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  • Dragon Blood

    Chapter 36 Part 2

    As Shan Ming passed by a car that was in the process of being modified, he discovered a screwdriver left behind by some careless mechanic. He was overjoyed to find it as it could be a valuable tool in this situation.

    He grabbed the screwdriver and tucked it into his sleeve, then hid among the rows of massive metal racks, avoiding the special police’s search and seeking out any isolated prey.

    Soon, a tall special police officer walked over to where Shen Changze was hiding, carefully moving forward with his gun drawn and scanning his surroundings.

    Shan Ming was a bit far from him, and crossing over the child to get closer would risk being spotted. But staying still also poses a risk of being discovered.

    The child reached out and looked at Shan Ming with determined bright eyes.


    Shan Ming hesitated for a moment, then handed him the screwdriver.

    The child gave Shan Ming a thumbs up, a gesture of reassurance, then crawled in the direction of that special police officer.

    In this kind of situation, the child’s small size played a critical role. When the child approached that special police officer from behind, he was completely unaware of the child’s presence.

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    Actually, it wasn’t very safe to stuff the white body into this narrow compartment. As soon as someone passed by, it would be discovered immediately. However, if someone only passed by from the outside of the metal frame and didn’t pay close attention, they wouldn’t be able to notice it at all.


    Shan Ming put the MP5K and military knife on himself, and gave the handgun and grenade to Shen Changze.

    At this point, Shan Ming’s attitude towards the child had already changed. He no longer saw the boy as a burden who needed constant protection, but as a comrade who could handle many dangerous situations, especially in this particular situation where he could only rely on Shen Changze to fight alongside him.

    The walkie-talkie on the dead body made a rustling sound, but no one spoke.

    Shan Ming thought for a moment and picked up the walkie-talkie, then led Shen Changze to another location. Shan Ming planned to circle around to the entrance of the factory where most of the police force had already dispersed. There would only be a few of them guarding the area, and if they could take out those guards and grab a car, they might still have a chance to escape. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Shan Ming didn’t want to engage with them directly.

    Crawling forward for a while, they spotted another special police officer not far away, who was slowly changing his direction and getting further away from them. Shan Ming turned around and saw two other special police officers patrolling behind them. They were now caught in the middle.

    Shan Ming drew his military knife and listened to the approaching footsteps of the special police, waiting for the best moment to strike.

    Suddenly, a voice came through the walkie-talkie, startling everyone.

    “Jom has been killed!”

    Looks like the body has been discovered.

    Taking advantage of the moment when the special police officer in front of them was stunned, Shan Ming leaped up and covered the officer’s mouth with one hand while using the other to sever his throat.

    Just then, one of the special police officers behind them turned around and spotted Shan Ming.

    Without hesitation, that special police officer raised his gun and aimed at Shan Ming’s back.


    Suddenly, Shen Changze charged out from a concealed location and fired a single shot from his gun. That special police officer’s head was blown apart by the shot.

    As the gunshot rang out, their plan had completely failed.

    Shan Ming quickly picked up the submachine gun from the dead special police officer’s body and threw it at Shen Changze, then he grabbed him and ran towards the depths of the metal racks.

    The nearby enemies had already spotted them, and bullets chased after them the entire way. The car beside them was riddled with bullet holes.

    With plenty of cover around them, the two of them sat with their backs against the car’s body. Shan Ming gave a hand signal to Sheng Changze for cover, then rolled out of the cover, spraying bullets from the submachine gun and turning the two special police policers charging towards them into sieves.

    Shen Changze took out a special police officer who was attempting to aim at Shan Ming.

    The whole process took only two to three seconds, and Shan Ming had already rolled into another row of metal racks.

    With this, no one was daring to approach them anymore, Shan Ming quickly changed his magazine and exchanged a glance with Shen Changze, confirming that neither of them was injured.

    “This is far from over, you yellow pigs,” a cold voice came through the walkie-talkie. “I’ll skin you alive and make you pay for what you’ve done to my comrades.”

    Shan Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

    As soon as the words fell, the sound of a metal object rubbing against the ground rang out, and with one glance, Shan Ming noticed a hand grenade rolling toward them.

    It turned out that the person who spoke just now was trying to distract their attention!


    There was no time to kick it away. The hand grenade exploded right there. Even if they didn’t get killed by the blast, the car falling down from above was enough to smash them into meat pies!

    Shan Ming shouted loudly, “Grenade!” and then ran frantically in the opposite direction.

    The child also ran outward immediately.

    With a loud bang, a wave of heat followed them as they ran, and the force of the impact knocked them to the ground. Shrapnel pierced their bodies, causing pain like they had been branded with iron.

    The metal frame that Shan Ming had taken cover behind was shattered by the explosion and could no longer support the weight of the cars which were over ten tons. The cars toppled to one side, crashing into the row of metal frames in front of it. Under the immense weight, the first row of metal frames also snapped. Next, everyone witnessed more than forty rows of metal frames that were fixed with cars weighing over ten tons each, falling like dominoes one after another. The whole factory shook, and dust flew everywhere. All of them huddled in a safe corner to watch this spectacular scene.

    The overturned car between Shan Ming and Shen Changze completely blocked their view of each other, and the special police also lost their targets.

    Shan Ming felt a sharp pain all over his body. He looked down and saw a bloody hole in his thigh where the metal shrapnel had pierced him. Although it didn’t affect his ability to walk, every time he stepped on it, it would hurt like hell.

    Given the magnitude of the explosion, the situation was likely even worse for Shen Changze.

    Shan Ming was furious and wanted to retaliate against the special police using the same methods, but he hesitated when he remembered the destructive power of the hand grenade and the damage it could cause here. He didn’t dare to use it recklessly, for fear that he or Shen Changze might not be able to avoid it and get crushed into meat paste.

    He had to find the child immediately!

    Shan Ming found blood clotting medicine and bandages from the military jacket of that special police. He quickly bandaged his own thigh and picked up his gun, running towards the destruction scene of the domino effect.

    The row of metal racks that had collapsed happened to divide the factory into two parts, with Shan Ming on one side and the child on the other. To find the child, he had to pass through this barrier.


    Shan Ming looked up at the huge ruins in front of him. Many of the fixtures that held the cars were destroyed, and some cars were resting precariously on the metal shelves, relying on a delicate balance. A slight collision could cause the cars to slide down and hit him on the head. Moreover, such dangers were everywhere. Crossing through here would be seeking death.

    Shan Ming gritted his teeth and stepped into the wreckage.

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