Dragon Blood

Chapter 26

After Shen Changze fainted, no matter how much he was called, he wouldn’t wake up.

Shan Ming asked Pelle to come and take a look. After Pelle finished examining him, she said that the child had expended too much energy, but he still shouldn’t be sleeping this long. However, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his body.

Three days later, he finally woke up. The first thing he did when he woke up was to turn over and roll out of the position where he was sleeping. As a result, he fell off the bed all of a sudden. He sat up in horror and finally completely awakened.

Shan Ming was browsing the web when he stood up and squatted in front of him, squinting and scrutinizing him, “You’re awake?”

The child grabbed onto Shan Ming’s shirt and called out quietly, “Dad?” He looked around and realized that he was back in Shan Ming’s room in the base, “Where’s Jim? Where’s Goryuu?”


Shan Ming raised an eyebrow, “You don’t remember?”

The child tried to think back and all he could recall was that Jim had tried to choke him, and then he fainted. So he told the truth, “He choked me, on my neck, and then I passed out.”

“Is that all you remember?”

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“Yd, bl’p y cye twu. Tl jkzzle Qsauww, yde bl zknjle xu qynl, ps ekptwpvkdt,” vbl nbkze alnyzzle Qsauww, obs wple vs vlypl bkx okvb pdynjp, yde qlzv y zkvvzl pye.

“Bdqsavwdyvlzu, usw esd’v byhl vbyv nbydnl yduxsal,” Fbyd Ykdt pyke, bydekdt bkx y tzypp sq oyvla.

The child took a sip of water. “Dad, I did manage to stab him, it’s just… I hesitated a bit. But if there’s a next time, I definitely won’t hesitate”.


Shan Ming originally had many questions to ask the child, but after seeing his completely amnesiac appearance, his curiosity was greatly dampened. Besides him, no one here knows what this child is, and even the child himself doesn’t know. He’s keeping such a secret to himself, it was really making him uneasy.

However, based on the information currently available, many questions have been answered. For example, how the strange marks on the corpses of the three wolves that were found on the ground when he was found in the primitive forest in Myanmar three years ago were caused, why a five-year-old child could survive and thrive in such an environment, and why Chinese special forces chased them all the way to the southernmost part of Myanmar. It’s because this kid was a monster. Although it’s unknown how he became a monster, or what kind of monster birthed him, he was indeed a terrifying monster, a killing machine.

Seven years ago, he encountered a similar creature in Yunnan, China. That creature almost wiped out the Peregrine Falcons completely, and this underage monster almost choked him, an experienced mercenary, to death. The inherent physical advantages of this kind of monster are a gap that cannot be surpassed between species. It’s like no matter how much a monkey trains, it will never have the strength and speed of a tiger.

Right now, he can’t even be certain whether Shen Changze is human or not.

To say he is, his appearance is too far from that of a human. But to say he isn’t, he has been indistinguishable from an ordinary human child for the past three years.

What the actual hell is he?

Based on Tang Tingzhi’s field of research, he did consider the possibility of biological genetic modification. But genetic modification technology currently available had a very low success rate, and as far as he knows, all of them are irreversible. It has never been said that a person can be turned into a monster and can switch between human form and monster form. This has surpassed the scope of modern science, it’s unimaginable.

No wonder Tang Tingzhi was so eager to have him. He is a valuable asset that no government would give up easily.

And there must be more than just Shen Changze, perhaps in China, there are many more…

The thought of it made Shan Ming’s spine tingle with fear. If it’s true that something like this exists, then if one wanted to take the head of a country’s leader amidst all the layers of security, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake? No wonder he hadn’t heard any news about it yet. If such a monster were known to the world, it would surely cause tremendous panic.

However, since he has already gotten himself involved in this matter, he must investigate it thoroughly to understand what is going on.

“Dad, Dad.” The child called him several times, finally pulling his thoughts back.



“I’m so hungry.”

Shan Ming made a phone call and asked the canteen staff to deliver the meal.

The child ate three times as much as usual and finally filled his stomach.

Shan Ming sat beside and looked thoughtfully at Shen Changze. He planned to extract a blood sample for testing, but first, he needed to brush up on his biology. Second, he had to do it without Pelle knowing, which could be a bit tricky.

After finishing the meal, the child saw Shan Ming looking at him scrutinizingly, and felt a bit scared. He whispered, “Dad, I will go train tomorrow.”

“Mn, your training will be increased tomorrow.”

“Another increase? It was only increased two months ago.”

“It needs to be increased,” Shan Ming to himself, you little monster, you definitely won’t be tired to death anyway, why else should I be worried?

After finishing the meal, the child stared out of the window at the gradually darkening sky for a while, then turned to Shan Ming and asked, “Dad, why did Jim lick my face? It’s so disgusting.” The child wiped his face, even though it was already clean, he still couldn’t forget the feeling of Jim’s tongue sliding across his face. It was too disgusting.

“What did he do?”

“He licked my face and touched me here. Why did he do this? “The child pointed to his lower body.


Shan Ming didn’t know how to explain these things to a child who couldn’t understand them, so he said, “How would I know? I’m not him. But remember, if someone does that to you again, just kill them without hesitation.”

“Mn,” the child nodded vigorously.

Shan Ming turned to the computer and searched the internet for information, hoping to find anything that caught the wind, maybe it might contain important information.

The child just woke up and doesn’t feel sleepy. After sitting on the bed for a while and seeing that Shan Ming didn’t pay attention to him, the child ran over to him and stared at the computer curiously.

Shan Ming’s hands were typing away on the keyboard, and he didn’t pay attention to the child’s approach.

After a while, he suddenly felt the child approaching him, and then something wet and slippery crawled over his face.

Shan Ming instinctively avoided it, he frowned and looked at the child, “What the fuck are you doing?”

The child tasted the slightly salty taste on his tongue and wondered, “But it isn’t tasty.”

Shan Ming patted his head and said, “Go play by yourself.”

The child continued to grab his shoulder and wanted to move closer, “Dad, let me lick it again. Why did Jim lick me? It’s so weird…”

Shan Ming kicked him away.

Facts proved that the curiosity of children is endless.


At night, when Shan Ming was about to fall asleep, he felt the brat crawling on top of him again to lick his face. The child licked and smacked his lips, as if savoring it.

Shan Ming swung his arm and threw the child onto the ground. The child took advantage of the momentum and performed a beautiful somersault before landing steadily on the ground. He laughed and jumped into Shan Ming’s arms, saying, “Dad, don’t sleep. I slept too long and can’t fall asleep. Let’s go practice shooting.”

“If you can’t sleep, go for a run. Don’t bother me.”

“It’s too much trouble to go out at night, I have to get Ayer’s approval.”

“Run inside the base.”

“I don’t want to go for a run. Let’s go practice shooting… huh?”

As the weather was hot, Shan Ming only wore loose shorts to sleep, and his big birdie slipped out from the side of the shorts, laying softly on the bed.

The child pursed his lips, he mustered the courage and grabbed Shan Ming’s little brother with his small hand, and then immediately released it.

Shan Ming jumped up and scolded angrily, “What the fuck are you trying to do?”

The child innocently opened his hand and exposed five little fingers, “Dad, why did Jim touch the place where I peepee…”

“How the fuck would I know what that pervert wants to do? Get the fuck out and run 30 laps around the base.”

The child pouted, turned around, and went out to run.

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