Don’t Tell Me You Believe Cinderella’s Story Happens in Real Life?!

Chapter 21

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That night, I slept with the mirror and the portrait Prince Curtis gave me. 

I had no nightmares.


Prince Curtis and King Othniel were busy with their work today. However, I have two guards with me now, and they follow me wherever I go.


I stated that having two guards was a bit too much, but I was outright rejected with a refreshing smile.

“You should normally be accompanied by ten bodyguards and maids, you know? Rather, I think that’s still not enough. It’s quite unfortunate that you were raised by a foolish man who didn’t even try to do that.”

Prince Curtis spoke with a smile and yet I felt a chill down my spine. His Majesty nodded as if to agree with him. I wonder if that’s really true.

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“Yes, please.”



When I said yes, the guard took the book without any hesitation. I was puzzled by this action, but when I took the book from him and thanked him, he also looked quite puzzled.

I wonder If I have done something wrong. While feeling a bit uneasy, I suddenly heard a familiar voice asking, “Dahlia, what are you doing?”

“Your Majesty.”

The two guards quickly shifted to the side and saluted. With his hand, His Majesty motioned for them to release their salute. Together, the two guards released their salutes.

“I didn’t know what to do, so I came here to read.”

“I see, but that one you’re holding is an adventure book. There are other books here for girls.”

“Oh, this one was recommended to me by Prince Curtis.”

“I see.”

“Your Majesty, how about you?”

“Oh, I’m here to pick up a few things for work. We have a lot of books here that are useful.”

“Oh, I see.”


His Majesty patted my head and said, “I’m glad things are going well with Curtis.” Then he went back to his work. 

His Majesty and Prince Curtis. The people here like to pat my head.

˖:✧ ⑅•.⋅༻♔༺•⑅ ✧:˖

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  1. mya aila

    Thank you for the chapters!!! Was she confused that the guard unhesitantly followed her request? The guard was probably puzzled because she thanked him.