Dragon Blood

Chapter 12

As he was moving forward cautiously, he suddenly heard an explosion behind him. Shan Ming turned around and saw flames shooting up in the direction of the car. For a moment, the surrounding area became brightly lit, and his eyes, behind the night vision goggles, felt a sharp pain. He yelled, “Get down!”

He jumped to the side with all his might and fell heavily to the ground. Bullets whizzed past the spot where he had just been standing. He could even hear the sound of them penetrating through the air.

He took the submachine gun off his back and fired rapidly toward the area where the figures were moving. Gunshots echoed throughout the forest, accompanied by the wretched cries of people. The K-type MP5 submachine gun he used was the standard weapon of the US Navy SEALs. Although it wasn’t particularly powerful, it had little recoil and a fast bullet firing rate, making it ideal for this kind of skirmish. He could instantly turn the enemy into a beehive.

Unfortunately, he quickly used up 30 rounds of bullets. He only carried two magazines on him, and after changing his magazine, he rolled into the grass and hid himself. The first round of gunfire soon subsided. They had successfully intimidated the enemy, who weren’t aware of their ammunition situation and wouldn’t dare to advance recklessly.

With only two magazines left, he could not afford to shoot randomly. He breathed lightly under the cover of the grass, thinking about the next step in his strategy.


The place where they parked was still burning, and gunshots could be heard constantly. They must have also been ambushed over there. Shan Ming was a little worried about his little baby, so he thought he must make a quick finish here so he can rush back to provide support.

There was a slight rustling sound from the nearby bushes. Shan Ming turned his head to look and saw Koski slowly crawling toward him.

Shan Ming raised his hand above his head, palm inward, asking Koski to cover him. Koski crouched down and aimed his gun forward.

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He had one magazine left, which was 30 rounds of bullets, and his Browning still had nine bullets left. Once all bullets are fired, he will only have his knife left. He regretted leaving in a hurry and not bringing a few grenades with him.


Although he couldn’t see the situation of Jim and the other person, he was pretty sure that the enemy was surrounded by them. He guessed that there were only seven or eight enemies left, and the situation was basically under control. After the gunshot, Ayer had probably sent someone to rescue them, but he didn’t know if Ayer’s hands were free at the moment. It was best not to rely on him.

After a break of about twenty seconds, gunfire broke out again. Shan Ming could tell that it wasn’t coming from their weapons, but from the enemy’s side. Moreover, it was concentrated on Jim’s position.

This was their perfect opportunity. Shan Ming took out his pistol, aimed at the enemy in the dark, and fired shots one by one. His marksmanship was extremely accurate and he managed to take down two enemies in no time.

After a frenzy of shooting, Koski seemed to have run out of bullets. He pulled out his triangular bayonet and signaled for Shan Ming to cover him. Shan Ming thought it was too early for close combat and disagreed with him going, but Koski was a bold and fearless person in battle, he wasn’t afraid of death at all.

Shan Ming had no choice but to provide cover for him. Koski crouched and quickly crawled in the darkness, then suddenly jumped onto an enemy and stabbed him in the neck with his triangular bayonet. At the same time, Koski snatched the enemy’s submachine gun with plenty of ammunition and fired another round of bullets at the remaining enemies.

After he was done, Koski threw the gun away and rolled to the side using the corpse as cover. At the same time, Shan Ming rushed up and emptied his last magazine toward the enemies who turned around to the sound.

Then he threw the submachine gun, drew his curved Kukri Knife, leaped up, and slashed the throat of the person closest to him in midair.

Koski also swung his triangular bayonet recklessly, turning the concealed forest into a slaughterhouse.

Shan Ming could clearly feel that these people weren’t seasoned enough, despite their well-equipped gear. Compared to them, these people were lacking in combat experience. The entire battle did not last more than ten minutes, and the outcome was already decided.

Out of the four of them, only Koski got shot in the leg, the other three were only slightly injured.

They counted the enemies on the ground, a total of 11 bodies. They didn’t have time to examine further and turned back towards their parked vehicles, heading back for rescue.

He went back and saw that the enemy had already been taken care of by Ayer and the others. The car that was destroyed was next to the one he was in, so his car was also affected and overturned.


Everyone was in the midst of the battle and no one paid attention to the overturned car. Only Shan Ming remembered that the son he picked up was inside.

He quickly rushed to the side of the car. The car’s windows were covered in mist he couldn’t see inside clearly. He knocked on the glass urgently and called out, “Shen Changze!”

After a while, the child’s small voice came from inside, “Dad…”

Shan Ming instantly became so worried that he jumped on top of the car. Fortunately, the door wasn’t locked. He opened the door and jumped in.

The child was sandwiched in the middle of the seat, looking up at him with his pale little face.

Shan Ming adjusted the seat forward, creating a gap, then picked up the child and brought him out. The child wasn’t injured, but he was shaking all over. His face was extremely pale, and his big, bright, black eyes were full of fear. The child hugged Shan Ming’s neck tightly and buried his face in his shoulder.

Shan Ming frowned and said, “Are you an idiot? Can’t you move the chair by yourself? The chair isn’t broken.”

The child said quietly, “I… I’m too scared to go out.”

Shan Ming finally realized that the child wasn’t stuck, but was scared to come out because of the gunfire. He snorted, “What a coward.”

He jumped out of the car with the child in his arms, and Ayer had already taken people with him to deal with the aftermath.

There were several corpses lying on the ground, and the soil underfoot was oozing with frightening blood.

The child took only a quick glance before letting out a short cry, then buried his face in Shan Ming’s arms, trembling violently.


Pelle, wearing white gloves, was bandaging Koski. She glanced at Shan Ming and chuckled, “Little baby got scared.”

Shan Ming scornfully curled his lips, “He’s too timid. You have to train him harder.”

“No problem, I was going to make him participate in dissections.”

The whole battle lasted just over half an hour. They killed a total of seventeen people and captured three. Ayer took the prisoners to interrogate them in the woods, while the others started to gather the equipment of their enemies, which were all high-quality items.

An hour passed, and gunshots were heard coming from the woods. Ayer emerged from the trees with the team, wearing a cold smirk on his face.

They had almost finished clearing up the scene. The overturned vehicle had been flipped back, and aside from one car being completely totaled, two people sustaining slightly more serious injuries, and seven others sustaining minor injuries, they had no other losses.

Ayer called Shan Ming over to his car and briefed him on the results of the interrogation they had just conducted.

Based on their analysis, it could be roughly determined that they were being used as bait by their employer, and that there must be a large amount of actual traded goods that will be transported to the Mexicans through other channels. They were just used as targets.

Shan Ming suggested to stop advancing towards the border, and instead turn back to the Golden Triangle immediately and settle accounts with their employer.

Ayer, on the other hand, held a more conservative view. He thought that since they had already come this far, they should still go to the designated location to take a look. If no one showed up for the trade, they could turn back then. Their employer wouldn’t be able to escape anyway, and whether it was a matter of paying with money or with their lives, they would have a legitimate reason.

Since Ayer was the leader, they naturally followed his decision. After they had made up their minds, Shan Ming went back to his own vehicle to nap.

The sky quickly brightened and the rain miraculously stopped.


The convoy advanced towards the designated location at the border at an extremely slow pace. This time, it took them another whole day.

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