Dragon Blood

Chapter 40 Part 2

Shan Ming squinted his eyes and said, “Since there’s only one, how did you Americans conduct this experiment?”

The captain smiled and replied, “The Chinese back then was still very naive. You could say that we bought it or we deceived them, but the fact is, the scientist who provided technical guidance for oil drilling brought back some of the flesh and blood of the Sea Dragon to the United States. At that time, they themselves did not know what the thing they brought back meant.”

Shan Ming asked, “What did they do afterward that turned you into this?”

A layer of sadness clouded the captain’s eyes as he replied, “Later on, they began a complicated series of experiments, attempting to use the Dragon Blood to alter the genes of ordinary humans and gain incredible power. At first, they used death row inmates. After countless failed experiments that died in agony, they finally obtained one successful fusion of Dragon Blood and human. Many people disappeared without a trace just like that.”

“If you knew how dangerous it was, why did you become a subject of the experiment? Were you forced?”


“No, not really. In 2001, I joined the Afghanistan War when I was only 19 years old. I watched my comrades fall one by one, and I was filled with hatred toward the enemy. Later, I killed a group of sons of bitches, which were prisoners of war. For that, I was transferred to a military court and faced a life sentence. It was no different from a death sentence… afterward, the people from the Dragon Blood Kin Experimentation Lab found me. They promised me freedom and the chance to serve my country if I agreed to be a subject and survive the experiment. So I agreed, and I succeeded,” the captain said, his hands trembling slightly as he mentioned the experiment. “It… it was a very cruel experiment, but only with great power can a country protect its citizens. Therefore, for more than a decade, neither China nor the United States have stopped this experiment, they both have been constantly strengthening themselves.”

Shen Changze trembled as he said, “But I don’t have any memories of this. Could it be that when I was still a baby…”

“No, that’s impossible,” said Captain House, raising his head. “The pain caused by gene backlash can only be borne by someone with an extremely strong body. Children are absolutely not capable of withstanding it, so you weren’t born through an experiment.”

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Shan Ming knocked on the table with his finger bone and said, “Captain House, do you even know what you’re saying right now?”


Captain House seemed to snap out of it, regaining his clarity. He awkwardly stood up and returned to his seat, saying, “I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away. If you’re surrounded by low-class creatures and then you meet someone of your own kind, I believe you would have the same thoughts as I did.”

You’re the mother fucking low-class creature, Shan Ming cursed inside his head. He replied angrily, “How many people like you are there in the United States?”

Captain House shook his head. “That’s a state secret. I can’t tell you.”

“What about China?”

“I would love to tell you, but unfortunately, it’s their secret, and I’m even more clueless.”

“What should he do about his current situation? He can’t control himself after transforming.”

“This is a path that every Dragon Blood Kin must take, which is learning to control their body and power. It took me four to five years to freely switch between human and Dragon Blood forms, and I am considered to be highly talented. Some people need ten years or more. In short, it’s a complex and lengthy process that’s hard to describe in a few words. After you return to Colombia, I will tell you the training methods through a safe channel, and you can train in a hidden place.”

“Why are you telling us all this?”

“Because he is the only pure-blooded Dragon Blood Kin we have, and we don’t want him to waste time or deviate during his maturation process.”

Shan Ming knew Captain House must have had some kind of purpose, but even if he asked, he wouldn’t get an answer, so he decided not to dwell on this any longer.

Captain House said, “I also need to ask you a few questions. I received intelligence that five years ago, you kidnapped a Chinese biological expert named Tang Tingzhi in Myanmar. From what I know, he is a key scientist in the Dragon Blood Kin experimentations. What happened back then?”

Shan Ming said, “That Tang guy wanted to take the child back to China, but at the time we didn’t know why. Now we know.”


“You must not let him take you back to China, he will use you to his advantage.” Captain House solemnly warned Shen Changze.

Shen Changze frowned and retorted sarcastically, “I’m Chinese. Even if someone wants to use me to their advantage, I would still choose China over your United States.”

The captain let out a sigh. “I know you don’t trust me. If I have the chance, I will go to Colombia to find you. I hope you won’t shut me out when the time comes. I mean no harm, I am your comrade.”

Shen Changze looked at this bearded man with a guarded expression. In his mind, he first associated this man with the people who attacked him and his dad. Only after that did he associate him to be someone of the same species as him, but definitely not a “comrade”.

Captain House shook his head disappointingly and looked at his watch. “I can’t stay for too long, but if given the chance, I’d like to personally guide you on how to harness the power of your Dragon Blood and become a qualified Dragon Blood Kin… I hope I can have that opportunity. There’s one thing I want to warn you about – the triggers for transformation for Dragon Blood Kins who aren’t able to control themselves are when their lives are threatened or extreme anger sets in. It’s very dangerous to transform in such situations, and you could easily harm those around you, so you must be extremely careful. Additionally, as you grow older, your primal sexual impulses can also become a trigger for losing control. Dragon Blood Kins are more bestial and instinct-driven than humans, so if you have such desires, it’s essential to release them in a timely manner. Suppressing it will only make things worse.”

Shen Changze was stunned and didn’t know how to answer.

House said, “I’m leaving, wait for my news and don’t train recklessly before then.”

After House left, the room fell into a silence that lasted for five or six minutes.

Finally, it was the child who spoke first, “Dad, what should we do? I don’t want to become a monster.”

Shan Ming sighed and said, “Is this a question of whether you want to become one or not? You’re already a monster called the Dragon Blood Kin, and you can never change that. What you need to do now is to learn how to be a good Dragon Blood Kin. Strength may be a curse, but it’s still better than weakness. Accept it and become stronger.”

The child walked over and hugged Shan Ming’s thin waist, looking up at him, “Dad, I’m very scared. Will you always stay with me? Will you not want me anymore because I’m a monster?”

“I have raised you for five years, and you haven’t made me any money yet, you can’t leave even if you wanted to.”


The child smiled and pressed his cheek against Shan Ming’s chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. his heart was filled with joy and gratitude. “Dad, I will always be by your side. I still have to take care of you when you grow old.”

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