Dragon Blood

Chapter 36 Part 1

Shan Ming drove the Volkswagen commercial van frantically through the bustling streets, with several cars behind them in hot pursuit.

Shan Ming glanced at Shen Changze, who was still shaken from the ordeal, and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

The child shook his head, “I don’t know. Someone was following me, and then they tried to catch me. How… how did you find me? Weren’t you… ” The child remembered what Shan Ming was doing before, and a thin anger rose in his heart. “Weren’t you having a good time playing? Why would you come looking for me?”

“I recognized the sound of a Walther PPK. Making such a big commotion, do you find this place too safe for us?”

When they went out this time, both of them only brought small pistols like the PPK. They had only brought weapons out of habit for self-defense, as they were originally just going out to have fun. Otherwise, if they had taken out a Desert Eagle when handing over their guns to the casino security, it would have caused panic in the casino. They never expected that the celebration after completing the mission would also attract danger.


The child defended himself, “There were too many of them, and they even had a submachine gun. What could I do?”

Shan Ming looked at the bloodstains and dirt on the child’s body, and his expression turned fierce, “Do you know who those people are?”

“I don’t know… They, they hit me with a car, and when they saw that I didn’t pass out, they took out a syringe as thick as my arm and tried to inject me with anesthesia.” The child looked at Shan Ming’s profile and gradually calmed down. It was just like when he was little, whenever his dad was around, he felt safe. He thought that no one could harm him because no one was a match for his dad.

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Modern combat relied heavily on weapons, and this was the first time Shan Ming had encountered a situation where he was clearly outmatched in terms of equipment.


This won’t do, they will be caught sooner or later.

Unknowingly, they had already driven out of the urban area and were heading towards the desert area surrounding the city.

Gunshots rang out frequently from behind, and the car’s rear window was struck. Soon after, Shan Ming felt bullets whiz past his ears, then he heard a loud bang, and he knew that one of the tires had been busted. The vehicle swerved to the left and the steering wheel felt like it weighed a ton. Shan Ming desperately fought to bring the vehicle back under control. Luckily, it was front-wheel drive, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to move forward. Even so, their speed was greatly affected, and an off-road vehicle was almost about to tailgate them.

Shan Ming crouched down to avoid getting hit and saw an automotive repair factory up ahead. He made a split-second decision and drove towards the repair factory.

There were several hundred scrapped cars parked outside the repair factory, with very little space between them. It was like a maze, but it provided Shan Ming with some temporary cover.

Finally, the commercial van rammed through the rolling shutter at the entrance of the repair factory and charged inside. The alarm went off abruptly, and the piercing sound drilled straight into people’s minds.

However, this loud sound provided some cover for the two of them. The inside of the repair factory was extremely dark. Shan Ming turned off the headlights and moved cautiously through the complex of the factory, relying on the dim moonlight. Shan Ming then turned off the engine and, together with Shen Changze, quietly got out of the van to hide in the complex environment of the factory.

Four off-road vehicles followed them in. From the sound of footsteps hitting the ground, there were at least twenty people on their side.

A voice commanded, “Turn off the siren and tell them not to interfere.”

Shan Ming was trying to guess who “them” might be.

Turn off the siren…not to interfere…could it be that the “them” were referring to the police? In such a large automotive factory, it was expected that would respond swiftly, dispatching personnel within three to five minutes after the alarm was triggered. If his judgment is correct, then these people have some sort of relationship with the police.

As for whether he guessed correctly, he will know if the police came or not.


Just as he was thinking, all the lights in the factory suddenly turned on.

Shan Ming and Shen Changze both closed their eyes and adjusted to the sudden brightness. When they opened their eyes, they were finally able to barely see how big the factory was through the gaps between the cars.

Rows of metal racks were filled with cars as if they were toys. The metal racks were nearly six meters high and seven to eight meters long. There were at least six or seven metal racks in a row, and there were more than forty vertical rows, with at least four to five thousand cars here. It wasn’t easy to find two people hiding in such a large factory.

The commander probably gave a command through hand gestures, those people began to move. The chaotic footsteps scattered throughout the factory. Shan Ming cautiously stuck his head out and saw that from the clothes to the weapons to the boots, they were all dressed in the standard equipment of the American special police. Shan Ming had just interacted with them a few days ago, they were even on the same front line at that time. These people had no scruples on their own territory, which was why they dared to shoot recklessly on the street and chase them all over the city.

However, Shan Ming did not see that special police captain.

Shen Changze also took a glance and whispered, “They’re not the same people who were chasing me earlier.”

Shan Ming thought to himself, no shit, members of the SWAT1fyi author uses SWAT and special police interchangeably but they’re the same thing (i think)  are all elite soldiers, how could they be taken down easily by a brat like you? They must have brought in reinforcements after the first group failed to capture Shen Changze. Mobilizing the SWAT team is no small matter, so it seems like they were determined to get him this time.

Shan Ming knew that today was going to be a tough battle. He was facing an entire squad of SWAT with only a crappy pistol. It was extremely difficult for him to get out of here alive.

Shan Ming revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

Bring it on then, you damn Americans, let me entertain you guys. Even if I die, I’ll take you all down with me!

Shan Ming leaned close to the child’s ear and whispered, “Did you bring a knife with you?”

The child shook his head.


Shan Ming thought to himself, could there be a situation worse than this?

He led the child through rows of metal racks stacked with cars. In front of these multi-story high piles of cars, they appear tiny and insignificant. It was a perfect place for covert operations. It seems that God has not abandoned them as they manage to find this place just as they were about to be caught. Shan Ming gritted his teeth and thought to himself that he needed to kill as many as possible, so he won’t be lonely on the road to the afterlife.

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