Chapter 56 The jealous Wen Ren

Ye Xiao didn’t care about other people’s gazes, he solely focused on He Zhou.

He Zhou had called him here and although he knew from the start that He Zhou’s identity was anything but ordinary, he was still shocked when he arrived at the He Residence. He Zhou had already greeted his family members and when he arrived, he received the He Family’s warm reception, but with every arrival of a big figure, the more he gradually secluded himself and hid at the corner.

Now that his name was suddenly being called by He Zhou, he wasn’t the slightest bit flustered as he stepped out of the crowd. Although he dressed plainly, his pretty and refined countenance still made people think he was breathtaking, especially his pair of eyes that seemed like it could suck a person’s soul out. Moreover, after finally catching up with the nutrients he needed, he finally grew a lot taller and appeared like a tall beautiful boy straight out of a manga.

At first, everybody was stunned by his countenance, but when they heard him call out ‘Master’, they were matchlessly dumbstruck. They didn’t think that this beautiful youth was actually He Zhou’s disciple! To clarify, along with He Zhou already being an array master, and with the recent emergence of his identity as a cultivator recentlyi, the value of Young Master He has become impossible to predict. In addition, the one who stood beside him was Wen Renyi.

Two powerful people joining hands was deserving of such respect even from the well connected and profound families and sects.

And so, as He Zhou’s disciple, Ye Xiao also received almost everybody’s attention.

Ye Xiao ignored the people’s gazes and acted according to He Zhou’s instruction. He arrived before the furious Feng Lan and put on a smile as if he was an evil spirit from a mystery novel that lured people to their downfall, his extremely beautiful pair of eyes locked onto Feng Lan’s.

“Captain Feng.” His voice was like the wind in the abyss, mysterious yet captivating.

Although his godly sense wasn’t comparable to Feng Lan’s, now that Feng Lan was under the influence of the drug, and coupled with He Zhou’s assistance, this interrogation had finally been set up after much difficulty.

Feng Lan knew that he shouldn’t reveal anything, but he couldn’t control his own consciousness. He tried his best to resist Ye Xiao’s ocular charm, but ultimately fell deep into his eyes.

By the time he had awakened again, he found himself held at the interrogation room at the headquarters of the operations team, and sitting across him, was He Zhou.

Feng Lan couldn’t remember what words he spouted before he was rendered unconscious, but he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive facing the calm and indifferent He Zhou, despite putting on a cool facade.

“Feng Lan. When Wen Renyi ran into misfortune 6 years ago, was it you who had set him up?” He Zhou tightened the hands he had placed on top of his knee.

When Gars Bruch mentioned that Ah Yi knew the demonic head’s spy was hiding amongst them, he didn’t think much of it back then, now that he pondered about it, perhaps Ah Yi had already detected Feng Lan’s little movements. However, because he had to rescue people, he lost his cultivation as a result and was unable to confront Feng Lan.

But now, Feng Lan was finally revealing his true face.

“You have no right to interrogate me.” Feng Lan narrowed his eyes and leaned back on his chair, maintaining silence against He Zhou’s question.

He Zhou chuckled and took out a document from the bag, placing it in front of Feng Lan. “What about now?”

Feng Lan widened his eyes, staring fixedly at the chinese characters written on the document. A glimpse of anger could be seen from his face. “How did you become captain?”

Young Master He’s long hidden grandeur slowly wafted out. His gaze was dark and his voice was low. “Naturally, this position will be filled by someone who’s competent. Since you stabbed Ah Yi in the back to sit in this position, now that you’re the one who has been beaten down, I’ll be taking it over.”

In truth, He Zhou didn’t have an inkling of interest in this seat, but since the head of operations team captain’s seat was left empty after Feng Lan was arrested, everyone unanimously nominated for He Zhou to become the newly appointed captain. Originally, He Zhou wanted to refuse but because he couldn’t change their minds, he still had to assume the position of captain of the operations team out of nowhere.

And the words he had said earlier were only to infuriate Feng Lan.

Sure enough, Feng Lan was enraged until his eyes had turned red. Back then, this position should have belonged to him, but it was snatched away by Wen Renyi, and he couldn’t stand it, However, Wen Renyi’s was too gifted. Even if he was older than Wen Renyi, there was no way he could catch up to him.

In the end, someone found him and told him that he could help improve his cultivation as long as he did something for them in return.  

After getting caught up with the demonic head’s organization, he had no road left to retreat and could only continuously transmit information over. He initially assumed that everything would end once He Zhou’s necklace had been seized, but who would have expected that nobody was able to break the necklace open.

And by the time He Zhou had awoken from his coma, he had grown to a frightening degree in such a short period of time!

Following that, they purposely used Qin Zhao’s hands to return the necklace back, because Master believed that only He Zhou had the ability to open the necklace. Although they didn’t understand why, but the more He Zhou displayed his array abilities, the more they believed that their master’s decision had been correct.

“He Zhou, how long do you think you’ll be able to stay in this seat.” Feng Lan cackled. “You are only of Xiantian Late Stage, do you really think you can really contend against him?”

He Zhou stood up. “There’s no need for you to worry.” He took out another document from the drawer and pushed it towards Feng Lan. “I’m not here to interrogate you, This is a statement of your confessions. Take a look.”

Feng Lan didn’t look. “I didn’t know you had someone with that kind of ability at your side.” He knew that he must’ve definitely spilled all the secrets he knew so he didn’t find it necessary to look.

He Zhou looked at his cool facade and didn’t waste any more words, bringing the testimony out of the interrogation room.

Wen Renyi and Ye Xiao had been waiting outside the interrogation room. When they saw He Zhou come out, they both quickly stood up. Ye Xiao had wanted to call out ‘Master’, but Wen Renyi cut him off first.

“Ah Zhou. Let’s go home.”

Young Master He’s gaze paused on Wen Renyi’s face for a moment before he broke into a smile. He turned to look at the cold face Ye Xiao behind him and said. “Ah Xiao, you must be hungry after waiting for such a long time. Why not grab a meal with us.”

Ye Xiao was about to refuse when he caught sight of Wen Renyi’s cold glance. After thinking it over, he opened his mouth and said. “Ok.”

Wen Renyi’s sharp eyes swept over Ye Xiao, but when He Zhou looked back at him, he recovered his gentle and elegant appearance with a smile blooming on his face as he held He Zhou’s hand.

Ye Xiao sneered to himself.

The three people returned to the villa. This was Ye Xiao’s first time visiting the house and when he saw their household items coming in pairs, he secretly heaved a sigh, pressing down the bit of loneliness he held in his heart, as he followed He Zhou to sit on the sofa.

Wen Renyi left the room to give space to the master and disciple pair, and headed to the kitchen by himself.

Ye Xiao clasped the tea cup and looked towards He Zhou, speaking first. “Master. Is the demonic head really that powerful?”

He Zhou nodded. “En. Everything that Feng Lan said could only be the tip of the iceberg.”

While under Ye Xiao’s influence, Feng Lan had revealed everything he knew as well as exposed the identity of several others who were hiding amongst them. His confession had even managed to elicit cold sweat from the people who thought it to be a trivial matter.

Ye Xiao pursed his lips. “Master, were you afraid that Ding Zhi and I would be implicated, so you asked us not to reveal our relationship as master and disciple?”

He Zhou’s gaze revealed affection as he rubbed his head. “Yet you still called me master in front of all those people, you fool!”

Ye Xiao didn’t think he had been foolish. He lowered his head to take a sip and suddenly changed the topic. “Master, Are you happy with Mr. Wen Ren?”

He Zhou became blank. Why was this child suddenly asking this question?

At this time, Wen Renyi called out from the kitchen. “Ah Zhou. I can’t seem to find another plate. Can you give me a hand?”

He Zhou patted Ye Xiao’s shoulder and signalled him to wait before going to the kitchen. Just as he stepped inside, the kitchen doors were shut tightly and his body fell into a warm embrace. Hot breaths blew into his ear, arousing an itch on his earlobe and turning it in a shade of deep red.

“Ah Yi?” Ah Zhou patted Wen Renyi’s back. “What’s wrong?”

Wen Renyi didn’t reply and used actions to express his thoughts. He hooked an arm around He Zhou’s waist and another behind He Zhou’s head, then he sucked on Young Master He’s warm lips.

It was an extremely moving act.

He Zhou moaned while chuckling. “Ah Yi. Ah Xiao’s still outside.”

“Let him wait.” One of Wen Renyi’s hands dropped, gripping He Zhou’s left hand and interlocking all 10 fingers together. Then, he bumped himself into the kitchen door, rattling it to make sure that Ye Xiao could hear them from the living room.

Ye Xiao did indeed discover what the two people were doing in the kitchen. He also understood Wen Renyi’s intentions. However, Wen Renyi’s reactions were a bit too exaggerated.

He Zhou was his master. Regardless of how well He Zhou treated him, they couldn’t go beyond the boundaries of Master and Disciple. Yes, he had a favorable impression of He Zhou, but this impression was built on the basis of him being his master, he wouldn’t form any other thoughts towards He Zhou.

The only reason why he revealed a little bit of his thoughts in his actions was to observe Wen Renyi’s reaction and his reaction, was considered acceptable.

The sounds in the kitchen had lasted for a long time before silence resumed. After a while, He Zhou finally came out of the kitchen. When Ye Xiao saw his swollen red lips and wrinkled shirt, he could only quickly shift his gaze away and respond. “Master, I was cultivating the other day and had encountered a difficult problem. Would it be possible to ask Master for advice?”

He Zhou was naturally all-knowing, so the two people chatted casually until Wen Renyi had finished cooking.

The three people ate with a warm and calm atmosphere. When dinner ended, He Zhou then asked someone to escort Ye Xiao back to school. Before Ye Xiao left, he hugged He Zhou and even though He Zhou thought he was acting like a child who wanted to be spoiled, he didn’t stop him from doing so.

Ye Xiao’s exquisite chin wedged on top of He Zhou’s shoulder and in this angle, he coincidentally stared right into Wen Renyi’s eyes. He hooked his lips up into a laugh yet his gaze was deep and quiet. Wen Renyi retracted his sharpness and calmly stared right back at him.

In his eyes, Ye Xiao wasn’t the least bit threatening, but it made him unhappy to see him sticking onto Ah Zhou.

After Ye Xiao left, He Zhou headed straight into the study room to continue writing a book about arrays. Wen Renyi carried a pot of tea over and saw him engrossed in his work. He didn’t intend to disturb him but He Zhou suddenly lifted his head up. “Ah Yi. Ah Xiao didn’t have any other meaning, You should know that he likes to tease other people.”

The last strand of stuffiness Wen Renyi felt in the bottom of his heart vanished immediately and a tender smile bloomed on his handsome face. “I understand.”

With such a person who could see through everything, how could anyone resist such a captivating He Zhou?

He bent his head down, planting a kiss on He Zhou’s forehead, but He Zhou abruptly raised his head and was about to kiss Wen Renyi’s lips when the sudden ringing of a phone disturbed the fluffy atmosphere.

He picked up his phone. “Xiao Feng?”

On the other end, He Feng’s quivering voice resounded. “Brother Zhou, Qin Zhao has been captured.”

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