Erotic Fairy Tales

Chapter 1.1 The Corruption of Cinderella (1)

WARNING: This novel contains triggering themes that some readers will find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. Further themes will be explained below.

 T/N: Hi everyone! If you clicked this novel without looking at the tags or the warnings and you think this is going to be a cute smut novel, BOY YOU ARE WRONG. ψ(`∇´)ψ

This no plot just smut novel consists of 5 main stories + 2 extras which will be divided into several parts due to the length of chapters varying from 2k to 11k words. I’ve made a summarized info about the different stories below in the spoilers so please make sure to click it open!!

Lastly, this is NOT for vanilla smut readers, the faint-hearted or the easily offended readers, so please please please only read ahead if you’re desensitized to these types of content.

Since the chapters vary in lengths and in themes, please read summarized information below. 
The information below each chapter will be arranged in the following format:
-(split into how many parts/ number of eng words per chapter / tags)

Chapter 1 The Corruption of Cinderella
– (3 parts/ 1.75k words per part / Tags: Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Mind Manipulation)
Chapter 2 The Tortoise and The Rabbit Had Just Made Up
-(4 parts/ 1.7k words per part / Tags: Furry? Dubious Consent, Probably the least dark story in the novel)
Chapter 3 Beauty and the Beast
– (7 parts / 1.5k words per part / Tags: Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Sex Slave, Bestiality, Mind break, reads like a hardcore japanese hentai, DARKEST STORY)
Chapter 4 Little Red Riding Hood (Part I)
– (1 part / 2.6k words / Tags: Dubious consent, Bestiality, Stockholm Syndrome)
Chapter 5 Mermaid and the Princess
– (7 parts / 1.7k words per part / Tags: Dubious Consent, Yuri/Girls Love with a TWIST)
Chapter 6 The Corruption of Cinderella Extra 1: The Day Before The Wedding
-(3 parts / 1.7k words per part / Tags: Stockholm Syndrome, Sex Slave, Nipple Clamp, Anal Beads)
Chapter 7 Little Red Riding Hood (Part II)
-(1 part / 2.5k words / Tags: Bestiality, the second least dark story in the novel)

Without further ado, here’s the 1st story!

1ST STORY WARNING: Contains Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Mind Manipulation


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl. Ever since her mother died and her father married her stepmother, who had brought in two older sisters along, she had been forced to do all the housework. Every day, she was bullied for being covered with grime, and because of this, everybody called her ‘Cinderella.’

Even though Cinderella’s destiny was full of frustrations and dashed hopes, she still maintained a pure and kind heart. And even though her belly was never filled, she still fed the mice and birds in the attic with bread. She also wouldn’t touch any of the old clothes her older sister didn’t want and would give them to the people who were less fortunate than her. 

One night, when a storm had broken, her sisters maliciously ordered her to draw water from the riverbank. Cinderella didn’t complain and obediently carried a bucket with her, braving the storm and walking over to the riverbank. When she reached the bank, she had discovered a man in imminent danger within the turbulent waters. Cinderella hurriedly grabbed a long branch and after much difficulty, pulled the man back to safety. 

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Pllr okvbkd vbl xyd’p lulp oyp wdvaynlyczl akeknwzl, “Zsw pvkzz clzklhl vbyv vblal yal qykaklp kd vbkp osaze?”

“Ysvbla oswze dlhla zkl vs xl.”

“Ohld vbswtb R yx dsv y qykau, R pvkzz byhl y xytkn oyde. Eswze usw zkjl vs pll kv?”

Cinderella turned her head over in curiosity and saw that he had reached out his hand in between his legs and was fumbling around. Sure enough, he pulled out a thick and big dark c*ck. Looking at it closely, you could faintly see its veins popping out, and it would also twitch occasionally as if it was a living creature.


“Your magic wand looks weird.”

“You can try touching it.”

Cinderella couldn’t resist her curiosity, and sat beside the youth, stroking the magic wand between his legs. His c*ck was scalding hot. When her little hand groped around, it seemed to have gotten bigger, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Aside from becoming bigger, what other magic can this magic wand do?”

“It spurts out something that’ll make you happy when you swallow it.”


“It’s true. You’ll know when you try it.”

Under the man’s coaxing, the naive and innocent Cinderella finally crouched down, carefully wrapping her mouth around the thick magic wand. She followed the man’s instructions and began to lick and slurp the thick and hot magic wand between his legs.

While Cinderella was doing her best to please him, the man also extended his fingers and groped her snowy white bottom. His hands slowly slid towards her slightly pink petals, teasing her cl*t.  

Cinderella was too pure to understand what was going on. She merely felt that there was something odd occurring between her legs. A hot fluid was gradually flowing out, and there was a comfortable yet peculiar feeling resulting from the man’s actions. 

She innocently asked the man what he was doing to her; however, he merely smiled in response. His dark blue-green eyes were like deep lake water. They sucked people in involuntarily and mercilessly drowned them. She didn’t dare to look at him again and merely lowered her head, following his instructions and vigorously licking the top of the umbrella-shaped head then the edges of it, while her little hand was stroking the length. She even used her little mouth to kiss the two eggs underneath the magic wand.

Not long after, the magic wand did indeed spew out a thick and hot juice. The man asked Cinderella to swallow it all, and the innocent Cinderella, who wanted to know what kind of thing could make someone happy, obediently did as he said, gulping down all of the magical liquid down her throat.

However, after she finished drinking it, she furrowed her brows and said, “I don’t feel anything.” 


The man lifted her up and slowly traced his hand from her clavicle all the way down to her little hole, saying, “Then you’d have to use this small mouth here to be able to obtain happiness.”

She looked at her sopping wet honey cave and realized that her body was feeling inexplicably empty. She suddenly blushed, “Mother told me not to put anything inside that place or else I wouldn’t be pure anymore.” 

The man cupped her delicate face and kissed her lightly over and over again, gently saying, “Then I’ll just place the magic wand outside and aim it at your little mouth so that the juice can be shot inside and your little mouth can eat it, ok?”

Cinderella thought for a while before shyly nodding, “Alright.”

She listened to the youth’s instructions and obediently parted her legs before the magic wand. He propped up her waist and positioned her honeypot against the thick head of his magic wand. The magic wand rubbed against the entrance of the honey cave, causing the honey to dribble and leak out of Cinderella’s wet little hole.

Then, he kissed Cinderella again, but this time, the man stuck his tongue inside Cinderella’s mouth and deeply kissed her until she became dazed and disoriented. He then let go of her lips and leaned his forehead against hers, whispering, “Fooled you.”

Having said that, the man forcefully plunged his giant root into Cinderella’s pure and untainted body, ruthlessly taking away her virginity.

“Ahhhh! Nghhhh…..No…Don’t…”

Even though the man hadn’t fully penetrated Cinderella’s honey cave in one go, he had managed to stick in half of his root. The already defiled Cinderella finally realized amid her extreme suffering that she had been deceived. She had risked her life to save this man, who in turn, robbed her of her dream, seizing the very last magic her mother had left her.

She struggled and wept, desperately trying to get the man out of her, but the man cruelly pressed on her limbs preventing her from escaping.

After Cinderella had struggled for a while, she finally lost the last ounce of her strength. Tears continuously flowed down her face as she allowed the man to manipulate her as he desired. The man stayed in her body for a while, waiting for her tight little hole to adapt to his shape before he started to violently swing his waist, pounding into the deepest parts of her tender flesh that hadn’t been opened up by anyone else before.

Cinderella wept as she tightened her honey cave, intending to stop him from moving; yet instead, it brought about even greater pleasure to the man as he excitedly possessed her. The sounds of flesh slapping together, ‘Papapa,’ overtook the howls of mad rain and wind outside. The lost purity manifested in the form of wisps of blood, mixed with lewd fluids, and trickled down the insides of Cinderella’s fair thighs. 


The man’s c*ck continuously rammed against her body’s most sensitive parts. His hands also continued to play with every inch of Cinderella’s body. Every time she cried out in refusal, he would bend down and aggressively kiss her, turning her resistance into weak moans. In the end, she finally fell hostage to his evil clutches.

At some point in time, the little fire they lighted had died out, emphasizing the distinct sloshing sounds of their juices. The pain Cinderella was feeling had now turned into pleasure. It was as if huge waves had washed her rationality away, ripple by ripple. In this dark and endless night, she had even forgotten about the sorrows she held deep in her heart, taking the initiative to grab onto his shoulder, as her legs wrapped around him tightly, begging him to give her more. 

“It’s so good… faster… give it to me…”

The man chuckled in a low tone, “Do you like my magic wand?”

“… I like it….aaaahhhhhhh!”

The man sent her to a climax, and Cinderella arched her body up in welcome. The man’s emerald eyes grew even darker as he grabbed her buttocks and fucked her deeply. Then, at a pace that was enough to destroy her, he once again instigated another rabid attack.

“Ah … uhnnn ah … amazing … it feels so gooodd … don’t stop mmmhhh!”

Cinderella cried out as translucent saliva dribbled out of her mouth. She had completely lost all reason; her little honey cave continuously clenching on the man’s massive root, driving the man to almost lose his self-control. 

“Your personality is so innocent, yet your body is this lewd.”

After the man had made several deep thrusts, he violently sprayed his essence inside of her, the strong stimulation causing her to faint, yet the man’s ruthless attacks woke her up once again.

Although this was Cinderella’s first time, the man didn’t let go of her the entire night, doing her until the stormy rain and wind had completely disappeared and dawn arose. Cinderella weakly laid naked on the ground, as if she were on her last breath. Her slender long legs were slightly apart, a filthy liquid steadily flowing out in the middle and countless purples bruises coloring her fair skin.

T/N: For anyone curious about what the left paragraph on the novel cover says, it says “Only a few people know, that the inside of the flawless and beautiful glass slippers, was filled with proof of Cinderella’s depravity…”


Anyone else laughed like me when the prince used the word “magic wand” to refer to his little brother? XD

TOC for advanced chapters – EFT

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