Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 88 It doesn’t matter as long as I like her

Now that it had already reached this point, how could Huang Feifei still dare to hide it?

Even though she didn’t steal the urn, she couldn’t get rid of her connection to it.

With Qin Huaiwen’s attitude towards his ex-wife, he would definitely investigate this incident, and sooner or later, she would have to bear the consequences.

“It’s really not me… It was given to me by an old man, he delivered it to me!” Huang Feifei revealed it all at once.

“What did he look like?” Shi Qi asked suddenly.


Panic was strewn all over Huang Feifei’s face, she didn’t dare say anything more, “I only know that it was an old man… I have never actually seen his face…”

Qin Huaiwen held his anger back, “How could you have come up with such a vicious way? Where did Shen Yun offend you?”

Huang Feifei immediately shook her head and tried to defend herself, “I didn’t know this was Shen Yun’s, otherwise I wouldn’t have used it!”

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In the accommodation arranged by the company, she shared a room with another girl in the same office. She was several years older than her, and had been in that company for several years. Once she started living there, the girl changed from living alone to living with her and after some time had passed, they started to have many quarrels.


When time came to settle the monthly electricity and water bills, she inexplicably had to pay a lot more.

Huang Feifei remembered that she spent very little time in the dormitory, and she didn’t cook much, only coming back to take a shower every night, and then charge her mobile phone and computer, which shouldn’t add up to much.

Instead, it was the other party, who often used high-power appliances at home, who ended up actually paying a lot less for her electricity.

Huang Feifei originally had a low salary, but thinking that she was a newcomer and the other party was an old colleague, it was not easy to bring this up, so she resisted not saying anything and paid the money.

After the electricity and water bills got worse in the second month, she finally couldn’t help it. And brought the matter up with the other party, only paying as much money as she expected.

After living together for such a long time, they still couldn’t get along.

At some point, the girl suddenly started spending large amounts of money, bringing home brand-name bags and cosmetics to the dorm as if she didn’t need money and when time came to pay the utility bills, she would have an expression of extreme disdain.

Sometimes when Huang Feifei came back early, she could see her video-chatting with someone and when the girl saw her passing by, she would quickly turn off the video.

Soon after, she heard a few people at the company talking in the pantry. It turned out that the girl had found a rich second-generation boyfriend, who was very generous to her.

Later, every time Huang Feifei went back to the dormitory, she would see the girl cast various expressions of disgust towards her, as well as intentionally or otherwise showing off, almost every day.

Huang Feifei was able to face it normally at the beginning, but after a long time, she felt that the world was unfair.

That girl worked less hours than she did for the company every day, was not as good-looking as her, and her personality was terrible, so why did she have a boyfriend who treated her so generously?


This thought nibbled away at her head every day.

Until one day, she accidentally clicked into a forum.

There were all kinds of weird things in that forum. The homepage had something about borrowing other people’s luck to help yourself. Huang Feifei became interested at that time.

She browsed through many posts, found many different things, and became heavily interested in the occult matters of this world.

Then she found a post in the corner. The host briefly introduced the use of other people’s ashes to support oneself, and said that he had recently succeeded in the experimentation.

There were a few people who followed the posts occasionally, and they basically said that they have also succeeded in the experiment, even attaching some real experiences.

Huang Feifei was very excited about it, her thoughts beginning to stir restlessly.

At that time, because it was still working hours, she didn’t take a close look. When she got off work at night and returned to the room, she entered the forum again and went back into the post.

After thinking for a few days, she finally made a decision.

She checked and found that a contact information was attached for purchasing other people’s urns on the Internet, and the post also gave some other hidden contacts.

Huang Feifei finally chose the contact information left in the post, bought a box of ashes from the other party, and said that if the quality was good, she would pay more for it.

About a week later, she received the courier. It was an exquisitely packaged urn which contained a lot of ashes.


Following the method left in the post, she buried the urn under the floor at the foot of her bed and covered it with soil.

Because it happened to be on the first floor, it was more convenient.

Ever since she received the urn, Huang Feifei had found that her life had begun to change, and it was very obvious.

For example, she was often criticized by her female boss. The day after she left the urn at home, the female boss was hospitalized because of an injury, and the company quickly promoted someone else to take her position.

And that new boss happened to be one of the people who were chasing her.

In addition, she found that the troubles that she often encountered in life suddenly grew less in number, and the rest became easier. In any case, to put it very simply..

Huang Feifei’s life instantly became happier.

As for her roommate, she didn’t know what happened to her. When she went home, she somehow came across her quarreling with her boyfriend through a video call, and breaking up.

The next day, she didn’t see the girl’s bag and cosmetics in the room, but she ran into the rich second-generation boyfriend who was throwing the things into the trash can instead.

After a series of events, Huang Feifei was convinced that the urn she had bought was working its magic. She began to hang around on that forum all day, and her thoughts began to twist and turn.

She didn’t look bad, in fact, she was quite pretty, so why couldn’t she find someone better than that girl’s boyfriend?

Huang Feifei contacted the poster in private and obtained a new method, which was to fix the four corners of the urn with mahogany.


In this way, the remaining soul in the ashes would not be able to discern the direction, thereby getting lost in it, allowing her to be able to use the remnant soul.

Huang Feifei chose the best mahogany from the timber market, fixed it there again, and waited quietly.

Almost nothing changed at the very beginning.

Just when she was about to grow impatient, Huang Feifei finally met someone, and that someone was Qin Huaiwen. This had probably happened on the third day.

She could tell that Qin Huaiwen had a good impression of her.

Huang Feifei quickly became attached to him. While they were together, she paid attention to restraining her emotions, not asking for anything, just getting along with each other day by day.

After a few months, they confirmed their relationship.

Soon after, Qin Huaiwen asked to marry her. Everything happened so smoothly that she couldn’t believe it but she had no choice but to believe in the truthfulness of the post.

Not long after the proposal, Qin Huaiwen bought her a villa which was very large and beautiful, and the title was also written under her name.

Huang Feifei chose a time during his business trip, to move the urn from her room to the new villa, and lived the life of an upper-class lady every day.

After a long time, she was almost about to forget the existence of the urn.

Until today, when the urn was dug out. When she saw it, she was shocked and scared, and had ended up telling a lie.

She didn’t expect that the later events would follow.

Huang Feifei couldn’t help but feel that all of this was all so coincidental, it really made her unable to express in words, and her hatred towards Shen Yun grew slightly.

Liu Feiyang remained silent in the corner.

He himself was frightened, but he didn’t expect that there were a lot of events happening behind the scenes which completely toppled over his usual thoughts.

For a while, the tomb was quiet.

Huang Feifei recovered from her thoughts and looked at Qin Huaiwen.

Qin Huaiwen had just recovered from the shock, his palm even revealed a red mark because of anger, and his expression towards Huang Feifei was also very disgusted.

Huang Feifei naturally saw this clearly.

She glanced at the two people not far away, with a sad expression, “Qin Huaiwen, do you have no feelings for me at all?”

They have been together for more than a year and had spent such a long time together, she didn’t believe he didn’t have the slightest feelings for her at all.

Qin Huaiwen’s face was gloomy, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “You should consider yourself lucky that I didn’t strangle you to death!”

Huang Feifei took a step back, panic flashing in her eyes.

She didn’t understand. Even if it was because of the urn at the beginning, after nearly a year of getting along, even animals would have grown feelings, let alone people.

Were all rich people this heartless?

Huang Feifei couldn’t help but look at the stairs. A girl younger than her was making faces at the young man known as Young Master Qi. She wasn’t that pretty, and she was even acting haughty seeing that she wasn’t discovered by the man yet.

Little did she know that, from Huang Feifei’s point of view, it can be seen that the young man had already discovered it at all, but did not say anything.

She looked at Qin Huaiwen who was furious again, and her heart was empty.

Her gaze turned to the other two people, appearing unreconciled. Their way of getting along made her puzzled and made her jealous.

Huang Feifei suddenly shouted, “The girl next to you doesn’t even like you at all, don’t you feel anything?”

Her voice sounded sharp and shrewd.

Qin Huaiwen immediately looked over there and said in fear, “Young Master Qi, don’t take this crazy woman’s words to heart, I’ll take her away immediately!”

But Huang Feifei laughed.

Shi Qi turned his head, “It doesn’t matter as long as I like her.”

His tone was very calm.

Huang Feifei felt that she could hear earnestness in his words.

Tears nearly leaked out the corner of her eyes. How could that be possible, she must have heard it wrong. See, she was even seeing hallucinations.


No matter what.

She will always be mine.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: Today, I appeared in someone else’s eyes, I’m not happy.

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