Dragon Blood

Chapter 29

Name Change: Aiel Murray Ayer Mauri
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Jason Otley Company’s transport helicopter brought the fourteen mercenaries of the Peregrine Falcons directly to Manhattan.

As they looked at the luxurious and bustling night scenery under the twilight, the mercenaries on board were all in good spirits, only their target of protection kept a solemn expression.

For the mercenaries, being able to carry out a mission in the luxurious and prosperous metropolis was much more enjoyable than traversing the muddy swamps infested with locusts, mosquitoes, and ants, trekking in the damp and cold primitive forests, or marching in dry and waterless deserts and other harsh natural conditions. Here, there were fine wines, beautiful women, as well as comfortable and clean luxury hotel suites. Besides, the security mission should be considered the easiest of all missions, after all, they were on the offensive side.

Shan Ming looked down at the glittering city below the plane, not saying a word.


“What are you thinking about?” Ayer patted his shoulder.

Shan Ming said, “I’m thinking that after the mission is over, I’ll find someone to accompany me. I’ve been hanging out with you guys all the time that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be with a woman.”

Jobb snorted and said, “That’s because you’re too picky. What’s wrong with the girls from Vera’s place? They’re all sexy and spicy.”

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“Psd’v osaau Jspp, sq nswapl vbl xkppksd kp vbl raksakvu. Tlu, sdzu Jspp esd’v qkde kv rykdqwz.”

“Of course, Ayer only likes money. Money is the most sacred and sexy goddess in his heart, hahaha.”


Everyone laughed loudly.

Ayer pretended to be angry and said, “What’s wrong with liking money? How can I support you bunch of useless people without money?”

At this moment, Shen Changze ran up to Ayer and asked, “Boss, will you pay me after this mission is over?”

Ayer chuckled and said, “What do you need money for?”

The child said seriously, “I want to customize my own gun.”

“Go find your dad.”

Shen Changze shook his head and said, “Dad is a broke man, he lost all his money gambling.”

Shan Ming snorted and turned his face away.

Ayer suppressed a laugh and asked, “Is that so? Then, how much do you think you’re worth?”

The child was not at all shy and said clearly, word by word, “You have to give me as much as you give them.”

“Hah, how come?” Ayer thought to himself, giving you some pocket money is already good enough, what does a child need money for?

“Because I’m also here for the mission, and you have to be fair to me.”


People around started to join in and tease, “Come on, boss, give it to him. He’s also a member of the mercenary group.”

Ayer squinted at Shen Changze and said, “Let me see your contribution then. Only if you make the same contribution as everyone else on the mission, will you be eligible to share their commission.”

The plane landed on the rooftop landing pad of the company. There were no taller buildings within the range of the snipers, so the company executives chose to greet them on the landing pad.

It was already after nine o’clock in the evening, and the streets were very lively. The bulletproof car drove through the busiest downtown area and brought them to the hotel.

The group escorted O’Reilly from the exclusive elevator in the underground parking lot to the top floor of this forty-first floors hotel in the city center. The entire process went very smoothly, indicating that O’Reilly’s current itinerary had not been leaked.

As soon as they entered, they searched every corner of the suite and installed cameras and jammers. Finally, they assigned duty tasks, with three people on duty for every three-hour shift, staying in the living room to guard the door while the others rested.

In fact, under their strict supervision, the chances of being attacked in the hotel are very small. The real danger lies in going out and delivering the goods under contract. Fortunately, there was still half a month before O’Reilly’s daughter’s party, so they can eat and drink well for at least this half month.

When Shan Ming and Shen Changze were on duty at night, the child was holding a laptop and typing away. Then he looked up and said to Shan Ming, “Dad, you’re so broke. You only have 26.5 dollars left in your account.”

Shan Ming said nonchalantly, “So what? I have enough to eat and drink.”

“Do you have no financial plan for yourself? As soon as you get your paycheck, you spend it all on food, drink, gambling, and prostitution. What are you going to do in the future?”

“What do you mean what am I going to do in the future?”

“In the future, when you’re old,” the child said seriously. “Do you think you can be a mercenary for your whole life? There will come a time when you won’t even be able to hold a gun anymore.”


Jobb was secretly laughing on the side.

“I might not even live that long, who knows,” Shan Ming replied. “Why worry about something so far in the future?”

“How can one not consider the future? What if you do live that long? With your spendthrift ways, you won’t even be eligible for government assistance when you’re old because you don’t have a legal identity.”

The more Shan Ming listened, the more uncomfortable he felt. He didn’t know when this kid started lecturing him with all these moral lessons, like a little old man. It was much more fun when he used to cry and scream when Shan Ming threw bugs on his head as a child. Why did he have to grow up, so damn annoying. “When I’m old, you’ll have to support me. Otherwise, why did I raise you for? You eat and drink but do no work.”

The child was stunned for a moment, then asked seriously, “Are you raising me just so I can support you when you’re old?”

Shan Ming nodded absentmindedly.

The child angrily exclaimed, “Then why can’t you be nicer to me? You treat me so bad that the most I’ll do for you is to send you to a nursing home in the future.”

Shan Ming pinched his face and said, “Who are you sending to a nursing home? Mn?”

The child rubbed his reddened skin and muttered, “There’s only 26 dollars in the account, I really don’t know how you’re managing to get by.”

“My ass, I’ll live however I want to live. When did it become your turn to talk back to me? You’re just a little brat who hasn’t even grown all of your hair yet.”

The child looked at him with a frustrated expression.

The next two weeks went by peacefully, and soon it was the day of O’Reilly’s party.


Early in the morning on that day, Ayer took four people to survey the site and occupy the sniper’s high ground, while also sending three people to confirm the route of the convoy and clear any suspicious obstacles.

The hotel manager brought in a stylist to dress up Pelle and Shen Changze.

Big Rock and Koski put on suits they hadn’t worn in a long time. Once they put them on, they both felt uncomfortable and teased each other. Big Rock adjusted his pants, worried that the seams would split if he lifted his leg too high. The two of them would pose as ordinary bodyguards to escort O’Reilly into the building. Shan Ming, on the other hand, wore a clean white suit and a round top hat, dressed as a driver.

Jobb was responsible for leading the remaining people to lurk in the banquet building for security. They were idle and had nothing to do, so they watched others change clothes. When Shan Ming appeared in front of them wearing a finely tailored white driver’s suit, everyone began to whistle.

Shan Ming stood 184 centimeters tall. Amongst this group of burly European and American soldiers, he appeared to be on the thin side, but his muscles were tight and flexible, and his explosive power was extremely strong. He had a slender figure and his curves were perfect. Wrapped in a tailor-made suit with exquisite fabric, he appeared tall, handsome, and excluded an extraordinary demeanor. He had a handsome appearance of the typical Eastern beauty, but due to his fierce and courageous nature on the battlefield, his looks do not provide any advantage, sometimes, his distinct features can even cause trouble. Not many people around him pay attention to a man’s appearance. If he didn’t take off his camouflage uniform, wash off the blood and disguise from his face, and put on such a clean and decent outfit, almost no one would notice how handsome Shan Ming was.

Ryan praised, “Wow, Shan beauty, if you were to go to the nightclubs in Las Vegas like this, you would definitely make more money than being a hired mercenary.”

Jobb laughed heartily and said, “Does anyone want to buy him? Anyone? I heard from his son that he only has 26 dollars left in his account, hahaha.”

Shan Ming felt a bit embarrassed when he heard them joking about him, and he couldn’t help but reveal his true nature when he spoke, “You mother fuckers only know to make fun of people. I don’t even know where to put my arms and legs in this thing. Where do I put my gun? Fuck, you, the one who made me wear this, c’mere.” He pointed to the stylist who was cowering in the corner, “You made me wear this thing, but where do I put my gun or knife? With no gun no knife, you might as well have me run around naked.” Shan Ming grabbed the stylist’s collar and glared at him ferociously.

The poor stylist was sweating profusely from fear, “Mr. O’Reilly requested that you dress appropriately. You can wear it on your waist like they do on TV.”

“You must have watched too much TV and fried your brain. How am I supposed to carry a Browning in this kind of waist-hugging suit jacket? Should I tell everyone that I’m hiding my gun under my clothes?”

Jobb chuckled and said, “Don’t be so hard on him. Check if the inside pockets of the suit are big enough.”

“It’s not big enough, only a wallet can fit in there.”

“Then it’s your guys’ fault for not considering it thoroughly. We still have time, hurry up and make some adjustments. We’re here to protect your boss, and how can we do that without our weapons?”

Shan Ming took off his suit and threw it in the face of the stylist.

At this moment, Shen Changze came out dressed. With one glance, he saw Shan Ming’s long legs wrapped in white suit pants, and a slim-fitting black shirt on top. Except for his fierce expression, the entire person looked very different.

The child stared at him for a while, then ran over to say, “Dad, you’re so handsome.”

Shan Ming snorted, looked at the child’s hair fixed with hair gel, and ran his fingers through it. It was all stiff, he frowned in disdain.

The child’s expression froze for a moment, feeling a bit sad inside. He looked down at his own little suit and asked quietly, “Dad, isn’t it pretty? They all said it looks pretty.”

“Looks so stupid,” Shan Ming didn’t bother with him anymore. He was still feeling frustrated about being mocked by Jobb and the others, as well as the fact that his clothes were too tight to hide his gun.

The child pursed his lips and said angrily, “You’re the stupid one. You look so ugly in a suit.” After speaking, he turned around and ran into the changing room.

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