Dragon Blood

Chapter 35 Part 2

The child continued wandering aimlessly on the streets without a destination, not knowing how far he had walked. Gradually, he began to feel as if he was being watched and followed. He suddenly became alert and had a gut feeling that the person following him was definitely not someone he knew, but an enemy.

He only brought a gun with 7 bullets when he went out today. He didn’t know who was following him and how many people there were, so it would be best to shake them off as soon as possible.

He turned into a shopping mall. Even though it was already past noon, there were still many people shopping. He was small in stature and walked quickly, and soon disappeared among the rows of shelves.

He spent almost an hour in the shopping mall and didn’t have the feeling that he was being followed anymore. However, when he walked out of the mall and started heading back to the meeting point, he hadn’t gone far before that feeling returned.

It seems that this person had set their sights on him.


The child gritted his teeth. This was his first time facing such a challenge alone, and he just happened to be full of frustration with nowhere to vent it. He felt that every cell in his body was boiling, and he didn’t know if it was due to nervousness or anticipation.

In order to shake off the person following him, the child weaved back and forth between several streets, until he ended up confusing himself too. When he looked up, he realized that he had returned to the vicinity of the red-light district.

The alleys here were deep and complex, but the child didn’t hesitate and plunged right in. As soon as he turned the corner, he began to run as fast as he could, with the person behind him still in pursuit.

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Shen Changze raised his gun and fired, but the shooter swiftly dodged and took cover.


The child dared not run any further. He was now trapped in the alleyway between two buildings, with an enemy holding a submachine gun in front of him and a pursuer behind. After weighing his options, the child concluded that the pursuer likely did not carry a heavy weapon, so he decided to turn back.

So the child halted his steps and turned back, and at the corner, he collided with the person who was pursuing him.

The dilation of that person’s pupils seemed to slow down, all of which was reflected in Shen Changze’s eyes. He had already leaped up and used the handle of his gun to strike that person’s brow ridge.

That person staggered back a few steps while shaking his head, but did not fall to the ground. He fired his gun at Shen Changze without aiming, but the bullets merely grazed his body.

The child kicked off the wall and flipped over while supporting himself on that person’s shoulders and jumped to his back. Finally, a bullet passed through the back of that person’s head, causing his head to explode like a watermelon, with red and white liquids spilling all over the ground.

Shen Changze rushed towards the alley entrance and ran out onto the main road.

The continuous gunfire had caused great panic, and Shen Changze could even hear the sound of police sirens getting closer and closer.

He tightly grasped the gun and darted around the dimly lit corner of the hyper-light lane. Just as he was about to cross the intersection, a black sedan raced towards him. By the time the child realized that the car was heading straight for him, it was impossible for his human reflexes to avoid it.

His eyes suddenly turned bloodshot, and his muscles were instantly filled with aching soreness that felt like his flesh was about to tear apart. However, at the same time, he felt his body become several times lighter than usual, his dynamic visual acuity suddenly became highly developed, and his muscle reaction speed dramatically increased. He jumped up suddenly, narrowly avoiding the hood of the car scraping against his knee. Although he managed to avoid his legs being crushed into bone fragments, his whole body still slammed onto the windshield of the car. The vehicle screeched to a halt, and he flew out about four or five meters, hitting the ground so hard that everything went black before his eyes. The pain engulfed his entire nervous system, and he felt as though his limbs were paralyzed as he couldn’t move.

Someone got off the car and said, “He’s not dead right?”

“He can’t even be killed by a train. Get the anesthetic needle ready, hurry!”

As the sound of footsteps approached, the child wanted to grab the gun, but it had been thrown somewhere during the impact.


These people… don’t even think about catching him!

A person suddenly approached him, and the child saw the glinting needle. Just as that person was about to inject him, the child found a surge of strength from somewhere. Despite being on the verge of collapsing, he grabbed that person’s wrist with fierce determination and exerted all his strength.

“Ahhhhhh!” That person screamed in pain.

“Anesthetic bullets!”

Before the person behind could react, Shen Changze snatched the thick needle from that person’s hand and jabbed it directly into his temple.

A regular medical needle could only penetrate the flesh and could not possibly go through a person’s temple. It would bend before even getting close. However, the syringe was as thick as a child’s arm and the dose of anesthesia inside was enough for an elephant. The needle itself was also terrifyingly thick and could be used as a weapon.

That person who had the looks of a doctor was holding his head and rolling on the ground in madness. Many nerves have gathered at his temple. After this, even if he doesn’t die, he will surely be disabled.

Shen Changze drew his sidearm from his waist as a supercar raced towards him, he pulled the trigger fiercely, quickly emptying all six bullets. Two people fell down in response. Although he did not hit any vital areas, he managed to stop this wave of people from approaching him.

The child threw away the gun, endured the intense pain and climbed up from the ground. He quickly ran into another street.


The child cried in his mind.

His body was in too much pain, his eyes were having difficulty staying open, his head was spinning, and he felt like vomiting. Moreover, he had no weapons on him, and those people were still chasing after him. What should he do? What should he do? If Dad was here…


The child’s eye sockets tingled. He was truly really scared.

The car stopped in an inaccessible alleyway, and the footsteps of the pursuers echoed behind the child. He felt his body becoming heavier as despair and fear slowly overwhelmed him.

A hand stretched out from the darkness and quickly covered his mouth while another gripped tightly onto his waist.

The movement was extremely fast and silent, a completely different level from those reckless armed men from earlier.

The child reached out and was about to gouge the person’s eyes.

A familiar voice sounded in his ear, “Don’t be scared, it’s me.” The hand covering his mouth was released as the person spoke.

Upon hearing this voice, the child almost cried with relief. His body finally relaxed, and he called out, “Dad…”

“Don’t make a sound,” Shan Ming’s bright eyes shone in the darkness of the night.

The child, enduring the pain, turned his head and hug him, his body trembling uncontrollably.

Shan Ming picked him up and quickly retreated to the other end of the alley and onto the adjacent street. A vehicle happened to be passing by, and Shan Ming jumped into the middle of the road, causing the driver to slam on the brakes and nearly crash into the guardrail.

The person in the vehicle rolled down the window and cursed loudly.

Then a black gun barrel was pointed directly at his head.


Shan Ming said coldly, “Get lost.”

The unlucky vehicle owner fled from the vehicle in terror. Shan Ming threw Shen Changze into the passenger seat and quickly got in the vehicle. He slammed the gas pedal and sped away.

As soon as the vehicle started, high beams were flashing desperately in the rearview mirror. Shan Ming looked back and saw that those people were chasing them.

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