EBPW Chapter 51.1

Chapter 51.1 The Young Master’s Deception (1)

He Ye was always studying in school. Moreover, because his cultivation base was at Earth Ranked Realm, the chances of him getting into an accident were nearly next to nothing, so for him to have been involved in trouble must have meant that the matter had been plotted. 

He Shaoning didn’t know the current specifics of why He Ye had suddenly disappeared. Since the people that the He Family had dispatched couldn’t find him, he notified He Zhou, after all, Wen Renyi’s ability could perhaps come into good use.

The two people quickly changed their clothes and were about to head out when Gars quietly mentioned, “I know what happened.”

He Zhou stopped to turn around and look at him.

Gars’ pale red eyes exhibited a more peculiar feeling of loneliness than usual. “He couldn’t wait anymore. He plans on using the kid’s life to coerce your companions into handing He over to him.”

“Which is exactly the same as what Tan Shu had tried to do to Ah Yi in the past..” He Zhou spoke calmly.

Gars listened to this and smiled, saying, “That’s correct.”

“Doesn’t that seem a bit too excessive?” Auster widened his eyes. “If he’s a real man, then he should face things head on. Using a kid’s life to threaten people is such a despicable thing to do!”

Gars’ gaze turned cold as he turned to look at Auster who seemed to be at a loss. “There are more despicable people in the world than you think, you just haven’t encountered them yet.”

Auster was shocked by his chilly expression. Ever since he knew Gars, Gars always had a smiling expression on and had never once gotten angry. He would also treat people very gently. Since when did he ever show this side of him?


Gars Bruch got up from the sofa and shifted his gaze to He Zhou, “If you trust me, then why don’t you take me with you.”

Gar’s eyes were very resolute, so He Zhou nodded, “Fine.”

Auster immediately got up as well, “I will join you as well!”

The four of them first went to the He Residence, however, halfway to their destination, they received a call from He Shaoning informing that some students had been kidnapped and were taken to Songyu Mountain.

Songyu Mountain. It was Songyu Mountain yet again.

Wen Renyi drove the car whereas He Zhou sat on the passenger’s seat. He was deep in ponder before he took out a tissue and started folding it.

“Ah Yi,” He Zhou set up a boundary, and neared Wen Renyi’s ear. “Open up a domain to block their five senses.”

Wen Renyi understood his intentions, and after a while, Gars and Auster who were sitting in the back, had felt their senses vanishing. Auster felt a little alarmed by this whereas Gars only revealed a knowing smile.

The car gradually sped towards Songyu Mountain and when they finally approached the foot of the mountain, Gars and Auster’s five senses had finally been returned. Had they not trusted that Wen Renyi didn’t harbor malicious intentions towards them, Auster would have immediately had a row with him considering his explosive temper.

The car winded around the dark mountain road until they spotted a group of people with their cars parked and stopped.

“Ah Zhou, it’s time to get out.”

He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement, seemingly acting much colder than before. Auster’s nerves had already turned taut so he didn’t notice the difference, but Gars raised his lips at this.

After the four of them got out of the car, they saw He Shaoning and Zhao Jing walking over to greet them. Acquaintances from other families were also present on the site.

It looked like the demonic head was trying to strongarm everyone into surrendering the worthless array master He Zhou to him.

After all, making this transaction shouldn’t have required too much thought.

He Shaoning saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi and said, “Ah Zhou, Ah Yi, you’re here.” When he turned and noticed Gars and Auster, he was stunned for a moment, “And these two are?”

Wen Renyi replied. “Friends.”

He Shaoning didn’t ask any more questions and only said, “I shouldn’t have asked you to come here, however, the other party is holding too many hostages. In addition to that, his cultivation base is not low. Ah Yi, with your high cultivation base, perhaps you can help us take this scoundrel down.”

Wen Renyi sighed to himself on the inside. Ah Zhou was right. The current skill of GuWu today was waning. Even with so many people here present, they were unable to help the trapped children. If the bastard wished to slaughter the children, these people here would have been powerless against him.

The current reality was frightening..

“If it’s something I could lend a hand in, I will definitely do so.” Wen Renyi humbly and respectfully replied, “What’s the situation right now?”

The rims of Zhao Jing’s eyes were slightly red as she explained: “We’re currently at a deadlock and we have no idea what the other party is going to do next. “

Wen Renyi nodded. “I see, I’ll go take a look with Ah Zhou first. “

He Zhou had not spoken all during this time which He Shaoning and Zhao Jing found to be odd, however, with the current situation looking quite bleak, they couldn’t give much thought to it.

The four people arrived to where the crowd stood and lifted their heads to take a look. It was pitch black and hard to see the top of the mountain, so Wen Renyi sent his godly sense out to take a look and found that the children only had a few minor injuries. This made him feel a little relieved.

Feng Lan of the operations team was negotiating with the people on top when a voice suddenly rang out from the silent and still place.

The voice sounded a little hoarse, and was accompanied with a sneering tone, “I only want He Zhou.” 

Silence immediately permeated the entire surroundings after his words.

Immediately, everyone’s eyes fell on He Zhou, however, He Zhou appeared to be indifferent to this. His head was cast down slightly, looking at the shrubbery in front of him.

How was this scenario any different from when Wen Renyi was threatened before?

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