Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 91 Shi Qi is not happy

The girl who led her in, stood outside the door and did not go in, looking at her with a smile.

Ning Meng pushed the door and stepped inside. Immediately catching her eye was a wedding dress hanging on the wall. The complete sheer whiteness and the simple yet luxurious decorations almost blinded her.

She quietly exited the room and asked, “Did I go into the wrong room?”

The girl remained standing there and answered politely, “Miss Ning, this is your dressing room. Go in and put it on. If the size is not suitable, we will make changes.”

Ning Meng swallowed, “Is this a bridal shop?”


The girl nodded, “Yes.”

Now that it had come to this, Ning Meng was finally enlightened.

The information on the household register she saw in the afternoon turned her into a married woman, and now, she was in a bridal shop.

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Ning Meng returned to the front again.


Shi Qi stood in front of the shop window with his back to her, looking lonely and arrogant, making her feel he was unapproachable.

Hearing the sound, he turned his head.

Seeing that Ning Meng was still in the same dress as when she entered, his face was evidently unhappy, a little panic even flashed across his face.

Ning Meng twirled her hands behind her back, not daring to meet his eyes, she stumbled over her words, saying, “…you said you were gonna give me some time to think about it…”

Yet just after uttering these words, why did a sense of regret suddenly well up in her?

After a long time, Shi Qi finally spoke, “I couldn’t wait.”

He looked straight into her black grape-like eyes, “There is still a long time after marriage, so you can consider it slowly.”

As for divorce?

Don’t even think about it.

Ning Meng: “…” Return her identity as an unmarried girl!

Before she could say anything, she was brought into the car along with the clothes. By the time she recovered her senses, she was already in front of the Shi residence.

The person who sent her back was the younger brother in the black suit. Seeing her and the wedding dress in the box next to her, his eyes were almost about to pop out of its sockets.


Ning Meng sat in the back with a wooden face.

She returned to the mansion without saying a word, stared blankly at the empty living room for a while, sighing for nearly ten minutes.

Thinking of Shi Qi’s last expression, she suddenly felt stuffy.

She gently opened the box, and the exquisitely packaged wedding dress laid in front of her eyes, dazzling her eyeballs and making her heart tremble.

After a long time, Ning Meng closed the gift box, making it so that ‘what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over’.

She took out her phone and opened it, the webpage showing the news about the murder of a female college student that she only saw yesterday.

Because the article was too bloody, she closed it after browsing for a while, but didn’t expect to see it again today.

Ning Meng clicked on the news link.

The news had a photo attached that was mosaiced, but the bright red blood could still be seen faintly, allowing one to imagine how gruesome the incident must’ve been.

The article was very long, with a brief introduction at the beginning.

The girl who was killed was called Lu Yuqi. She was a graduate student in the second year and had been in the laboratory for the last few days.

On the day of the accident, her classmates all went back early, leaving her alone. When they returned to school the next day, they heard the news of Lu Yuqi’s death.


According to what the first witness saw, Lu Yuqi died on the way home. The place she died in was not remote, but was also not prosperous. After ten o’clock in the evening, there were basically no people.

The witness came back late at night because he went out to sell watermelons. He and his wife were driving when they saw Lu Yuqi on the side of the road.

At that time, the two people were in the car. Looking outside, they thought she had drunk too much. They got out of the car, intending to wake her up but found that something was wrong under the street light.

A dark circle on the ground smelt of blood, and the person they thought was drunk, was already dead, showing no signs of breathing.

After panicking, the two people chose to call the police.

After checking the surveillance, the police found that Lu Yuqi had died very strangely.

“Please download the client terminal to read the full text.”

Ning Meng: “…”

This was getting really serious.

She silently turned to Weibo, searched for related information, and as she expected, a lot of them popped up below. She could even see videos when she scrolled down the results.

The most eye-catching one was naturally the surveillance video.

She didn’t know how it got leaked out but in any case, judging from the comments, it seemed to be actual surveillance footage.


Ning Meng clicked it open and watched carefully.

When Lu Yuqi appeared on the monitoring screen of this section of the road, it was very normal. During this period, she first made a phone call with someone, and was then playing on her mobile phone until the scene of the incident occurred.

As she approached the place of death in the picture, she began to look around, as if someone was following her.

It was unknown whether she realized someone was tracking her or something else. In the end, Lu Yuqi continued to walk ahead, but was already acting more cautious.

It was quite dangerous for a girl to walk at night, and she was clearly very experienced, taking out a spray from her bag and a fruit knife.

But even so, strange things happened.

The closer she got to that place, the more nervous Ning Meng became, almost holding her breath while staring at the phone screen without blinking.

Lu Yuqi didn’t seem to notice anything, and kept walking forward.

At this moment, a strange sound suddenly came from the surveillance, Lu Yuqi obviously heard it too, and turned her head.

Almost at the same instant, the fruit knife in her hand moved, slashing towards her own neck.

Lu Yuqi obviously reacted, and grabbed her hand with the other in a panic, but unfortunately she couldn’t match its strength.

As time passed, the fruit knife in her hand was getting closer and closer to her face, and a light flashed by, the tip of the knife had plunged into her left eye.

Blood rushed out immediately.

Lu Yuqi’s screams also rang out.

Ning Meng was frightened by the sudden change, and took a deep breath, closing her eyes. After a while, she opened them again.

When she opened her eyes again, Lu Yuqi was already covering her eyes and was sitting on the ground, blood flowing continuously from her fingers, dripping down onto the ground.

Even so, her hand holding the fruit knife was still moving restlessly, going to other places again, without any intention of stopping.

Lu Yuqi was surrounded by pain now, there was no strength to stop her hand, so she could only let it stab her again and again.

Within a moment, her body was already covered with wounds.

Lu Yuqi eventually fell to the ground and died due to excessive blood loss.

Even so, the hand holding the fruit knife didn’t stop, and it slammed into her other intact eye again, and the blood splattered far away.

The scene only showed this and after that, Lu Yuqi fell into a coma, convulsed a few times, and finally stopped moving.

The footage did not end there.

Even though Ning Meng was a little frightened, she kept her eyes open. She wanted to know whether it was man-made or a ghost causing mischief.

She didn’t see any ghosts appearing, but that didn’t mean that there was none.

After thinking about it, she still asked the system, “Do you know what’s going on? What killed Lu Yuqi?”

It was impossible for Lu Yuqi’s own hands to suddenly gain its own consciousness. Even if it did, there was no need to kill its own master, unless something was controlling it.

The system said, “I’m not too sure about this. We would have to go to the scene of the crime to be able to make out something but it’s too dangerous, it’s better for you not to go.”

Ning Meng nodded, “I won’t go.”

She couldn’t avoid danger now so if the system told her not to go, she wouldn’t.

But Lu Yuqi’s death was too strange, and it happened so gorily as well, as if there was a sea of ​​blood and deep hatred.

This matter was also discussed in the Weibo comments.

“This method of death is terrible… Was there a head in her hand? It wholeheartedly wanted to kill her.”

“Ever since I saw this, I dare not use a fruit knife now. I don’t even dare go out once the skies turn dark, I just stay at home.”

“I don’t know what the outcome of this matter will be. I’m guessing that the video will be deleted soon, otherwise it would cause panic.”

Ning Meng looked around for a while before returning to the original interface.

Before she could do anything, the words “This video has been deleted” were already displayed on it. As expected, the video had been deleted.

Before she could look for it again, the sound of footsteps came from behind.

Shi Qi stood there, his gaze fell on the phone screen, and he asked, “Were you watching the video?”

This had just happened an hour ago. Ning Meng didn’t know how to talk to him, but she also felt distressed.

Shi Qi didn’t notice it and frowned, reaching out to lock the screen, “Don’t look.”

The picture was so bloody, what else was there to see on it?

Ning Meng didn’t know the reason on the inside, so she quickly threw the messy thoughts behind her head, and quickly asked, “Do you know how Lu Yuqi died?”

Shi Qi said, “I don’t.”

His words were so simple as if they didn’t contain an ounce of thought, yet Ning Meng could easily understand what he meant.

“It’s not a simple matter.” Shi Qi warned.

Ning Meng sighed, and looked up at him again, “If you tell me, I won’t go there and take a look.”

Shi Qi glanced at her, “It’s impossible for you to go there.”

Ning Meng: “…”

Hearing this made her a little angry and she wanted to hit him.

Even though Shi Qi said that, he still told her a little bit about the situation, which also indirectly indicated that he would take care of this matter, otherwise he would not care about it.

It turned out that the road where the incident happened had been closed. No wonder he said it was impossible for her to go there anyway.

According to Shi Qi, after Lu Yuqi died, another incident happened again there. Even though it was completely different, the appearance of death was also very strange.

That person was called Li Yueru, she was not a student, but she was not that old either. She was only two years older than Lu Yuqi, and she worked in a nearby factory.

The incident happened on the third day after Lu Yuqi’s incident.

When she was on her way home after work, she unknowingly walked onto the road because she was playing on her mobile phone. Even though she was not in the middle of the road, she was quite close to it.

There were very few vehicles on this road at night, and only one or two large vehicles such as logistics trucks and oil tankers would appear every couple of minutes.

Moreover, Li Yueru also felt something was wrong at the same place.

She also looked around, but didn’t find anything. In the end, she could only focus on her phone again.

But the moment she relaxed, she felt as if her whole person seemed to be crushed.

The reason why the words ‘seemed like’ were used was because there was no car on this road at all, but Li Yueru was lying on the ground miserably, with traces of being crushed by impact, found on her body.

It was basically the same as being involved in a car accident. If there was, then her injuries were probably more serious as her flesh had been spun around, her whole figure becoming like a meatloaf.

From beginning to end, not a single car appeared.

And Li Yueru was crushed just like that.


I’m unhappy.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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