Don’t Tell Me You Believe Cinderella’s Story Happens in Real Life?!

Chapter 29

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Betty’s Side

“What do you mean?!”

Betty broke everything inside her room. She broke a vase that would have cost a commoner’s food for a lifetime and kicked over a chair. The legs of the chair broke, and yet she didn’t stop.

Her ladies-in-waiting were completely frightened and cowered in the corner. If they were to make a move and catch Betty’s attention, they would receive an unwanted rebuke.


One of the ladies-in-waiting heaved a sigh, telling herself that she shouldn’t approach and provoke the young lady or else they would end up in a bad situation.

“I’m thirsty. Go make my tea.”

“As you wish.”

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After finishing her tea, Betty set the cup down with a loud clunk, which caused the cup to crack. They would have to buy another cup to replace it. They would also have to buy a chair and a vase that she broke a while ago. Betty didn’t seem to notice that the ducal house had been in the red for a while now because of their excessive spending.


“I am a daughter of a duke.”

Betty bit her nail so as to get rid of her anxiousness and frustration yet it didn’t work.

It has been a long time since she had been invited to a tea party or to a soirée. So she went out of her way and decided to invite people to her own tea party but she didn’t expect that they would refuse. Not to mention that he hadn’t seen Cody for a while now.

Originally, he was prohibited to visit the ducal after the incident with Dahlia so she had no choice but to secretly meet him at soirées and tea parties to deepen their friendship.

“The reason why Cody and Onee-sama’s engagement broke was because of her misconduct. It isn’t my fault, so why is this happening to me?”

Betty blamed Dahlia for why she wasn’t invited to tea parties anymore. She felt ashamed that she was seen as someone who had the same bad behavior as her bad sister.

“I can’t believe that she was two-timing Cody-sama and Curtis-sama. She’s the worst. I’m sure she got that from her mother. An illegitimate child with an unknown father. How could she drag me down like this?”

The ladies-in-waiting and the maids listening to her realized that the house they were serving was doomed. In their hearts, they were secretly planning to look for another employer.

Though the pay is better here because this is a ducal house, I have no choice but to leave to prevent myself from getting implicated. I wonder when I’ll get my current salary, they thought.

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