EBPW Chapter 45.2

Chapter 45.2 The Young Master is adorkable (2)

Peach City was at the southwestern side of Jing City, located at the southeastern shores of Hua Country. Their economy had gradually been on the rise, becoming a super second tier city,

The driver this time wasn’t Liu Chong. Instead, it was one of the people he had saved in Feng City previously, called Xiao Yue. He was a tall and strong northeastern person with a straightforward personality. When he saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi, he greeted them enthusiastically. He knew that He Zhou was the benefactor who rescued his life so he couldn’t help but spill grateful words, telling him how extremely moved he was to finally be able to meet him.

He Zhou could see in his eyes that he was sincere, so his impression of him was good. As he and Wen Renyi sat in the back, he would occasionally chat with them.

Xiao Yue had an Earth Ranked cultivation base. His cultivation level wasn’t considered low. In fact, when he was trapped in the array at Feng City, with his cultivation base, as long as knew the workings of the array, he could break out of it, but because they didn’t even understand a hair’s worth of arrays, they had been caught in the huge mishap.

In the current generation, GuWu was in a state of decline. Only a few people were proficient in arrays. This showed that everybody didn’t think too highly of arrays which wasn’t good. Back in He Zhou’s world, there were places that specially taught arrays, Array Masters could even open up sects and set up schools.

“What are you thinking about?” Wen Renyi suddenly neared his ear and asked. ”Why are you so entranced?”

“I’m thinking about opening a sect and setting up a school.” He Zhou blurted out before he gradually came to his senses. Seeing the two people’s expression remain unchanged, he knew that Wen Renyi had set up an array so he explained. “I was just thinking. Since you’re going to become the Zheng Mo Sect’s Leader, should I open up a sect and set up a school so that we could be equally matched in status?”

Wen Renyi jested. “But you’re the He Family’s Young Master. My identity is too humble to match you.” Since he wasn’t on the Wen Ren family’s genealogical records anymore, he wasn’t wrong about what he claimed his status to be.

He Zhou suddenly thought of a saying he had seen on Weibo and thought it would be appropriate in Wen Renyi’s case. “Your family doesn’t define you, you’re already powerful without them.”

Wen Renyi broke into laughter. In the past, he had always thought that He Zhou was a bit old-fashioned, it was as if he had already lived for a long time and that everything was insignificant to him. Now hearing him say these kind of words, he couldn’t find the words to describe this feeling.

What was the term for it, adorkable?

He Zhou felt a bit embarrassed being laughed at. “Is it very funny?”

Wen Renyi interlocked his fingers with him. “I think you’re adorable.”

“Adorable should be used to describe Li Zeming. I don’t think it suits me at all.” He Zhou retorted.

Wen Renyi replied. “No, it suits you a lot.” The longer they were together, the more he discovered He Zhou’s adorable aspects. Wen Renyi had already fallen in too deep. He couldn’t extricate himself from him any longer nor did he want to do so.

He Zhou didn’t continue this topic and said. “However, I really have thought of opening a sect since the GuWu world of Hua Country takes arrays too lightly. Besides that, their understanding of arrays is shallow. I was thinking whether…” He stopped here and followed it up with with a chuckle. “Nevermind, I still have a little demon to deal with so I can’t be thinking of these.”

How annoying. An ineffable mission was about to start yet again. He had to remind himself that this was Hua Country and not Shen Yan Sect.

Wen Renyi smiled. “I support your way of thinking, However, now definitely isn’t the right time, but we can wait until the dust has settled. At that time, you can teach your arrays and I’ll be responsible for earning money. What do you think?“

He Zhou imagined it for a moment and didn’t think it was bad, so he nodded to express his approval. “Alright. ”

Peach City was about a day’s distance away from Jing City. He Zhou and the others set out at noon and spent an entire night travelling before they reached the outskirts of Peach City at four in the morning.

The accident happened at a rural area on the outskirts of Peach City. To be more specific, the accident happened at a village called Taoyuan.

Taoyuan sounded like a beautiful village but when they crossed the place, they realized it was nothing but another ordinary suburb. Although the speed of urbanization in this area was quicker, mostly using greenhouses and machinery to grow crops, most of the strong youths had gone to the city for self-development, leaving behind only a few adults and children to remain in the village.

As it was currently 4 in the wee hours of the morning, the sky was incredibly dark and the village was pitch black. The villagers were still deeply asleep so Xiao Yue parked his car at the village entrance and looked into the distance. However, he couldn’t see anything.

“The place of accident is at a waterwork behind the village.” Feng Lan explained as he got off the car. “Since the car can’t pass through it, we just have to walk over directly.”

He Zhou and Wen Renyi made no dissent.

On the road, Feng Lan had already explained the circumstances to them. The operations team of Peach City detected an anomalous fluctuation in spiritual energy behind the village. They sent over a few members to inspect it without trying to disturb the villages. However, they fell into a trap. Peach City’s operation team didn’t have any ability to rescue them so they could only report this situation.

Once Feng Lan found out about the news, he immediately invited He Zhou to come over.

However, to clarify the matter, they currently weren’t sure whether several members were trapped in the array or whether they had encountered a formidable opponent.

The four people travelled along the small road and eventually arrived at a water pit behind the village. The grass here were overgrown, appearing sinister and strange.

Wen Renyi gripped He Zhou’s hand tightly to prevent them from being separated in case of any unforeseen event. However, in He Zhou’s eyes, he appeared to have been scared.

He Zhou tugged him back to his side and comforted him with a smile. “Don’t worry.”

Wen Renyi didn’t even try to explain when he was misunderstood and only stood next to him. “Did you find out anything?”

He Zhou held his hand tighter. “En, We’re already inside the array.”

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