Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 47. Outperforming the seniors

It was useless to try to bargain about it, Shu Shu shoved him out and let him come back after he finished shooting.

Yu Yu inhaled a deep breath. This felt like the feelings he had when he was younger, when he left his house for the first time to attend a boarding school. He was really sad and filled with longing. Sigh, a beautiful woman is a hero’s grave.

He entered the drama set early, while the other senior actors gradually arrived one by one. Many of his scenes were near the end, and those scenes were brought forward to be shot earlier although it wasn’t extremely early.

They were completely different from many top celebrities, they shot their scenes in a rush.

Yu Yu treated his own acting very seriously. He read through his script repeatedly and often stayed in the shooting set to watch. When the senior actors were exchanging dialogues, he often watched them till his eyes lit up.


Miao Kun was already in his fifties, he couldn’t find any good roles in the industry anymore, so he only played all the side characters.

When the audience saw them, the most they could say was that they looked familiar. If they had to name them, they just wouldn’t remember.

The times had changed. They were too different from the trending celebrities. No matter how much compliments other people had for the senior actors or how much criticism they had for the trending celebrities, the audience still preferred to follow the trending celebrities.

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He crouched down beside him, and finally heard what he was muttering.


He was memorizing! And he was memorizing someone else’s lines!

Now they were shooting his old friend Liu Jing’s scenes. His mouth followed Liu Jing to say the lines as his eyes lit up to watch Liu Jing’s detailed expression to learn it from him.

Miao Kun felt goosebumps running across his back. Then he felt a little jealous, young people really had such a good memory, he could remember so many lines!

“Yu Yu.”

Yu Yu turned his head around and called him politely, “Teacher Miao.”

Miao Kun nodded with a straight face as he said with a smile, “You’re learning?”

Yu Yu nodded, “Yup, the seniors are all so amazing.”

“It is good for young people to have the motivation to improve, you can ask me if you have anything you don’t understand.” Miao Kun smiled at him gently, looking very much like a senior.

Yu Yu’s eyes lit up, “Teacher Miao, I have a question, just now…”

Miao Kun grew stiff, he really had questions?

After a while, Miao Kun was complaining in his heart, damn, you call this one question?!

After he finished explaining, Yu Yu asked another question. Miao Kun shifted his legs that were growing numb as he continued to explain it to Yu Yu.


Seeing how he crouched there without even moving a muscle and looked at himself seriously as he blinked his wide eyes, he felt peeved. Damn, did you think you’re so great for having big eyes!

When Yu Yu almost finished asking his questions, Miao Kun stood up with his legs slightly trembling.

Yu Yu looked at him. Miao Kun smiled lightly and left, pretending that he was okay to maintain his stern teacher image.

After he went even further, damnit, he bent down to massage his legs that went numb. He glanced at Yu Yu who was still crouching there without any problems while feeling envious.

Damn it, he’d crouched there for at least half an hour already, right?!

Hence, young people did not just have a good memory, they also had good stamina and were very diligent.

He wouldn’t rest until he would outperform them, did he?

The whole drama crew treated this young fellow a little differently. As a matter of fact, among the actors line-up on the promotional poster, he was the youngest!

The senior actors were extremely dissatisfied with the current newbies, but for this guy, to say that he was a newbie, he was different from the others; and to say that he wasn’t a newbie, pui! With that face, how was he not a newbie?

Today Yu Yu had a shoot. The senior actors who had entered the set grabbed a small stool respectively to sit down and eat sunflower seeds. They had been watched by this guy for such a long time, they should at least watch him back, right? Let him know how it felt like to feel chills on your back too.

Dou Guohui just entered the set and saw those seniors sitting in one group. He thought they were talking together so he immediately went towards them.

Once he went close, he realized that they were watching the shoot quietly. Dou Guohui turned his sight towards it.


“Eh?” He let out a surprised sound but no one minded him.

Dou Guohui continued to watch. That young fellow was acting with another senior. It was a battle of dialogues, so all emotions were embedded in the details.

“Isn’t this leg movement your speciality, Lao Miao? This young fellow learns very well.”

“Haih, isn’t this eyebrow motion your special technique, Lao Cui? Other people are unable to do it no matter what, but this young fellow learnt it?”

“Haih, this eye acting is…”

“Shut up!” Lao Deng said gloomily, then let out a creepy laugh, “I hope you can still smile after a few days.”

Dou Guohui’s face was blank. What did he mean?

Few days later.

“Teacher Dou, can I use your small movements to act?” Yu Yu blinked.

Dou Guohui felt a chill on his back unexpectedly. He knew that Yu Yu had been watching him shoot for the past two days, but he was able to learn his own body acting? What? He learnt it just like this?!

He smiled and nodded. Everyone could see his acting since it would be shown on television, and if other people learnt it, it was the person’s own skill and technique, so how could he refuse? Additionally, he really wanted to see if he did learn how to use it?

Half an hour later, Dou Guohui sat in the middle of the group of seniors. His feelings were… complicated?


“In the past, when I saw that there were people who had learnt my technique, I felt happy about it, but now why did my heart feel so… uncomfortable?”

Lao Deng patted his shoulder, “We have been outperformed…”

Yu Yu came down and wiped off his sweat. He asked with a smile, “Teacher Dou, I felt that I didn’t do well with this, you…”

Since Yu Yu asked, Dou Guohui went forward with a smile and explained it to him one by one. He even acted it out for him to see, teaching him what he should take note of. He was truly being quite responsible.

In the end, Yu Yu said with gratitude, “Thank you, Teacher Dou.”

Dou Guohui smiled and said, “It’s fine, coincidentally I still don’t have a pupil.”

Yu Yu’s eyes lit up, “Teacher Dou?”

The group of senior actors who were watching at the side: “……” This was really cunning of him!!!

Besides missing Shu Shu too much, Yu Yu felt pretty satisfied to be shooting with the drama crew. It was just that these seniors kept surrounding him to teach him how to XX ???

<Citizens> shoot had ended. Yu Yu hugged the group of senior actors and cried loudly. The senior actors’ eyes were slightly red as they patted his shoulder.

Dou Guohui said, “Yu Yu, you are still young and talented. You have a long way ahead of you, you must be calm. When young people like you do things, being impulsive is a big no-no.”

Lao Deng said, “Yu Yu, I also don’t have much to teach you anymore. There are many seniors in this industry, you have to continue to learn using this attitude.”

Miao Kun said, “Yu Yu, since you call me teacher, I’ll treat you as my pupil. You need to remember that you are an actor, not a celebrity.”


This group of senior actors took turns to give him pieces of advice, and they only finished talking after a long time. Yu Yu called them “Teacher” politely with his eyes growing red.

He posted a weibo to thank them and called them his teachers. This continued until many years later when Yu Yu became so famous and successful in his career to the stage where these senior actors had never been to before. Talking about them, he still called them: teacher.

Each time he received an award, Yu Yu’s speech of appreciation was the longest, because he would say every teacher’s name once.

In his autobiography, none of them had been forgotten.


This drama was difficult and tiring to shoot, but after he finished shooting it, he did feel sad.

Yu Yu beelined to 249 without stopping.

“Shu Shu! Let me hug you, I missed you so much!”

After he opened the door, Yu Yu immediately stretched his arms out to hug her and gave her a kiss, but he got himself a mouthful of fur.

Then he looked at this thing in his hug. Two pairs of large and small eyes stared at each other, feeling extremely dissatisfied, Yellow Fur, I know you missed me, but why the heck did you rush to me so hurriedly?

Yellow Fur licked him. Yu Yu quickly put it down and caressed its fur, then looked at Shu Shu who was laughing loudly with a face of agony.

Fat Rice also came to him and licked his hand, then cuddled against him with a face of longing.

Yu Yu had a lingering feeling that the way the two of them looked at him was kind of abnormal.

When it was time to eat, Yu Yu fried meat pieces for them and only understood after he saw how the two of them looked at the meat pieces.

So the way they were looking at him was saying that, Ah, food is back!

Yu Yu: His feelings were complicated.

Shu Shu hugged Yu Yu from his back, “I missed you.”

Yu Yu turned his head sideways and nuzzled against the crown of her head, “I also missed you, very very much.”


In April, <Age of North city> began airing. Yu Yu earned a lot of applause for his fascinating performance in the drama. His weibo fans hit one million.

In June, <Citizens> was aired. Both its ratings and views were off the chart. As a newbie who acted alongside the senior actors, Yu Yu’s fame rose massively, his weibo fans hit two million.

The fame that Yu Yu obtained with his two dramas where he wasn’t the lead actor surprised everyone in the industry.

All the major magazines and newspapers reported it for many days.

In that same year, Yu Yu got the best new actor award with <Spy War> and the best male supporting actor award in the Magnolia Awards Ceremony.

It sent waves of astonishment. A newbie who only shot a few dramas had started to receive big awards with honor. To Yu Yu, this was an encouragement but for the internet users, it was shocking.

But everyone had basically watched these two dramas before, so there was no question about Yu Yu’s acting. He was able to act smoothly with the senior actors, which surpassed a whole group of newbies completely.

Reporters started to lay their eyes on him, and worked hard to uncover his news.

But… they couldn’t find him!

This fish didn’t join variety shows, record any programmes or accept teen dramas anymore, he only focused on shooting. This made all those reporters who gritted their teeth desperately for their big break didn’t even have the subject to fabricate something up.

No, nope, there was someone who had news. Xu Quan.

But look at the news that he was releasing, it was all those:

“Yu Yu and girlfriend Du Da out walking on the streets.” Attached with a backside photo.

“Yu Yu and girlfriend Du Da out shopping in the supermarket.” Attached with a backside photo.

“Yu Yu and girlfriend Du Da……”

The internet users exclaimed: Stop posting! We’re full, we don’t want to eat (dog food) anymore!


The main lead Yu Yu was holding the original copy to read it word by word.

He had to admit that Xiu Shu wrote this war novel very well. The characters and story were all up his alley!

Pondering about the invitation to join the cast, Yu Yu naturally accepted it while gritting his teeth.

He’d declared it, he wouldn’t let anyone else affect him from becoming a movie god and climb up to the pinnacle of his life, or his path to marry Shu Shu!


“What’s wrong? Is the book not satisfying?”

Yu Yu shook his head, “It’s good.”

And then he gritted his teeth, “I’ll finally meet Xiu Shu who had brought me misery last time!”

Shu Shu’s hand trembled, with her back facing Yu Yu, she let out a guilty smile.

<Army wolf> was turned into a movie, and she was one of the screenwriters. She had no choice as this was the request of the cultural department. They would shoot it to become a movie in celebration of the National Day. It was backed with huge investment, from the directors to the side characters, the cast was meticulously picked.

It was rumored that Yu Yu had been picked since the beginning. This was a rare “newbie” who could attract the young people’s attention and wouldn’t bring down the movie’s quality.

The day after tomorrow was the weekend. The main staff of the whole movie crew would have a meeting. The cultural department, could she not go?

Yu Yu rubbed and punched his hands together, he was finally going to see that disgusting Xiu Shu!

The cultural department rubbed and punched their hands together, this was the preview, the first exposure!

The reporters rubbed and punched their hands together, this was the first-hand news of a big movie! They wouldn’t only know which big shots were invited, and also Xiu Shu, who had never been seen in public before, would also show her face for the first time?

Xiu Shu (Shu Shu): Trembling…

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