Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 31.1 Evidence

Yu Yu answered the call. His father, Yu Liansheng was a frank person, the first words he said was,

“The person you’re dating was hit by a car?”

“I’m still pursuing her, we’re not dating yet.”

Yu Liansheng’s brows tightened, “Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”


“Alright, it’s up to you what you want to do, but don’t be rash. Talk to us if anything happens. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you need…”

He hadn’t finished talking yet when a female’s voice came from the phone, “Give it to me, I’ll talk to my son.”

“Son, you can’t be a coward when our daughter-in-law gets bullied, do you want us to help you?”

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“Ls dlle qsa dso.”

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“Fbl’p pvkzz kd vbl cle, wdyczl vs tlv wr.”

“Gkusolk, es usw oydv xwx vs ts hkpkv bla?” Mblal oyp y bkdv sq ydvknkryvksd kd bla hsknl. Zw Zw iwknjzu pyke,

“Ls dlle, ds dlle. R’zz cakdt bla vs pll usw obld ol tlv vstlvbla.”

Tl oswze cl lmrsple kq bl vssj bla vs pll vblx dso…

Zw Zw sdzu vssj vos bswap kd vsvyz clqsal bl awpble cynj vs vbl bsprkvyz.

“Rp pbl yoyjl?”

The nurse shook her head. Handsome guy, it wasn’t that we didn’t do things according to your request, but she didn’t even wake up.


Yu Yu sat down, then went to check the porridge in the small kitchen. He guessed that it would take some more time for her to wake up, and the porridge was basically dry. He threw it away and went down with the rubbish.

When he was heading up, he met someone in the elevator. He dressed extravagantly but unfortunately his nose was bruised with a swollen face. He looked hostile.

“What are you looking at?!” He glared at Yu Yu, looking like he was a boss.

“How do you know I’m looking at you if you’re not looking at me?”


Yu Yu sneered. At that time, the door of the elevator opened, “You’re already being beaten up like this, yet you’re still being so rude?”

Yu Yu calmly walked ahead, leaving this person to berate him at his back. He could see that this type of person was a scum of this society with just a single glance.

When he went back, Shu Shu just woke up. He quickly rushed forward and sat by the bed, “You’re awake, want to eat something?”

Shu Shu’s lips moved and spoke with a hoarse voice, “Have you eaten?”

Yu Yu rolled the bed upwards a little and poured her a glass of warm water. He wanted to feed her with a spoon.

Shu Shu shook her head lightly, “Don’t use a spoon.” It was so embarrassing.

She wanted to stretch out her left hand, but she was stopped by Yu Yu. There were still many wounds on her hands that were bandaged up.


Holding the glass to the corner of her mouth, Shu Shu opened her mouth, still feeling embarrassed.

After drinking the water, Yu Yu scooped up a bowl of porridge. She couldn’t eat anymore after just two bites.

Yu Yu then used the spoon and swallowed it all with just a few spoonfuls. He then scooped up another bowl and began eating while sitting there.

He couldn’t collapse right now, there was still a tough fight waiting for him.

Shu Shu shut her eyes in embarrassment, pretending that she had fallen asleep. The root of her ears slightly turned red.

After Yu Yu finished eating, he washed the bowl. He thought Shu Shu had fallen asleep, so he gave her a light kiss on the tip of her nose like usual, then he fell into the sofa and slept soundly.

Opening her eyes, her face was tomato red. Shu Shu bit her teeth, this guy…


“Aren’t you going to start shooting?” These few days, she was more spirited and was able to sit up to drink water. Sometimes Yu Yu could even help her to walk around the room.

Shaking his head, “Not going.”


“I’ve turned it down.”


“Turned it down?!” Shu Shu was astonished, this was such a good opportunity, he…

“I’m still doing fine, you should go do your own thing.”

Yu Yu’s hand that was holding the water paused as he slightly raised his head.

“But I’ve already informed them. The black carrot had entered the cast.”

Shu Shu was stunned. Yu Yu poured the water and passed it to her, “Don’t overthink it, I still have many opportunities to become successful, I don’t even care about this small role.”

He talked like it was no big deal. His eyebrow lifted slightly and his pair of eyes elongated. There were only passionate feelings in his eyes.

Shu Shu moved her eyes away, a little afraid to look into his eyes.

At night, after Shu Shu went to sleep, Yu Yu went out of the room quietly to make a phone call.

“What?! What are you talking about?! Hey, Da Yu, you’ve already signed the contract and we even announced the cast, and you want out of it just like that? What are you thinking, this is impossible.”

“I’m sorry, I have an important matter to resolve, so I don’t have time these two weeks.”

The manager didn’t even want to hear him explain, “Let me tell you, if you don’t want to destroy your own future, you have to attend the shooting no matter what it takes.”

“If anything happens, you can put all the responsibility on me. I will apologize on weibo, and I’ll accept any way to compensate for this issue. I really have something important and I can’t go.”


After he finished talking, he hung up the phone.

Almost half an hour later, his manager called him again.

“The shooting crew does not accept your excuse, but they agree to give you ten days. They’ll shoot the main leads’ scenes first. Ten days, okay?”

Yu Yu only said lightly, “Thank you.”

His manager was a person who looked up to power, but as long as he saw a chance, he’d always help to attain it for him. He didn’t understand that in the past, but now he realized that, in this world, the people who only tried to commit to you were much kinder than those who wanted to trample you for no particular reason.


“Da Yu, there’s a situation.”

Because of these words, Yu Yu was summoned to the place where they always gathered. Once he entered the door, his attention was taken by a familiar face.

“Lu Chuan?”

“Ai, it’s me, Sir Yu, do you still remember me?” He said as he passed him a cigarette politely.

Yu Yu waved his hand, “Tell me, what’s the situation?”

Meng Zhao tossed a photo to him, it was a man around twenty years old, looking like a flirt. Yu Yu could recognize him with just one glance, this was the man with a bruised nose and swollen face in the hospital.

“This person was the one who hit sister-in-law, ** vice-director’s only son, Zou Zhengyang. The car he drove that day was a remodeled Hummer. The collision only left a scratch on his car.” Meng Zhao kicked Lu Chuan, “Speak.”

Lu Chuan smiled in an attempt to please them, his meaty face being squeezed together.

“The big brother of my cousin’s close friend’s friend only barely got to know this person. I heard that he was beaten up by his father a few days ago, so he was in a bad mood. That time the big brother of my cousin’s close friend’s friend was around. He heard that he clashed into someone at **, so he got a beating.”

“Someone asked him if he wasn’t afraid that something bad would happen, but Zou Zhengyang said his father had settled it. The CCTVs along the road were all cleared, and said that no one would be able to find him, and no one had the guts to find him too. Or else he’d kill that person that he clashed into for making him get beaten by his father.”

Lu Chuan imitated it very well as if he was also at the scene. Next, he smiled agreeably until his eyes narrowed into a line.

Yu Yu’s face darkened more and more. He gritted his teeth tightly, red veins appearing in his eyes as a muscle on his forehead twitched.

“A*shole! Trash!”

“Da Yu, calm down.” Zhuang Ming looked more serious than he ever did.

Meng Zhao continued speaking, “Da Yu, hear him out to the end.”

Yu Yu raised his head to look at him. He gripped his punch tightly. So did Shu Shu deserve to be hit by this trash for nothing?

“We’ve been investigating the situation these two days. On the day of sister-in-law’s incident, Zou Zhengyang and his few friends were out at Liuyu Villa to have fun for the entire night. Early in the morning, they hadn’t sobered up yet when they decided to drive back. Each of them brought along a woman. There were not many people at ** Road, so they passed by that place and hit sister-in-law.”

“The implementation of laws are stricter these days. Zou Jianguo was afraid that unfavorable things would happen so he quickly settled the problem. Zou Jianguo is just the vice-president, but his cousin1TN: 堂哥 A cousin of the father’s family side is higher up. Zou family is considered to have a lot of power, Da Yu…”

Yu Yu knew what he was trying to say. You can’t fight them.

This was the first time he showed such a vicious expression. It was also the first time Meng Zhao and the rest saw it, “I won’t let him off the hook.”

He emphasized it, word by word.

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