Dragon Blood

Chapter 39 Part 1

When Shan Ming woke up, he found himself back in the room where he had been recovering a few days ago.

He moved his fingers and noticed that his body was stiff, probably due to not moving for many days. He was wrapped in layer upon layer of bandages, and even without looking, Shan Ming knew that he must look like a mummy.

In just half a month, he was injured twice, he was really damn unlucky.

With nobody in the room and unable to move, Shan Ming was anxious to know what happened to Shen Changze and whether those SWATs were still causing trouble for them.

He opened his mouth and tried to call out, but his throat was dry and he couldn’t make a sound. Every time he tried to speak, his head buzzed, making him feel dizzy and nauseous.


Helpless, he could only continue lying there. After a while, the door was pushed open and Pelle walked in.

“Shan? You’re awake?” Pelle ran over with joy and gently touched his forehead, kissing the tip of his nose. “Thank God, you’ve finally woken up.”

Shan Ming managed to say weakly, “Water.”

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“How many days has he been sleeping?”


“Same as you, it’s been four days. Occasionally, you talk in your sleep and make some small movements. As for him, aside from having normal breathing, a normal heart rate, and a body in perfect condition, he sleeps like a dead person.” Pelle furrowed his brow. “This child is really strange. I remember two or three years ago, he was in a coma like this before, but he woke up after two or three days. This time, it’s been four days and there’s no sign of him waking up. Do you think it’s because we’re too strict with him normally? I always feel like he’s becoming less and less like a normal child.”

“Of course he can’t be like a normal child. He’s already a mercenary,” Ayer pushed open the slightly ajar door and walked in.

Shan Ming tried to sit up, but quickly realized that both of his arms were pretty much useless. One side had muscle strains and a dislocation, making it too sore to even lift, while the other side had been shot through the shoulder.

Pelle noticed his intention and helped him up, propping him against the head of the bed and placing a pillow behind his waist.

Ayer walked over and shook his head. “You’ve spent this half of a month pretty much lying in bed. How you feeling?”

Shan Ming honestly replied, “Not dead, pretty good.”

Ayer grabbed his chin and flipped it from side to side, “Good thing your face wasn’t injured, otherwise it would’ve been a shame.”

Shan Ming shook off his hand, “Let’s talk about the important stuff. How did I come back? And why are we still in New York?”

“The kid drove you back in a car, he passed out as soon as he saw us and still hasn’t woken up. As for why we’re still here… you can probably guess, it’s related to the attack on you guys.”

Shan Ming’s heart skipped a beat, but he remained calm. At the very least, he was sure that Ayer and the others didn’t know about Shen Changze’s identity. He asked, “What happened? Tell me.”

“Shen Changze killed a man in the emergency passage leading to the rooftop helipad of the hotel that day. You know, right?”

“I know. The bomb must have been related to that person too.”


“That’s highly likely. You know that the candidate the company supported has a strong political opponent. Although there’s currently no evidence, a lot of non-public information suggests that he supported the Nigerian anti-government rebels in that terrorist act, intending to push the company into the spotlight of public opinion and seize voters during the chaos. And the person who was killed by Shen Changze in the passage was the nephew of this politician, who was a CIA agent.”

Shan Ming was stunned.

Ayer thought that it was an accidental killing by Shen Changze of an important person, while Shan Ming was surprised because this was very different from what he knew, yet it could cleverly explain everything.

From the actions of the special police before and after, and the appearance of Captain House and the words he said, it was obvious that those people came for the other aspect of Shen Changze, so where did this random nephew get involved?

Ayer continued, “Anyway, this hotel has now been stationed by the special police, and we are not allowed to leave. We have to stay here and assist in the investigation. Although we’re very unwilling, we did indeed get caught up in the political struggle. The company and the candidate they’re supporting are trying their best to send us back to Colombia. Neo also arrived yesterday and is trying to work things out. Anyway, we can’t leave right now.”

Shan Ming pondered for a moment and asked, “What do they want?”

“They want to pin the responsibility for the death of this agent on us and accuse the company of hiring assassins.”

“Then what do we do now? We can’t just stay here and wait for them to finish their fight.”

“Of course not. Although the company said they will try their best to send us back to Colombia as soon as possible, I can see that they themselves are in a state of anxiety right now. I suggest we observe the situation for a few more days. If things don’t improve, we can only find a way to leave on our own.”

Shan Ming understood that Ayer was being considerate of his condition. With his current state, he would be a burden to others if they had to move.

Ayer took a puff of his cigarette and blew some secondhand smoke in Shan Ming’s face. “I just can’t figure out why they would ambush you guys.”

Shan Ming shot him a glare. “Maybe they interrogated the guests who were in the emergency passage that day and found out that it was a child who killed the agent?”


“That doesn’t make sense. Even if they caught the child, how could they explain to the media that a trained CIA agent was killed by a ten-year-old child? They have no need to take such action. As long as they can prove to the government that we are guilty, we wouldn’t be able to escape on their turf. Why send the SWAT to stop you guys…” Confusion filled Ayer’s eyes which were as blue as the sea.

Shan Ming felt a twinge of guilt for hiding and lying to Ayer, but he wasn’t ready for this and didn’t know how to explain this bizarre situation to Ayer. It’s not that he didn’t trust Ayer, but Ayer despised and detested those monsters. If Ayer knew that Shen Changze was one of them, Shan Ming didn’t know how he would react.

He needed a suitable moment to be honest with Ayer, otherwise he feared that the more people knew, the more it would harm the Peregrine Falcons.

Ayer asked, “I’m also curious, how did you guys manage to escape? The SWAT team has sealed off the news, and all we know is that they chased after you guys on the street in their cars, but you guys managed to drive their off-road vehicle back. You guys were really lucky, if you came back even a little later, you would have been done for.”

Shan Ming snorted, “I really did almost die this time, if it weren’t for the kid…”

“So you’re saying he saved you?”

“Well, I passed out after we stole the car, so you’re right, we were lucky,” Shan Ming recalled the horrifying scene of the slaughter, and he still felt a lingering fear even now.

However, compared to his confusion two years ago, at least he now knew an important clue, that Captain House and Shen Changze were of the same kind of creature, and obviously Captain House was able to control his body and knew more. Shan Ming had to find a way to find Captain House and get his questions answered.

Or, even if he didn’t do anything, Captain House would definitely come looking for them.

Shan Ming knew he was caught up in something much more complicated than a governor’s election.

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