Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 30. Politicians

Yu Yu’s mind was blank at that short moment. He only saw Shu Shu’s fresh blood and her pale face.

The ambulance hadn’t arrived, so he didn’t dare to move her. Shu Shu’s breathing was weakening. That continuously oozing fresh blood was deeply carved in his mind that he couldn’t bring himself to see red things for a long time.

Yu Yu grabbed her hand lightly and leaned at the door that became deformed from the crash. His trembling hands wanted to touch her face while both his legs kept shaking. Glass shards were everywhere. Yellow Fur laid at the side and continued whimpering with “wu wu wu”.

Liu Jia was a nurse. She got a call about an accident, so she followed a doctor to go to the site in the ambulance.

She recognized that man, Yu Yu.


He was a small star. She was a fan of the original book, and this guy wanted to act as her Qian. That video truly gave her a shocking revelation, but it was nothing compared to now. He was leaning by the car window. His hand was pricked by the broken glass with blood gradually dribbling down the car door.

This guy seemed to feel nothing. With his 1.8m body, his legs bent together as he stared inside – his mouth mumbling indistinct words, his face covered in tears as he cried like an idiot.

He still remembered that he should not touch someone who had hurt their head and cracked their bones.

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“I’ll ask the nurse to help bandage your wound later.” The doctor said as he saw his hand.


Yu Yu nodded.

Shu Shu was pushed outside. He abruptly went to her and saw that poison-tongued 250 who was always so lively and often tormented him laid frailly on the bed right now. He walked to her and bent down.

“Broken book, get better quickly.”

He stretched out his hand to touch her face lightly, then promptly pulled it back. Her hand that was connected to the IV drip was exposed outside. Yu Yu lightly pulled the covers over it.

He touched it and found that it was still so cold. He stretched out his hand to grab hers, holding it softly to warm her up.

He raised his head to look around, and touched her hand that hadn’t become warm yet. He took out his phone to give Yu Bei a call.


“Shit, what happened to my angel?”

Yu Yu didn’t even look at him, “Arrange a high-class hospital room.”


“What? You’ve fallen deep?” He said half-jokingly.

Yu Yu looked at him. His expression looked quite serious as he nodded, then said.


“Take care of this dog for a few days.” He caressed Yellow Fur. It really made him change his view about it.

Yu Bei made a phone call. Shu Shu was then sent to a high-class room. Yu Yu sat for a long time beside her and touched her face, before going out with a gloomy face.

“Who did it?” As his sister-in-law and a girl that left a good impression on him, Yu Bei was quite mad as well, not to mention Yu Yu’s feelings right now.

Yu Yu’s face became even more terrifying, “If I find that person, I’ll kill that trash!”

Yu Bei let out a sigh and patted him. It was rare to see him so serious, yet this ordeal happened.

Yu Bei left with the unwilling Yellow Fur. Yu Yu sat next to Shu Shu and continued watching over her, but she never woke up.

Morning 4AM.

“Doctor, doctor, she’s feverish!” Yu Yu ran outside in a haste.

The doctor came over to look at her temperature and wound, then asked Yu Yu,

“When did she start having a fever?”

“It just started, she’s still fine around 3AM.”

Yu Yu’s expression looked anxious and he spoke slightly in a rush. Family members of many other patients were also the same, they were afraid that they did not convey it fully and thus affected the patient’s treatment.


The nurse came to give her an injection. She was surprised when she heard it. This person might have stayed up the whole night to be able to call the doctor immediately after finding that the patient had a fever in the early morning.

There were nurses working round the clock at these high-class rooms. To be able to monitor the patient’s condition all the time, this person willingly stayed up all night. They must have a very good relationship.

“You should go and sleep. The patient is fine, it’s because of the wound that she had a fever. It’s normal.”

Yu Yu nodded, but he didn’t sleep. How could he sleep? Once he closed his eyes, he only saw blood. Shu Shu was still lying there. His heart was unsettled if he didn’t watch over her.

At one o’clock the next afternoon, Shu Shu opened her eyes hazily. It felt as if a needle was pricking her brain. She couldn’t even speak, she was so in pain that she kept moving and wanted to shake her head.

“Shu Shu, don’t move, be a good girl, you’re on the drip.” The liquid in the hanging bottle was entering Shu Shu’s body bit by bit. Yu Yu stretched out his hand to help adjust it to go slower.

“It hurts~” Shu Shu spoke with much difficulty, her voice was hoarse and soft.

Yu Yu felt like his heart was melting.

She then started to move again, her head felt like it was going to explode.

“You’re fine, don’t move, be a good girl, I’ll massage it for you, don’t shake.” Yu Yu pressed her down and sat by her bed gently. The top of her head had been bandaged and she even had a brain concussion, so he didn’t know where to start.

Yu Yu touched the top of her head lightly, as light as a feather, he said as he massaged, “Not hurting anymore, not hurting anymore.”

Shu Shu quickly went to sleep again. Yu Yu let out a sigh of relief, but the motion of his hand didn’t stop. It was until he felt that his hand almost couldn’t move anymore that he put his hand down lightly.


“Broken book, don’t worry, I’ll take revenge for you.” A glimpse of viciousness flashed across his eyes. It was the first time he showed such an expression, but it was too bad that Shu Shu had fallen asleep and didn’t see it.

“After the patient wakes up, you can feed her some watery food, when washing her face, be careful not to wet her wounds, her head still shouldn’t move yet, don’t let her shake it……”

Yu Yu looked at the doctor seriously and listened to him attentively. He even asked questions occasionally, showing a face of concentration and resolution that had never been seen before.

“That handsome guy in room number 1 treats his girlfriend so nicely.”

“Yeah, I don’t even see him sleep much these two days. He keeps watching over her.”

“I saw him use a towel to help her clean her face yesterday night, and even helped to wash her feet. He’s so gentle, tsskk, why did I never get to meet such a nice man?”

The two nurses who were working on the shift were discussing blissfully. It was boring during shifts, so they used this time to gossip.

“Open your mouth.”

Shu Shu was not used to this gentle side of Yu Yu. Her brain was hurting these two days, and her ears were also ringing. This guy even nagged beside her ears from time to time.

She wanted him to shut up but she couldn’t speak. When she woke up today and finally got some energy back, Yu Yu was feeding her porridge with a face of gentleness.

She felt embarrassed but she knew her own limits about what things were important or trivial, so she opened her mouth with much difficulty to only eat a little.

She was eating very slowly. Sometimes she couldn’t swallow some bits of porridge that made it leak out slightly from the sides of her mouth.

Yu Yu wiped it off lightly with a tissue, then continued feeding her gently, “Come, eat some more.”

After the meal, Yu Yu washed the bowl. Shu Shu looked at his back and was a little stunned. Was this person possessed by a ghost?

Due to her headache, she didn’t wake up for too long. She dozed off hazily again.

Before she slept, the corners of her mouth raised upwards slightly as she looked at Yu Yu’s back. Her heart surprisingly felt sweet.

When Yu Yu came out, she was already asleep. He went to her and gave her a light kiss on the bridge of her nose before exiting the room.

“Okay, okay.” The nurse maintained a stiff smile. She’d been listening to his reminders for more than ten minutes.

“Sir, how long will you be away?” She smiled softly. The patients here were all their distinguished guests.

“Around three to five hours.”

“……” Three to five hours, then why was he telling her so much?!

After Yu Yu left, the nurses began discussing again.

“Wah, look at your handsome guy, why is he nagging so much?”

“He’s worried that we don’t take good care of his girlfriend.”

“He’s only away for three to five hours, yet he asked to feed his girlfriend some porridge that was cooking in the pot, and warned to not feed her too much. And even said to help clean her face lightly, opening a small gap at the window, but not direct it to his girlfriend, just to let the air flow better, then beware to not let his girlfriend’s hand be exposed outside, and then…”

“Alright, stop talking, this guy talked as if he’s going out for days.”

“Yeah, the main point is his girlfriend might not even wake up within these few hours’ time.”


When Yu Yu arrived, the few people he called were already here.

“Da Yu, I heard that sister-in-law was hit in an accident?”

Yu Yu nodded, “I was busy with Shu Shu and wasn’t able to take care of that. They cleared the CCTV, the police couldn’t even get the recording.”

“Then that road?”

“It’s all cleared.”

“Shit, where did this big boss hail from?” Liu Ju’an exclaimed. Such speed and such thoroughness. To clear all the CCTVs on that road was enough to know that this person had a lot of authority.

“Only ** Road’s CCTV is still available, but there are too many cars and there are a lot of intersections in front, so it’s impossible to find it.”

“How about the police?” Zhuang Ming frowned.

“We reported the case, but there’s no news.”

There was a short silence.

“Da Yu, I’m afraid this might be a tough one.”

Yu Yu’s eyes widened, “So what if he’s tough? For god’s sake, do I just allow my woman to almost be hit to death?!”

After staying up for two days, his eyes were bloody red. With his eyes widened, his emotions brewing inside made his entire being look completely different from the past.

Zhuang Ming pressed him down, “Not asking you to be cowardly, as long as it’s not the highest authority, we can still give it a fight.”

“But have you really thought deeply about this? If you’re going up against him, you’d have to let your parents know. I’m afraid it might be a politician this time.”

Politicians were widely spread around this big city, and it was easy to find themselves going against someone big. Zhuang Ming and the rest were also afraid that he might land himself into trouble.

“I know, I have my own plans. You help me keep an eye out, see if we can find that person.”

They nodded. Yu Yu then decided to go back.

“You’re only here for a while, why don’t you eat something before leaving?”

Yu Yu shook his head, “No, Shu Shu is still in the hospital.”

When he was just exiting the door, his phone rang. Taking a glance at it, it was his father.

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