Dragon Blood

Chapter 37

Shan Ming had never felt that any journey in his life was as long as this.

At first, he could crouch and walk, but later he had to crawl through a tangle of twisted metal like a jungle. Sharp metal pieces and broken glass were everywhere, and the cars were dangerously unstable due to the damage to their fixtures.

As he was about to poke his head out from under a dangling tire, he suddenly heard a faint “click.” Instinctively, he pulled his head back, and the car tire crashed to the ground just in front of him. The nearby metal frame made a terrifying noise while the delicate balance seemed to collapse at any moment. Shan Ming’s heart raced, and his hands holding the gun were sweaty and slippery. He was halfway through the crawl, but now he was stuck. Being proficient in guns and martial arts didn’t help him here. If anything fell on him, he wouldn’t be able to get out alive.

In order not to die so miserably, Shan Ming gritted his teeth and continued to crawl forward, enduring the pain.

When crawling forward, it’s a common mistake for beginners to use the strength of their buttocks to arch forward. However, this is completely wrong. In order to keep your body close to the ground and not let the enemy see a moving butt from hundreds of meters away, you must use your elbows to drive your body and then use the muscles on the inner thighs to push forward and crawl. Additionally, to avoid some obstacles, Shan Ming needed to change his direction from time to time. He crawled at least seventy meters in a straight distance of just over ten meters. He felt that his pants were wet with blood, and every time he exerted force, there was a piercing pain in his thighs, but he didn’t dare to rest.


When half of his body crawled out of the pile of scrap metal, he felt a sense of collapse. It wasn’t only due to the physical exhaustion, but also due to the state of high tension from the psychological pressure of possibly being crushed to death.

Just as he was about to hurry to crawl out, his sensitive ears caught the sound of a machine gun being loaded.

His body reacted before his brain could process it. He lunged forward and grabbed a row of intact metal racks in front of him. He kicked his feet against the ground and then, using his hands as a pivot, forcibly swung his body over them.

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Footsteps could be heard approaching from behind, and the look in Shan Ming’s eyes had already become wild. He knew that the likelihood of surviving and escaping from this place was almost zero, so he decided he might as well give it his all.


Closing his eyes, Shan Ming relied on his sense of hearing to determine the distance.

As the enemy got closer and closer, Shan Ming suddenly opened his eyes and rolled out from between the metal frames. He fired several shots at the person rushing towards him with a raised gun and sent him flying. Shan Ming then quickly hid behind another nearby metal frame.

Another person was following closely behind the man and firing relentlessly in Shan Ming’s direction, causing iron fragments to fly around his face and preventing him from poking his head out.

That special police held an MP5K with thirty rounds of bullets. Shan Ming silently counted the shots in his head. He knew that once that special police officer emptied the magazine and had to reload, it would be their doomsday.

Six, five, four, three, two, one!

Shan Ming jumped out from behind the cover just as the enemy finished firing his last shot and before he could take refuge behind another metal frame. Shan Ming’s bullet had already sent him a greeting from hell.

After taking down the two men, Shan Ming immediately started running.

As Shan Ming turned a corner, he suddenly saw a figure moving in the corner of his eye. He was about to aim his gun to scan the area when the information reflected in his peripheral vision told him that the person’s physique was completely different from that of a SWAT member.

“Dad?” Shen Changze lifted his drooping head, feeling both surprised and happy to see him. However, when he noticed his bloodstained pants, he froze.

Shan Ming also stared at Shen Changze in a daze.

The child was more severely injured than him. He must have been unable to dodge when the grenade exploded and was heavily hit by shrapnel. His clothes were in tatters and his body was covered in blood. His small face was ashen, his lips were blue, and there was no vitality in his eyes. He hid weakly in the corner, as if unable to move anymore.

Shan Ming felt as if his organs had been tightly twisted, experiencing a suffocating sense of despair and heartache. The fear of seven years ago when he witnessed his foster father Lin Qiang being blown into pieces by an explosion resurfaced in his heart.


Shan Ming suppressed his panic and ran up to lift him onto his back.

Shen Changze lay on his back, softly calling out “Dad, Dad, Dad,” then burst into tears. He clung tightly to Shan Ming’s neck, afraid that if he let go, he would never be able to hold onto it again.

Shan Ming didn’t offer any meaningless comfort, he just said, “Hold on tight.”

He dragged along his semi-useless leg and arm as he carried Shen Changze on his back while avoiding the rapidly approaching special police until they were cornered with no escape.

He and Shen Changze hid behind the cover, holding their guns. The other side didn’t dare to rush forward, so both sides persisted in a standoff.

The one commanding shouted at them, “Surrender now, don’t struggle anymore, I’ll make your death quick and painless.”

Shan Ming responded coldly, “What exactly do you guys want?”

The other side replied, “I only follow orders. Don’t say any more meaningless words. You will soon pass out from blood loss anyway, is delaying time even beneficial to you?”

Wiping the blood and tears from his face, the child tightened his grip on the gun and said fiercely, “Dad, let’s fight them to death.”

Shan Ming glanced at the child and never felt so sad in his heart. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he really hated having worries1or attachments before he died.

He always felt that one day he would die silently on the battlefield, happy and carefree. He didn’t need any attachments, and he didn’t need to worry about anything, whether it was Ayer or Tiger Shark, they could still live well without him. So what was there to worry about?

But this child was different. He was still too weak, too young, and even looked at him with eyes full of dependence. If he died, what would happen to this child?


He had never thought that, when he took this child from the hands of death five years ago, he would one day be unable to face death freely due to his decision.

This feeling was absolutely terrible.

He didn’t want to die yet. He wanted to take this child out of here…

A few pieces of shrapnel gently drifted down in front of him. In this chaotic and cruel battlefield, they weren’t worth noticing, but Shan Ming’s heart shook suddenly. He raised his head abruptly and saw a secret police officer had already climbed onto the metal frame across from him without making any noise from start to finish.

The opponent saw that Shan Ming had noticed him and quickly raised his gun to shoot.

However, turning around up there was difficult, and he couldn’t move as fast as someone on the ground. Without thinking, Shan Ming aimed and fired a bullet that accurately hit this large target with nowhere to hide.

And when he was raising his head to shoot, he caught sight of a special police officer charging over beside the metal frame from the corner of his eye.

Shen Changze shouted loudly, but it was too late. Shan Ming felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder, and the force of the bullet propelled his entire body outwards. His machine gun slipped from his grasp and fell to the ground. The bullet had passed through his shoulder, and he wasn’t sure if it had hit any vital organs. The smell of blood filled his nostrils as he lay on the ground, feeling his life slipping away with each passing moment. He wanted to get up, to shoot those scoundrels again, to at least kill one more person, but he couldn’t move anymore…

“Dad!” The child’s heart-wrenching cry rang in his ears as he threw himself onto him, sobbing loudly. “Dad! Dad! Don’t die! Dad!”

Shan Ming gasped for breath, wanting to scold him a few times but didn’t have the strength to speak.

He turned his head and saw over a dozen SWAT officers, fully armed with guns, slowly approaching them in a cautious manner, step by step.

Over a dozen black gun barrels were all pointed at them, making it impossible for them to escape.


Shan Ming felt a bit dizzy and couldn’t help but want to close his eyes.

Suddenly, Shen Changze let out a piercing roar, mixed with anger and ferocity. The sound was so intense that it made people’s eardrums ache and hearts beat rapidly. It didn’t sound like something that could be produced by a human being.

Everyone was so frightened that they unconsciously took a step back.

Shan Ming had a sense of what was coming, but he didn’t feel that it was a good thing.

After this little monster transformed, it wouldn’t recognize anyone. Even if it killed all these people, he was probably next in line.

Immediately afterward, Shan Ming saw the child’s eyes turn blood red, and then he jumped up from the ground.

The commander’s face changed, “Something’s wrong, prepare the anesthetic guns, quick!”

Before he finished speaking, Shen Changze had already charged straight toward those gun barrels.

His speed was extremely fast, and human eyes couldn’t keep up with him. Everyone watched as his smooth skin grew light golden scales in an instant, covering his entire body up to his neck. Horns grew from his head, and half-meter-long fleshy wings sprouted from his back. His over-a-meter-long, arm-thick tail whipped fiercely and broke the spine of the nearest special police officer before anyone could react…

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