EBPW Chapter 51.2

Chapter 51.2 The Young Master’s Deception (2)

“No!” He Shaoning blurted out without even thinking.

The other people had continued to remain taciturn all this while. From a rational point of view, it was quite cost-effective to exchange He Zhou for the lives of many children, but from a logical point of view, they couldn’t bear to do so.

Wen Renyi’s expression chilled, his gaze appearing frosty. The power of a Xiantian Late Realm cultivation rushed towards the kidnapper above the mountain while he grabbed He Zhou and pulled him behind himself.

He Zhou still had not spoken at this point. It was as if his soul had flown out of his body.

Gars hooked the corner of his ruddy lips up, and calmly stood at the side watching the scene unfold.

Although Wen Renyi’s power did cause the evildoer to feel a bit of pressure, his cold voice caused the people to shudder involuntarily. “Wen Renyi, your domain is useless here, so I would still advise you to heed my words and surrender the person you’re holding. Otherwise, you leave me no choice but to slaughter a person within every five minutes.”

The group of people immediately went into uproar.

Some people couldn’t help but gossip quietly among themselves, saying that it was better to surrender He Zhou. After all, wasn’t he just an array master? He wasn’t as important as those children.

Some members of the Zhao family were also present, and after hearing the crowd’s words, they couldn’t help but furrow their brows, especially Zhao Ke who felt that these people were too heartless. They deemed those children innocent, but what about He Zhou? He thought to himself. If all of the people rushed up together sharing the same goal, perhaps the scoundrel would not have enough time to care about the children.

Time slowly ticked by while the two sides were still facing an impasse. The people on their side gradually felt more and more anxious, their eyes flickering to He Zhou from time to time. He Shaoning frowned at this situation. He was worried about He Ye, but he couldn’t bear to give He Zhou up.

Although Zhao Jing loved He Ye dearly, they had no qualifications nor rights to ask He Zhou to rescue people.

Once the five minutes had passed, the evildoer’s voice sounded again: “Have you finished thinking about it? If not, I’ll go ahead and kill one first.”

Everyone’s heart leapt to their throats because nobody knew who the kidnapper would kill first. It was right at this moment that He Zhou made his move.

Wen Renyi grabbed his hand tightly, “Ah Zhou.”

He Zhou glanced at him. His eyes seem to want to express so many words, but he didn’t say anything at all.

Wen Renyi felt his heart quiver, “I’ll go with you.”

The kidnapper snorted hearing this, “I only want He Zhou..”

He Zhou appeared indifferent as he shook off Wen Renyi’s hand. He then slowly walked up the mountain under everyone’s watchful gazes.

He Shaoning had wanted to stop him, but he was secretly blocked by Wen Renyi. He then promptly turned around to look at Wen Renyi with eyes full of anger, accusing Wen Renyi of having a malicious heart.

Gars cast a glance at the worry-faced Auster and said. “Don’t worry.”

Auster scratched his head at this. “But I don’t think the situation looks good?”

He Zhou’s tall figure appeared slightly frail, and even though everyone’s eyes were on him, nobody had noticed what was going on below his legs. There were no footmarks left on the places he had stepped on, as if he was not walking on it.

By the time He Zhou had reached halfway, Wen Renyi suddenly spoke, “Shouldn’t you let go of the children?”

Since the kidnapper’s only objective was He Zhou, seeing that he was already near him, he released some of the hostages after a while. When these children passed by He Zhou, some didn’t look at him while some cast him a thankful gaze, others had an expression of distress. 

He Zhou treated it as if he hadn’t seen anything and stopped three meters away from the evildoer. Because the night was too dark, the kidnapper couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly.

“Come here!” The kidnapper viciously said, as he held the very last hostage in his hands, He Ye.

He Ye glared angrily at his kidnapper before turning to look at He Zhou who stood not too far away. His heart was filled with sourness. Last time, his brother had been the one to rescue him, this time, it was still his brother coming to his rescue. Why was he so useless!

He Zhou still remained in his place.

The kidnapper became impatient upon seeing this so he struck a posture as if he was about to choke He Ye when He Zhou suddenly raised his arm and pointed behind him. His expression was difficult to discern.

The kidnapper was puzzled, but when he saw He Zhou lowering his arm again, in the next second, he had suddenly disappeared!

Everyone was shocked by this sudden turn of events, aside from Wen Renyi and Gars.

The kidnapper watched as a human-shaped napkin slowly fell to the ground, He immediately realized that he had been played. He had planned to use He Ye as the final hostage when all of a sudden, somebody appeared behind him, catching him off guard.The person took advantage of his surprise and snatched He Ye away from his hands and throwing He Ye to a distance.

When He Zhou faced the kidnapper, his pupils had turned dark.

The kidnapper snapped out of his shock, “You are only just an array master. Did you really think you could escape?”

The evildoer had a Xiantian Initial Stage cultivation base and was already considered an expert so he naturally didn’t place He Zhou in his eyes. Now that He Zhou was in such close proximity to him, he reckoned that he had no way to escape him.

He Zhou’s expression was cold when he uttered the words “But you are already inside the array.”

As soon as his voice fell, the scenery before the kidnapper’s eyes changed abruptly, and He Zhou’s words fluttered by his ears: “Enjoy.”

By now, He Zhou was in Xiantian Middle Stage, a level higher than the kidnapper’s cultivation base, so he was able to form an array that could easily trap the kidnapper and even suppress him to death. When he saw the kidnapper struggling to break free from the array, his heart remained unperturbed.

On his way here, he had already predicted the events that would happen so he made a clone of himself to divert everyone’s attention away.Then, he took this opportunity to set up an array surrounding the kidnapper. As a result, he was able to easily entrap the evildoer.

He Zhou slowly walked back to Wen Renyi who smiled and took him into his arms immediately. Then, He Zhou grabbed his hand, and discovered that his palms were full of cold sweat.

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