finger to her lips, brushing lightly against her dry lips, causing a tingling sensation.

From his long finger, she caught a whiff of her own scent.

She couldn’t describe what that smell was like, but just inhaling it made her feel restless, her intimate area tingling and itching uncontrollably.

Instinctively, she shook her head, but he didn’t give her the right to say “no.” Forcefully, he pushed his finger into her small mouth.

A strange taste instantly spread throughout her mouth.

The liquid on his finger did not taste good.

It was strange, how could he have made such an expression of enjoyment just moments ago? She couldn’t understand.

Her wet, warm, and tender mouth enveloped his finger, moving in a rhythmic back and forth motion.

“Mmm~” she unconsciously moaned, her recently cl*maxing core now thirstily pulsating.

The sour and itchy sensation spread like a festering wound, starting from her v*gina, climbing up her spine, surging into her heart, taking control of her brain, commanding her to consume her own desire while secreting even more of it.

Feeling uncomfortable, she squirmed in his embrace. His breath hitched, he lowered his head, and his soft tongue joined hers in teasing his own finger.

Their two tongues licked over his intertwined fingers, one after the other, as if engaged in a perfectly synchronized dance.

Occasionally, a touch would explode with surprise on the tip of her tongue, sending a tremor through her heart.

At first, she was just casually licking his finger, but eventually, she actively chased after his tongue, attempting to intertwine and exchange this indescribable pleasure.

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