Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 4. Upstairs, Downstairs

After the weibo was posted, comments began building below:

Rabbit: Du Da talked big / dig nose

Yellow Sky Dark Earth: Haha, what did you say?

I love Du Da: hahaha, it feels hilarious for some reason!

Old Days Old Times: haha, Du Da! Bluff all you want!

by: Du Da is gonna flop / badass smile

Ji Wai Wai: Ha, hahaha, Du Da bluff more, I wanna see!


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The next day, Yu Yu just woke up from an afternoon nap and went out to the balcony. He saw Shu Shu walking towards their apartment with an umbrella.

Even Yu Yu who had high standards got to admit that she was really pretty. There was a special charm in her every smile and motion.

“What are you thinking?! Think about when she shouts at you!” When he recalled back to when Shu Shu rolled her eyes at him, the corner of his mouth twitched.

He must be blind just now to think that she was pretty?!

Then he saw the takeaway food in her hands, “Who would marry such a lazy woman like her who buys outside food everyday?!”

He only went back to his room after Shu Shu disappeared from view.

Around 1AM, when Shu Shu and Yu Yu were sleeping soundly, suddenly,

“Ah! Ahh! Ahhhh!”

Shu Shu: “Sh*t! Who’s that?!”

Yu Yu: “**! Who’s that?!”

The scream went on for a few more times until both of them couldn’t take it anymore and opened the door.

Opening the door, Shu Shu saw Yu Yu who was wearing an undershirt and loose underpants. She didn’t feel like criticizing him right now. It was the peace and convenience that attracted her when she bought this place. She was riled up to know who was the one screaming outside, ignoring the rules!

The scream came from the third floor. The elderly couple living one floor below also came to see if anything bad had happened.

They knocked on the door, and it opened after a minute. It seemed like no one was hurt!

“What?!” The man with a dirty moustache was very bad-tempered.

“You’re disturbing us! Please lower the volume, or else we will lodge a complaint!” Deafening screaming sounds came from inside once he opened the door.

The painter brushed his messy hair. He looked incredibly small in front of the “background music”.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t complain about me! I need to pass up a drawing tomorrow, but I still don’t have any inspiration now!”

“What kind of drawing requires you to listen to this sound?”

“‘Despair’. I need inspiration from screams of despair! Some inspiration is already coming to me, I’ll turn it off soon!”

Shu Shu let out a deep breath. Who said that artists were quiet?! They could kill when they went crazy!

“Can’t you put on earphones?!” Yu Yu wanted to grip his clothes and shake him. See if he could shake him back to normal!

“The earphones won’t do, it does not have the ambience and could harm the ears!”

Then putting on the blaring music late at night won’t harm his neighbors?!

“F*ck you, aren’t you too shameless!” Yu Yu was astonished.

“What’s the use of burning the midnight oil tonight? It’s not that you’ll manage to draw it by tomorrow!” Shu Shu said with a firm voice.

“I’ve never seen such a bizarre person like you! Did you get kicked out from your old neighborhood?”

“Right, and I’m afraid you may get kicked out of our neighborhood too!”

“We will lodge a complaint about you!”


The two berated the painter continuously, until he turned it off and promised to not bother them anymore. Only then the two finally left.

The elderly couple looked at them leaving as they talked among themselves.

“Those two are quite united against outsiders!”

“Yeah, I think they won’t last long with such personalities!”

“Hard to say! Some have similar personalities but still hang out very well!”

“Oh, they do look good together!”

“Yeah, both of them look dazzling!”


Humans have a strange habit, when they group up to fight against the same enemy, they’ll view each other in a better light.

“It does feel good if the person you’re shouting at is not me!”

Shu Shi rolled her eyes at him. A standard eye-roll.

“I feel good too if you’re not fighting with me!”

Yu Yu laughed, “Let’s exchange weixin1TN: Messenger in China?”

Shu Shu was about to reject him, but then she noticed that he was tall around 190cm. Although he looked like a girl, he had a good-looking face! She grinned lightly and nodded, agreeing to exchange weixin.

“Men shouldn’t be too petty. Just because I blocked your way last time, do you really have to take my little goldfish?” Shu Shu began talking about the little goldfish.

“F*ck! What nonsense is that?! That little goldfish is mine!”

He’d already given her the fish and yet she was still so shameless?!

“You’ve already returned it to me, doesn’t that mean you’ve admitted that it’s mine?”

“That’s because you’re making a huge fuss out of it! Not that it’s something very important to me either, so I just let you have it!”

He paused, before adding, “There are so many things that look alike in this world, and you…”

Shu Shu’s face looked pale. Yu Yu stopped talking after he saw her face, his eyes widened.

“If you really want it, just take it, don’t cry?!”

“Who’s crying?!” Shu Shu straightened her face and added,

“I’ll keep this first. I won’t give it back to you until I find mine!”

Yu Yu followed suit and rolled his eyes, “Okay okay okay, keep it, you keep it!”

Shu Shu laid on her bed and scrutinized the little goldfish in her hand.

Shu? Yu? sy was a coincidence or was there something deep about it?

No, if it had something to do with someone else, it was impossible that the guy upstairs had no clue about it! She thought about it for a while before sending a weixin to him,

[Yi Shu: What is your full name?]

[Da Yu: Yu Yu]

[Yi Shu: ……]

[Da Yu: And you?]

[Yi Shu: Shu Shu]

[Da Yu: …..]

Then both of them sent the same message at the same time:

[Yi Shu: Don’t you laugh at me when you have such a lousy name!]

[Da Yu: Don’t you laugh at me when you have such a lousy name!]

[Yi Shu: What’s wrong with my name! It’s a good name!]

[Da Yu: I also have a good name!]

[Yi Shu: pic (I’m breaking our friendship! You shou2TN: means the bottom/receiver of a sexual relationship!]

[Da Yu: pic (Refuses to accept your message, and touches your chest, then says you have a flat chest!)]


Both of them bickered back and forth, still full of energy in this late night. It was not until Shu Shu drifted off to sleep and no longer replied to his message that he looked at the time.

Sh*t! He had to wake up early tomorrow!!


Shu Shu slept until eight o’ clock in the morning. She washed herself up at a snail’s pace, deciding to eat outside today!

Meanwhile Yu Yu was in a rush upstairs, he finished washing up in a flash and dashed to the parking lot, to find that…

“F*ck! There’s no oil left!”

He glanced at the time and took out his phone, about to call the cab when a lady walked by slowly.

“Hey, that book (Shu), can you give me a ride?”

Shu Shu looked at him, “That fish (Yu), I have a name, alright?!”

She quickly cut him off before he could speak, “What a shameless fish, pfttt, am I that close to you?”

Grinning cheekily, she walked to her car.

“I beg you please? I’m in a hurry! Neighbor, let’s help each other out!”

Shu Shu started her car. She then stopped her car in front of him. Yu Yu smiled and was about to open the door.

“Thank… f*ck!”

Shu Shu drove past him.

“Me giving you a lift? Dream about it! Help each other out? Who will…… Wait, help each other out?!”

She reversed the car back, “Get in!”

Yu Yu looked at her in disbelief, “What’s this sudden kindness?!”

Shu Shu gave him a smile, “Yeah, I was just joking with you! Since we are neighbors, let’s help each other out!”

Yu Yu got in eagerly. Who knew that this woman was pretty nice after all!

She drove the car out. “Where are you going?”

“XX Tower!”

“Why are you going there?”


“You don’t look like a star?” Shu Shu mocked him. But aren’t they auditioning for her book today?

“A future star!” Oddly confident…

“……” Good. Very well. His confidence was through the roof.

“Oh yeah, you said that neighbors should help each other out, right?”

Yu Yu nodded hesitantly and gave her a look of suspicion. What was she scheming?!

“Nothing, I just need to borrow you for one day on 1st October3TN: Note that 1st October is also China’s National Day. I need your assistance!”

“What kind of assistance?”

“Can’t tell you yet!” Seeing him look at her suspiciously, she added, “It’s simple and it’s not illegal!”

Yu Yu was still suspicious. “You can’t be planning something bad?”

“Relax, it’s nothing big, it’s just one day!”

“We will start shooting on National Day after the casting. I don’t have time!”

“You’re so confident you will pass?”

“Of course!” Yu Yu patted his chest. This was the last chance given to him by his company. They’d finalized the cast and he just needed to make an appearance today.

“Then if you have time on that day, can you come and help me?”

Yu Yu pondered about it. If he was at the shoot that day, he wouldn’t be able to help out even if he wanted to, right? Heh, he decided to promise her first, then tell her later that he was at the shoot. Let her rage!

“Sure!” Both of them smiled, silently hatching their own plans.

When they arrived at XX Tower, Shu Shu smiled devilishly when she saw him hurry inside. Huh, you thought I didn’t know what you were trying to do?! She took out her phone.

“Hello? Director, I agree with what you said about the new book last time! But about this current book, I have a problem…”

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