Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 31.2 Evidence

Shu Shu used the chance when Yu Yu was not around to ask the nurse to help her go to the washroom. She then filled up a pail of water to scrub and wash her own body. The nurse went to get her a new hospital gown.

When Yu Yu arrived, he saw the nurse rushing to him in a hurry with the hospital gown in her hands.

“Sir, please help to pass this to your girlfriend, I have an urgent matter to deal with right now.”

Ignoring Yu Yu’s response, she turned around and left in a hurry. He looked kind of blank while holding the clothes.

Pushing the door to go inside, Shu Shu wasn’t in her bed. The door of the washroom was closed. Yu Yu knocked on the door lightly.


“Shu Shu? Clothes.”

There was no reply from inside. Yu Yu then said again, “Don’t shower, you shouldn’t get wet.”

There was a weak “Yeah.” coming from inside.

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“Ebyv’p oasdt?”

“Mbyv… blzr xl nyzz vbl dwapl.”

“Are you not feeling well?” Yu Yu stepped forward anxiously.


Shu Shu bit her teeth, “My relative is here!”

“Who?” Which relative?

“My aunt1TN: In Chinese, another way to say that her period has come is by saying her aunt (大姨妈) has come!”

Da Yu’s face burst out in red all of a sudden. He began stammering, “You want that?”

Seeing how flustered he was, Shu Shu suddenly didn’t find herself being embarrassed anymore. She laughed and said, “You’ll buy for me?”

“Oh,” Followed by this ‘oh’, she only got to see his fleeing back.

“Hey… I didn’t really want you to help me buy it, that’s so embarrassing.” Pouting her lips, she suddenly laughed out loud again.

Yu Yu ran to the door of the supermarket. He lingered around it before he gritted his teeth and went in.

He was only able to find the two rows of racks that contained that thing after he searched for a while.

Yu Yu was astonished, there were so many?

“Sir, what are you looking for?” One of the auntie workers at the supermarket saw him hovering around that area for a long time, and so she approached him with a smile.

Yu Yu scratched his head awkwardly. The auntie laughed, “Buying for your girlfriend? I’ll help you choose, how will you guys know all these things.”


While picking for him, she said, “Young guy is treating your girlfriend so well, she’s your girlfriend or wife?”

Yu Yu’s expression abruptly turned serious, “My girlfriend for now, my future wife.”

The auntie laughed heartily, “Good luck young man! Oh yeah, do you want brown sugar?”

She said and passed him a packet, and then smiled knowingly and softly, “The girl’s mood will be worse these few days, young man you’ll have to hang on.”

Yu Yu took it and ran off spontaneously.



Shu Shu received it. Seeing that he bought both daily use and night use, “Yo, you sure know how to pick.”

Yu Yu took the brown sugar. While avoiding her eyes, he left for the kitchen.

Shu Shu secretly laughed.

“Drink some,” He passed her a brown sugar water. Shu Shu took it and drank a mouthful. Her stomach seemed to turn warmer.

“Da Yu, I want to go home.”


“You haven’t recovered yet.” Yu Yu frowned and disagreed firmly.

“I can move and walk now.”

Yu Yu shook his head and disagreed. What if he became enemies with Zou Zhengyang later on, there was no one to take care of Shu Shu.

“Why don’t you stay in the hospital, aren’t you afraid that you’ll leave a scar?”

His words directly hit the point, speaking her heart out. This time, there was a long wound from the left side of Shu Shu’s brain to the top of her forehead. It required many stitches. There were also wounds that needed to be stitched on her hand and her leg.

Yesterday when the doctor cleaned up her wounds, Yu Yu would never forget the way she looked at the scar on her arm forever.

She said she was okay, but no one else knew better than him about how much she cared about her skin. She was a woman who complained about her skin getting worse if she slept only a bit later at night, so how would she not care about these scars that would probably stay with her permanently.

“Da Yu, then you let me pay the hospitalization fees on my own.” Shu Shu thought that it made sense. Staying here until she fully recovered would be better than going back home and risk getting an infection. The scars would obviously stay, but the lesser the better.

“Sure,” Yu Yu nodded.

“Oh yeah, did they find the perpetrator?”

Yu Yu’s hands that were cleaning up the bowl paused, “Almost, we reported the case and there are already some clues.”

“Let me know if anything happens, I must watch him go to jail.”


His eyes grew cold. This hit-and-run accident, he wouldn’t let the perpetrator get away.

Yu Yu nodded and said firmly, “Okay, watch him go to jail.”


After Shu Shu slept, Yu Yu drove to Meng Zhao’s house. His first sentence was, “Got a cigarette?”

The two of them leaned by the balcony. Yu Yu took the cigarette and put it in his mouth. His head tilted sideways slightly. Meng Zhao lit it up for him.

He inhaled it skilfully. The smoke that he exhaled turned into circles beside his mouth, and slowly dissipated.

It had been a long time since he last smoked. He unexpectedly thought that it tasted strange.

In this season, the wind continuously rushed towards them on the balcony at night. Meng Zhao tightened his clothes.

“Da Yu, what do you have in mind?”

Yu Yu inhaled deeply, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Sue him.”

“No evidence.” Meng Zhao replied honestly. This was also why he went to him this late at night.

Yu Yu inhaled the cigarette again. His eyes became darker as he said nothing.

“Lu Chuan dared to tell you about this secretly, but if you want him to become a witness, he doesn’t have the guts. Furthermore, this is not considered as evidence.”

Yu Yu still remained silent. He pressed the cigarette tip to the ground, then moved his leg to step on it forcefully, extinguishing it.

“Brother, among his women and brothers, help me see if we can contact one of them.”

Meng Zhao nodded. Yu Yu stood up and left.


Three days later, Liuyu Villa.

Yu Yu waited for two hours before he finally saw Zou Zhengyang hugging a woman and came out with a few other pairs of boys and girls.

“Zou Zhengyang.” Yu Yu went forward.

Zou Zhengyang raised his head to look at him. He did leave an impression on him, as there were not many who dared to talk shit about him.

“Yo, I haven’t gone to find you yet, and you already appeared in front of me.”

“You are the one who hit someone on ** Road, right? That person is my woman.”

Zou Zhengyang looked at him. He didn’t want to continue this conversation.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Looking for a fight?”

He sneered, then he looked at the woman beside him. His eyes narrowed.

“Yo, isn’t this Liu Xuyan who was abandoned by Cheng Duanyi? What, you hated Shu Shu so you got Zou Zhengyang to hit her?”

Liu Xuyan’s expression changed, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Why is this nonsense? Didn’t you get kicked out because you became a homewrecker2TN: 小三 also known as homewrecker, mistress or the other woman. Usually refer to a woman who breaks a family apart by committing adultery with a married man? Now you found yourself another home?” He then turned towards Zou Zhengyang, speaking with his mouth that deserved a beating, “Old Zou likes a person that someone else doesn’t want? Tsk tsk, such a unique taste.”

Zou Zhengyang pounced towards him. Both of them began fighting. It was not a big problem for Yu Yu to go one-on-one with Zou Zhengyang, but Liuyu Villa was their territory.

Few of Zou Zhengyang’s friends rushed towards them. Yu Yu fought 1 vs n, so he was one-sidedly beaten up. He shielded his face as his mouth continued to mock.

“Heh, you’re a big man and a young master, but like a person that someone else doesn’t want and hits a person and runs. Believe me or not, I’ll send you to jail sooner or later.”

“F*CK YOU!” He kicked him harshly. Two people pressed him down while Zou Zhengyang grabbed his hair tightly. Yu Yu felt his scalp burning in pain as he raised his face up to look at him mockingly.

Zou Zhengyang’s face looked malicious, “You won’t be able to touch a single hair on my body, I tell you, I won’t face any punishment even if I hit your woman, and even now if I crush you to death, I’ll still walk out of here free!”

Yu Yu snickered, “Do you really think there’s no evidence, there’s a video that had recorded it all.”

“Pui! Don’t you dare to cheat me, all the CCTVs have been abolished, even if there are still some, you won’t be able to do anything to me.”

He then pressed his head down harshly, “Beat him!”

Yu Yu was paralyzed on the floor. Zou Zhengyang left with his few brothers. Liu Xuyan wanted to hold his arm but was glared at by him. She could only follow him carefully, then she turned around to give Yu Yu an angry glare.

After a while when they all left, Yu Yu gradually climbed up and wiped off the blood at the corners of his mouth. There was no injury on his face, but his body was seriously wounded.

Yu Yu looked like he didn’t feel the pain. He touched the recorder in his clothes and detached his stud earring. There was some blood seeping out from where the earring hole was made. That stud earring was actually a mini camera.


“What’s with that blood on your ear?”

Yu Yu massaged it like he didn’t care, “Nothing, I just got my ear pierced.”

Shu Shu’s eyes narrowed, “Why are you blindly piercing your ear in the middle of the winter, aren’t you afraid that it might get frozen and injured?”

Yu Yu laughed and put his face forward, “You’re worried about me?”

Seeing his smile that deserved a beating, Shu Shu’s ears slightly grew red. She turned her face to one side and didn’t forget to add, “I’m scared you’ll scream here if you get injured. Quickly go to a doctor to help you apply some medicine.”

Yu Yu stood up obediently, “I know you’re worried about me, don’t worry, I’ll go now.”

He acted cheerful and hopped out of the door. Once the door shut, he immediately gritted his teeth and groaned. He was so in pain that he didn’t know where to place his hands.

It was the same when he was sleeping at night. It felt difficult for Yu Yu to even turn his body around. He bit his teeth, trying not to wake her up. He only managed to go to sleep when it was almost dawn.


“Shu, I’m going out for a while.”

“Why are you so busy these days?”

Yu Yu laughed loudly, “I’m always busy, alright? Don’t miss me too much, I’ll buy some vegetables in the afternoon and cook for you.”

He went out happily. Shu Shu shook her head resignedly. This guy.

Once Yu Yu exited the door, his face fell again. He touched his waist and arm that were so painful he felt they would explode, then slowly walked down the stairs with a limp.

“Da Yu, what evidence have you got?” Meng Zhao asked once he entered. Zhuang Ming and the rest also looked at him.

“Here~” He threw the things on the table.

“Lao Meng, find someone to help organize all these things, and save a few copies.”

Meng Zhao nodded, “How does Da Yu get these evidences?”

Yu Yu only shook his head, he didn’t want to answer this question.

“Send one copy to the police station, one to the prosecutor’s office,” He paused, then added, “Upload one to the internet.”

“There won’t be much effect to upload it on the internet. It might even alert them as well.” Liu Ju’an frowned.

“Sending it to the police station is enough to alert them. After uploading it on the internet, it just needs to produce enough traction before it will be taken down. I still have my next step.”


Once the edited video and recording were uploaded to the internet, it created a massive uproar.

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