Downstairs 249, Upstairs 251

Chapter 26. Being framed

Skipping the part about the chaos in Poisonous Chicken Soup weibo, Yu Yu got his new role, a second male lead.

Yes, the second male lead. It wasn’t a big drama but it was still an adaptation from a famous IP. Who knew if this drama would grow popular later?

Yu Yu’s net worth was still low right now. A hundred thousand fans were nothing in the industry, but his company had high hopes for him. Judging from his acting and his camera angle sense, he would be able to play this character well.

How could he reject this offer? Of course not!

On that day, Yu Yu went to his company. Now the company had strict requirements for their artists, especially to a newcomer like him. So he was in the company now to learn dancing from the dance teacher.


After he changed his clothes, a man stopped him. He had red lips and white teeth. Thick powder was applied on his face, making him look like a young, fresh trainee.

“Yu Yu?”


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“Mbl nsxrydu yaaydtle kv qsa xl.”

“Skttkdt vbl awzlp? Twb, ol’zz pll.”

Tl zlqv yqvla bl qkdkpble pyukdt vbyv. Zw Zw aszzle bkp lulp. Ebyv oyp vbkp rlapsd eskdt? Rv oyp cyqqzkdt.

Mbl plnsde eyu, #Zw Zw akttle vbl awzlp# oldv wr vbl vsr plyanblp. Uzknjkdt kdpkel, psxlsdl obs nzykxle vs cl osajkdt kd vbl nsxrydu lmrsple vbyv Zw Zw oyp kdkvkyzzu fwpv yd lmvay okvb qlo qydp. Mbl nsxrydu byed’v rzyddle vs csspv bkp rsrwzyakvu, cwv qsa psxl alypsd, vbl aszl vbyv oyp saktkdyzzu tkhld vs Nws Dw oyp pokvnble vs Zw Zw. Mblpl qlo eyup obld Zw Zw oldv vs vbl nsxrydu, bl oyp ynvkdt bktb yde xktbvu zkjl y ckt pvya. Yydu rlsrzl kd vbl nsxrydu ekpzkjle bkx.

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Mbl dlop oyp wr sd vbl vsr plyanblp qsa y eyu, rzynle yv vbl vldvb rspkvksd cwv vblal olal pvkzz dsv xydu rlsrzl obs jdlo ycswv kv.

Rv oyp fwpv Nws Dw’p qydp obs nyxl vs bkp olkcs vs pnsze bkx. Zw Zw nzknjle sd Nws Dw’p olkcs, bl bye vos xkzzksd qydp?

f*ck, no wonder he had so high attack power!


This issue didn’t really have much effect. The company didn’t care and the filming crew didn’t care. Yu Yu didn’t have a PR team so he could only keep his anger silent.

“Hey, why aren’t you cooking anymore?” Shu Shu asked curiously. This guy had returned to the time where he followed her outside to buy takeaways.

“No mood……” He showed a face as if life wasn’t worth living.

“Tell me.” She washed two apples and passed him one.

Yu Yu took a vicious bite, “I was framed.”

“Very serious?”

Yu Yu shook his head.

“Then why do you care, who has never been framed before they become popular? As long as your acting is good.”

Yu Yu nodded, then smiled, “I can’t believe that you’re knowledgeable about this?”

Shu Shu rolled her eyes at him, then threw the apple core into the rubbish bin. “Alright, you can leave now. Take the rubbish away. I want to take an afternoon nap.”

“Oh……” Yu Yu took the rubbish unwillingly and left. Shu Shu turned on the computer and began typing.

Little did they know that this big drama was just beginning.


On that night, Luo Xu uploaded a weibo,

[Luo Xiao Xu: Thank you everyone for your concern. I’m in a good condition, but I just feel sad. When will this industry be able to allow people to act and sing to their maximum abilities without all these matters? I prepared a lot in the beginning. I read the original book twice, the script, the lines, and started to build my muscle for this character. But it only took one word to waste all my efforts……]

Yu Yu didn’t have any resources in the industry and he only had a small fan base. In everyone’s eyes, he was someone who appeared suddenly. Who would believe that he didn’t rig the rules?

Luo Xu was not someone who could go up the top searches, but this issue that he’d started definitely gained some attention.

So when everyone realized it, this issue was already a hot topic!

Most people appealed for a reorganization of this industry, and various other issues began popping up. Some people even @national agencies to ask them to control it.

As for Yu Yu,

Tree: hehe, your industry is such a mess.

Skinned prawn: Rigging the rules to go up, go and die!

Eight eight: I reject your drama, loser

Small carrot: mmp, I f*ck you, you snatched away all my idol’s hard work, tell me who is backing you

Steamed fish: I heard it’s Du Da. Tell me how Du Da look like, how old is she, huh


Old Days Old Times: Hey, you can say anything you want, why involve Du Da?!


He received all kinds of scolding and accusations that Yu Yu was stunned. What did he do to deserve this?

It was pretty convincing to say that the person backing him was Poisonous Chicken Soup. Poisonous Chicken Soup was insulted by a celebrity on the internet last time, and no one knew why it happened. They only saw Poisonous Chicken Soup write, you’re going to be handicapped and you’re still here to talk nonsense?

Everyone didn’t know the truth. After a few days, that celebrity was caught for taking drugs, then went into hiding.

So a lot of articles revealed that Du Da must be someone legendary!

Poisonous Chicken Soup’s weibo fans were comparable to the first and second-class stars, having formidable force. Now that they claimed that Du Da rigged the rules for Yu Yu, her fans began watching at the sidelines for the drama to unfold, just like her.

The news became a hot topic. The company posted a notice about it symbolically. The drama crew also posted a notice, but nothing had been done about it.

Everyone was gunning for profit. The bigger the scandal about Yu Yu and Luo Xu became, it equaled more publicity to the drama. Its popularity wasn’t certain in the beginning and a massive response wasn’t guaranteed when it aired. But now this is great! It became popular even before it aired!

Not to mention the company that was pitied by others in the position of a weakling. The company received a lot of fans through this scandal. Although it was bad publicity, it was still publicity! If Yu Yu developed well in his later period, they could still clear his name. This was the best management strategy for the both artists, since they were both from the same company.

As for the manager, huh, let him be more patient.

Yu Yu threw his pillow towards the sofa. When did he ever receive such a humiliation like this?!


“Da Yu, what happened?”

“Nothing. Just a small problem.” Yu Yu rubbed his brows. Hearing some of his friends shouting that they would be rooting for him on the other side of the phone, he smiled.

“I don’t need your help. Since I’ve come out, I should solve my own problem.”

“Da Yu it’s not that I want to nag you, but just come back after you’ve played enough. What’s the point of going through this suffering?” Zhuang Ming advised him sincerely.

Yu Yu thought about it, then said, “Lao Zhuang1TN: Zhuang Ming’s nickname, I want to be a movie god!” And give the 250 downstairs a good life.


Zhuang Ming and the others saw that he had made up his mind and said nothing else. They could only watch silently from the side and give him assistance when he needed it.

Yu Yu put down his phone. He pondered for some time, then stood up and went out.

He came back holding a bag of things. Shu Shu was leaning by the door, “Where did you go?”

Yu Yu beamed. He looked like he was no different than usual, “Why? You missed me?”

He was still showing that badass kind of look. Shu Shu rolled her eyes. She was overthinking it, this guy still had a big heart. She was informed about the whole development of the story, since she was the other “main lead”.

“What did you have in mind?”

Yu Yu smiled again, “Hehe, I need your help!”


Shu Shu picked up the makeup tools to help Yu Yu put on makeup. The second male lead that he would play was a gentle person. It was very easy to attract fans with this character, hence the reason why Luo Xu cared so much about it.

Yu Yu didn’t have sharp facial features, but he often knitted his brows together and swore at times, so he looked a lot like a thug.

She only needed to smoothen his jawlines and trim his messy eyebrows into a slight curve, then put down his hair that was brushed up his head. He then really looked gentler.


Shu Shu put down the makeup tools, then looked at him. Yu Yu lifted his brows, “Do I look handsome?” He squeezed his eyes as well.

Shu Shu gave him a slap on his arm, “Be more serious! Xu Yi Qian is a gentleman!”

Yu Yu stood up, then set up the stand, “Come, it’s already recording.”

“What? Already recording?”

“Yes, we can cut off the front part later. Stand with your back towards the camera…”

Shu Shu did as instructed and stood obediently without saying another word. Yu Yu closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, Shu Shu was stunned.

He completely changed into another person!

His eyes were filled with intense feelings and his entire person was giving out warm sunlight like a gentle and warm person.

“Tian Tian, I……”

He only said three words, but Shu Shu could see numerous words from within his eyes.

There was a deep affection called “I like you”.

There was a tiny and weak yearning called “Have you ever liked me?”

There was a small disappointment called “You only think of me as a friend”.


He suddenly smiled, then hugged her lightly. He looked enlightened. Looking into his eyes, you would know that he was giving his heartfelt blessings……

“I wish you happiness!” His teeth showed in his smile like a sun in the deep winter, melting away the vast snow on the ground.

“It’s done!”

Shu Shu still looked dumbfounded. Yu Yu shook her, “Broken book (Shu), I said I’m done! Don‘t tell me you have been mesmerized by me?!”

His hand brushed his hair backwards lightly, with only two words on his face: 欠揍(TN: Deserving a beating)!

“Get lost!!!”

Shu Shu only went back after eating the meal Yu Yu prepared. Shu Shu played with Yellow Fur for a while, before Yu Yu’s weibo was finally updated.

[Da Yu: These two days I’ve seen a lot of doubts and chiding. I won’t say anything more, I am an actor and I act.]

The short clip was uploaded below. It had been edited nicely. Upon watching it one more time, Shu Shu still felt the same way as before. Smiling lightly, she thought, this 250 upstairs is really born to act!

There was a lot of scolding in the comments at first, but after a while, some different opinions began appearing.

Qian Qian Gentleman: Aaaaahh! I don’t care about anything else, I only know this is my Yi Qian hubby!

Spring water: Astonishing, my Qian2TN: short form of Xu Yi Qian’s name is here!

Bitter life: Heck, this is my Qian

Process: As a fan of the original novel, I don’t care about anything else, only he can act as my Qian!

KeKeKe: Aaahhh! Like it


At first it was just the fans of the original novel who voiced out, but there were still many anti-fans berating him. Afterward, the drama crew shared it and said,

[Qian Qian gentleman, a big fish3TN: This is something like a riddle/word play. Qian Qian gentleman refers to Xu Yi Qian who is also a gentleman(Qian and gentleman rhymes well), and ‘a big fish’ aka Da Yu in Chinese language refers to Yu Yu / act cute]

It was a sentence that made no sense, but it unexpectedly made many fans of the original novel watch the short clip. They then went to Yu Yu’s weibo to profess their love, then started a war with the anti-fans.

The onlookers and those without a firm stand also slowly entered the war against the anti-fans. Flames roared and thunder flashed, everyone had their own opinion to say.

Shu Shu watched the show unfold while eating sunflower seeds. It was almost eight o’ clock.

“Pui pui pui, if I eat more I’ll chop my hand!”

She then kept the seeds back, then shared the weibo,

[Du Da: I heard that I rigged the rules? I don’t even know it myself, so how did you know? Those who framed me, brace yourself. I’m going to start checking the addresses, I want to see for myself which “big shot” had the guts to come and frame me / Pic: Karma will find you.]

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