ENCROACHMENT 109-110 (h)

Chapter 109 

“I think, to some extent, I still have some merits… Otherwise, you wouldn’t be willing to marry me,” she said, while trying to firmly place her right foot on the ground and get off him.

Wei Shi intentionally pinched the flesh on the inside of her thigh, coincidentally scratching her itch.

“Ah!” She instinctively pulled her leg back, instantly realizing that she had fallen into a dilemma.


Once she climbed onto this big tiger, if he didn’t let her down, there was no way for her to get down.

His hand, wrapped around her waist, raised and gently massaged the back of her head, his fingers sliding through her hair, tenderly combing it.

He looked at the strands of hair slipping through his fingers, his gaze deep and his thin lips slightly parted. “I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but life has three stages: Seeing mountains as mountains, seeing water as water; Seeing mountains not as mountains, seeing water not as water; Mountains are still mountains, water is still water.”

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She became so happy that she spoke for a while, her face saying, “Is that what I said? Answer me quickly!”


Wei Shi remained silent, even with the soft and fragrant beauty in his arms, her raised buttocks rubbing against the desire beneath him. He simply looked at her affectionately, maintaining a calm and leisurely demeanor.

“Is it true? Is it true? Hurry up and tell me!” She blinked her charming and mesmerizing fox-like eyes, accompanied by the perfectly placed beauty mark at the corner of her right eye, making her whole face particularly enchanting.

She was persistent and relentless.

With a smile on his lips, Wei Shi suddenly held the back of her head and gently pressed his thin lips against hers.

The electric-like sensation of tingling spread through her brain once again.

She heard him laugh and say, “You know very well, why are you asking me?”

As he spoke, his lips moved, feather-like, lightly brushing against her lips, teasing and itching them, making her want to bite his lips in one go.

“Even if I ask, it won’t make any difference,” she said, playfully pouting and taking the opportunity to give him a peck.

Wei Shi’s smile remained, but his gaze suddenly became mischievous and filled with desire. His hand, which had been hidden under her skirt, suddenly moved up to her lower abdomen. “But I can give you an extra piece of flesh here.”

With a simple sentence, he achieved overwhelming victory.

Shen Shuman felt extremely embarrassed as she struggled to squeeze out four random words from between her teeth: “Bai, Ri, Xuan, Yin.”

Wei Shi rubbed her flat abdomen and his fingertips slid towards her mysterious intimate area. “…I desire you.”


Without giving her any time to react, he sealed her cherry lips with a kiss.

His kissing technique was as skilled as ever, knowing how to lick every inch of her mouth, how to entice her tongue to dance with his, and most importantly, how to ignite her desire for s*x.

His kiss gradually became passionate and intense, like a boiling pot of water, scalding her into a rosy shrimp.

She followed his soft tongue, entwining with him, stealing oxygen and savoring the moisture from his mouth.


Chapter 110: Sexual Intimacy (H)

She knew that if they continued like this, they would inevitably end up in a passionate encounter.

But she wanted him so badly.

Ever since experiencing the pleasure of lovemaking with him, she felt that love and s*x were inseparable.

Because she loved him, she always desired physical contact with him.

With love as a foundation, the moment she touched him, it was like sorghum meeting fermenting grains, a chemical reaction that multiplied happiness hundreds and thousands of times, filling her body and mind in an instant.

Without love, she considered it mere s*x, not making love.


Deep in the kiss, Wei Shi’s hand slipped into her underwear, as expected, encountering wetness and heat.

She clamped her thighs tightly, forcing him to stretch his fingers and gently massage the plump mound and tender flesh.

“Mmm~” She let out a soft moan, her perky buttocks rubbing against his hard member, causing him great discomfort.

He forcefully inserted a finger, struggling to penetrate her moist folds.

With a touch to her swollen and sensitive bud, the tingling sensation spread like lightning, instantly coursing through her entire body.

She trembled abruptly, coming back to her senses, suddenly remembering that they were in the hospital, in his office.

Their previous encounter in the fitting room had already been her limit.

If they were to make love in the office… no, it was too embarrassing!

She furrowed her eyebrows and pushed against his chest. “Not here, this is your office, remember?”

“So what?” Desire swelled inside him, causing pain in his lower body. He wished he could release himself now, burying himself between her legs and thrusting away.

Seeing his indifferent expression, Shen Shuman grew anxious. “What if someone…”

“I’ve locked the door, no one will come in.” He forcefully inserted his hand between her thighs, shamelessly kneading and fondling her slippery entrance.


“Ah~” She couldn’t help but whimper. It had been several days since they last made love, and truth be told, she longed to be with him.

However, despite her desires, she wasn’t so desperate to have sex with him regardless of the situation.

“No, Wei Shi, stop…” She struggled fiercely, twisting her delicate body in his embrace like a snake with its neck held, her skirt riding up to reveal a glimpse of her flesh-colored safety shorts.

Upon closer inspection, through the two layers of thin fabric, his large hand was lightly rubbing and teasing, his fingers moving, stirring up a river of springwater.

Her delicate clitoris couldn’t withstand his teasing, causing her to moan helplessly, pleading with him, “Wei Shi… please, it’s too much…”

“Let me enter you, then it won’t be too much.” He spoke as he positioned the fingertip of his middle finger against her slick entrance and lightly pressed in.

Her body tensed up as she felt the intrusion, like a taut bowstring.


But it was too late by the time she spoke those words.

His finger had already penetrated her, pulling out a gush of honey, sliding along his finger and settling at its base.

“Wow, you’re so wet. Did you just spit out the water you drank earlier from down there?”

He said this as his finger delved deeper, his entire finger being swallowed up by her tight and slippery passage.

Her insides were wet and hot, making him feel like his finger was plunging into a freshly baked tofu.

“You, you put your finger inside?!” She widened her eyes and stammered. Nervously, her passage clenched tightly around his thick finger, confirming her thoughts.

“Hmm… with how tight you can grip just one finger, how are you going to give birth in the future, hmm?” He spoke by her ear, his finger moving inside her.

The sticky sound of moisture teased her tense nerves, causing her trembling lips to say, “Wei Shi, you… you jerk!”

Shen Shuman clenched her fist and pounded his chest, feeling unsatisfied. She decided to find his nipple and twisted it hard, hearing him grunt in pain.

She said angrily, “Take your finger out! I don’t want your finger…”

This made her feel way too embarrassed!

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