Dragon Blood

Chapter 6

Shan Ming rested in that small village for three days. His physical conditions were very strong, and Jobb came with the best medicine available. Even though the local doctor wasn’t very skilled, they still managed to stabilize his injuries.

On the third day, those who were sent to pick them up arrived.

Shen Changze stood in Shan Ming’s room and saw a Hummer entering the village. Jobb shouted at them from a distance, and the car stopped in the yard. A burly man and a dark-skinned woman jumped down from the vehicle.

The Caucasian man was similar to Jobb, he was in his thirties and had a muscular body. But that woman was very different. Shen Changze had never seen such a seductive and charming woman before.

She was wearing a black tight-fitting tank top and shorts so short it reach the top of her thighs. With her swaying and graceful steps, her towering chest, slender waist, and long firm thighs exuded an indescribable wildness and beauty to the fullest.


The villagers were all stunned by her beauty.

Jobb said affectionately, “Pelle, you guys are here.”

She shook her long, dark hair, and her deep, beautiful eyes shimmered. She asked Jobb, “Where is he?”

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Pelle was the chief physician of their mercenary group, and because of her excellent beauty and solid skills, she had a high status in the group.


Pelle re-opened and treated Shan Ming’s wounds which the local substandard doctor had botched, and then bandaged them one by one. She also gave him a nutrient infusion to help his recovery.

After lunch, Jobb and the other Caucasian man that came, Koski, planned to move Shan Ming onto the vehicle and head back to their temporary base.

But Shan Ming didn’t want to be carried around like a disabled person. He still had one good foot, and besides, he was eating, drinking, and resting well, he can 100% walk by himself.

Jobb left a large sum of money for the villagers and instructed them to prepare food and water and put them in the vehicle.

Although Shen Changze couldn’t understand what they were saying, he could tell that they were about to leave. So he followed closely behind Shan Ming.

Shan Ming took two steps and suddenly remembered that there was a child by his feet. He stopped and looked down at the child.

Pelle also looked at that child curiously.

Jobb said behind her, “He was picked up by Shan. He’s like Shan, they’re both Chinese.”

Pelle blinked her eyes and whispered, “Are all Chinese people so beautiful?”

Jobb shrugged. “I haven’t seen many either, but…” He smiled ingratiatingly. “I believe all Amazon women are as charming as you.”

Pelle smilingly stroked his stubble, then gave him a peck on the cheek.

The child raised his head to look up at Shan Ming, “Uncle, where are you going?”


“It doesn’t matter to you where I’m going, don’t follow me anymore.”

The child widened his eyes, “You’re going to leave me here?”

“You got things to eat, things to drink, and living people here. I won’t take you home, you can think of something for yourself.”

The child hugged Shan Ming’s thigh tightly. He knew Shan Ming was serious, and the fear of being abandoned filled his little heart, “Uncle, please don’t leave me. I don’t want to stay here.”

He couldn’t understand a single word of what the people here were saying. He didn’t want to stay here, and he didn’t want to be abandoned!

Shan Ming tapped his thigh warningly with his cane, “Let go.”

“No! No! Uncle, don’t leave me behind, take me with you. I don’t want to be here. I can’t understand what they’re saying. I’m scared, Uncle, please take me away.” Tears streamed down and wetted his entire face, making him look particularly pitiful.

Pelle asked Jobb, “Does this child not want to part with Shan?”

“I think so, I also can’t understand, he looks quite pitiful.”

Shan Ming said coldly, “I have no reason to take you with me. You are a burden and have no value to me.”

“Uncle– take me with you, please, don’t leave me behind.” The child was so scared that he was trembling all over. Although Shan Ming was cold and vicious, he was the only person the child could communicate with, and he saved him in a critical moment. Although the child was afraid of him, he was completely dependent on him. If Shan Ming abandoned him like this, the child knew that he would never have a chance to see his parents again. So he clung tightly to Shan Ming’s thigh, refusing to let go no matter how much Shan Ming threatened and intimidated him.

Jobb said, “Shan, does he want to leave with you? He’s so pitiful.”


“We’re not a charity, why should we bother with him?”

Even if the child couldn’t understand what they are saying, he can still somewhat make it out from the tone of Shan Ming’s voice. He held onto Shan Ming’s thigh as if he was holding onto a life-saving straw. No matter how Shan Ming tried to shake him off, he just wouldn’t come off.

He cried loudly. He was only five years old, and the fear of being abandoned made him tremble all over.

The other three members of the mercenary group stood nearby to watch the show, they wanted to see how Shan Ming would deal with this.

Shan Ming looked at the child who was crying and holding onto his thigh, and for a moment, the scene in front of him seemed to blur. The image of the child overlapped with his own from years ago.

More than a decade ago, he had wandered on the edge of life and death, and then his father brought him into this bloody world. Although he still walks on the edge of life and death, he was now powerful enough to control his own fate.

However, if this child’s fate ends up in the hands of others, he may never have the opportunity to become strong and never have the choice between life and death.

So, why not give him this opportunity? A little hesitation flashed in Shan Ming’s heart.

He looked at the child and asked, “You want to leave with me?”

The child cried so much that he couldn’t catch his breath. Hearing his question, he hurriedly nodded.

Shan Ming revealed a cruel smile, “If you must follow me no matter what, I can take you with me, however, I won’t be taking you home. You will live the way I instruct you from now on. You’ll probably be happier staying in this village.” Shan Ming paused, “Do you still want to leave with me?”

The child hesitated for only a second before he immediately nodded. He did not know what unknown fate was waiting for him, but he knew that if he stayed in this remote village, he would never be able to leave for the rest of his life.


Shan Ming snorted, “Get in the car.”

Shan Ming got into the vehicle first, then the child climbed up after him with some struggle. The child crawled into Shan Ming’s arms with familiarity and curled up into a ball. He wiped away his tears as he secretly checked out the other three members of the mercenary group. His small face, which turned red from crying, looked particularly pitiful.

The three looked at each other.

Without orders, they had no authority to interfere with the actions of the other members. Whether Shan Ming should take a child back or not, it’s for their boss to decide, they wouldn’t speak out of turn.

No one could have predicted the impact that Shan Ming’s impulsive decision would have on them and the other members of the mercenary group.

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