EBPW Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 Hugging and Cuddling (2)

He Zhou had never thought of concealing this matter and it didn’t need to so he confessed directly. “Dad, I’m very interested in arrays and have seen a few books before so I wanted to try it out myself.”

He was originally interested in Gu Wu, so he had taken several books from the He Family’s storage and read them. He Shaoning also knew of this, however, he didn’t think that He Zhou was able to learn that difficult array.

Learning arrays didn’t require a cultivation base. He Shaoning still couldn’t see that He Zhou already had a Yellow Rank Early Stage and only thought that he had talent in the path of arrays.

“If you’re really interested in learning arrays, I’ll get you some more books to read when I get home.”

He Zhou had coincidentally wanted to understand this world’s array level so he nodded and replied “Alright.”

At this time, He Zhou had called the doctor over. The doctor inspected Wen Renyi for a moment before confirming that there were no problems and that after a few days of observation, he was able to check out of the hospital.

After the doctor left, Zhao Jing probed. “Ah Zhou, Xiao Yi. After, you check out from the hospital, why don’t you guys stay at home for a few days? After all, you’ve just healed and you still need to rest, Auntie can take care of you that way.”

He Ye pursed his lips and turn his head elsewhere. 

Wen Renyi “looked” at He Zhou and chuckled. “I only listen to Ah Zhou.” He had entirely put on a face of marital harmony. 

When had someone ever depended on Young Master He? Moreover, looking at Wen Renyi’s clear and skinny figure, thinking that the Wen Family only treated him as a money-making machine and showed no interest in him, not even visiting him once in his period of living in the hospital, this made him feel indescribably distressed.

“Alright. Thank you auntie” He wanted to take care of Wen Renyi himself, it was just a pity he didn’t know how to cook.

Zhao Jing heard this and revealed a smile. She wasn’t considered gorgeous but delicate and quiet. Her bob was arranged neatly and when she smiled, she seemed amiable. 

“Here is some boiled soup to help your recuperation.” She said as she placed a thermos on table of the bed and took out two utensils. “The soup is light so you can drink it.”

She opened the thermos and a light fragrant filled the room. He Zhou immediately felt his throat become parched. Ever since he woke up, Zhao Jing had been bringing him soup everyday and since they didn’t know when Wen Renyi would wake up, she would always bring two sets of utensils. Fortunately, they were able to use both this time.

He Shaoning looked at the stepmother and son’s harmonious interaction and was greatly comforted. He couldn’t help but rub the head of He Ye who was beside him. He Ye sulkily glanced at him and moved a step away, sourness endlessly gathering in his heart.

He also wanted to drink soup ah!

Every time, he hoped elder brother would leave some for him to drink but elder brother’s appetite had always been great. He didn’t actually leave even a drop. This time, since the two of them were drinking together, there would definitely be none left. Who was the actual son here ah!

Young Master He had already been enraptured by the delicious aroma, where would he have the time to be considerate of He Ye’s desires? He took the bowl Zhao Jing passed over, gave his word of thanks and was planning to drink it all up.

“Aunt, let me do it.” Wen Renyi politely rejected Zhao Jing personally feeding him the soup.

Zhao Jing persuaded. “Your hand is still getting the drip, it won’t be convenient.”

He Zhou stared at the slightly flushed Wen Renyi and then stared at Zhao Jing。 He felt it was such a blessing to the soul and put down his own bowl, saying. “Auntie, I’ll feed him instead. I’ll have the soup later.” Even though he wanted to drink that bowl of soup, it was better to feed your own partner.

Zhao Jing didn’t stop him and instead just smiled as she passed the bowl over to He Zhou and left the bed. She stopped at He Shaoning’s side as the two people exchanged a look, their eyes carrying a laughing glint.

Marriage can really change people. Ah Zhou had grown up a lot and had learned how to take care of people. 

After the two people finished drinking the soup, He Shaoning and the others left. He Shaoning was still after all, the head of the He Family. There were still a lot of matters left waiting for him to handle. Zhao Jing also had her own matters to do and He Ye was still a student, so he naturally had to prioritize his studies. 

The room was quickly left with only two people. 

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