Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 87 Very Good

Huang Feifei was still completely out of the loop.

She touched the clothes on her body, frowned and muttered to herself, “Why don’t I remember changing clothes?”

Even though she liked the clothes very much, she couldn’t understand what was going on and said, ” Huaiwen, I’ll go down and change clothes first.”

Qin Huaiwen ignored her next sentence and snorted coldly, “Of course you don’t remember.”

He lifted his foot away and pointed to the land behind him, “Take a good look. Did you do this!”


The dirt pit and the urn behind him instantly came into view.

Huang Feifei’s pupil’s shook and she took a step back, stammering, “This, this… why does our house have that?”

Qin Huaiwen looked at her suspiciously.

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Huang Feifei chased after him in such haste that she almost fell to the ground.


Ning Meng hurriedly asked, “Should we go too?”

Shi Qi looked at her, “Do you want to go?”

Ning Meng hesitated. She wanted to but also didn’t want to. If she were to see something preposterous, wouldn’t it be bad for her?

She shook her head, “I think it’s better not to go.”

After a long pause, she heard Shi Qi’s voice, “There is nothing there.”

Qin Huaiwen had just contacted the driver and walked over and asked: “Is the young lady also going? There’s space in the car.”

Based on his personality, he usually wouldn’t talk to women he didn’t know. This time, it was really because of Young Master Qi’s attitude towards her that he felt the need to treat her well so that he himself could also benefit.

Ning Meng scrunched her brows. “Can I really go? I think it’s better for me not to go.”

She was frightened about these places. It was really too easy for accidents to occur. Even if the system says she was capable, she still felt that her insignificant life could come to an end at any moment.”

Shi Qi said, “There is nothing there.”

After a pause, he then added, “I’m going as well.”

Ning Meng looked over to him and hesitated, “If you’re going…then I’m going too.”


She didn’t want to stay here and be in the same space as that wedding gown ghost.

The car Qin Huaiwen arranged was not small. There was enough room to spare for a few people.

He also grabbed Huang Feifei and asked her to take off her wedding dress. As for the wedding dress, it was hung directly on the hanger.

In any case, Young Master Qi said that there wouldn’t be any problems for the time being.

The city was a bit far away from the cemetery so by the time they arrived at the place, an hour had elapsed.

The tombkeeper at the cemetery was called Liu Feiyang. When Liu Feiyang spotted the incoming group of people, he immediately recognized Qin Huaiwen and greeted him, “Mr. Qin, you’re here.”

He also saw two people he didn’t recognize, following behind and felt it strange.

Seeing that Qin Huaiwen had no flowers in his hands, he quickly took out a bunch of white chrysanthemums from the room, which were very clean and beautiful.

He hurriedly handed it up, “These are the flowers just delivered today.”

The pressure around Qin Huaiwen was extremely low.

The tomb didn’t have his ex-wife’s urn so what use was there in bringing flowers? He was here to dig up the tomb.

“You, follow me.” He said, turning around and leaving without accepting the flowers.


At present, the price of occupying a space in the cemetery was rising rapidly, becoming on par with the housing price. Qin Huaiwen did not lack money, so naturally, he wanted to find the best location for Shen Yun.

After walking along the aisle, and heading inwards, after a few minutes, he finally reached the edge. The huge trees on the side blocked the sun.

Qin Huaiwen stopped in front of a tomb, whose name was Shen Yun.

Liu Feiyang followed and put the flowers in front.

From the outside, everything seemed to be normal in this place.

Qin Huaiwen turned around at the sides and knelt down again to investigate carefully, finally finding something amiss. The traces of the new brickwork were a bit obvious.

He stood up angrily, “I want to dig the tomb!”

Liu Feiyang stopped him in a panic, and hurriedly said, “Mr. Qin, you can’t do this, it’s illegal.”

If he allowed him to open the tomb, he was going to lose his job.

How could Qin Huaiwen listen to his words? He only thought about wanting to find out if Shen Yun’s urn was really dug up and touched.

Seeing this, how could Liu Feiyang not know his intentions?

He couldn’t stop Qin Huaiwen at all, watching wide-eyed as he took out his phone and called the workers and at last, he didn’t hold himself back.


He pounced on him, causing Qin Huaiwen’s phone to crash into the flowerbed at the side and then got up, apologizing to him, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……”

Qin Huaiwen stared at him, and suddenly asked, “When was the tomb dug up?”

As soon as the words came out, Liu Feiyang stared dumbstruck.

Not only him, but Huang Feifei, who had been keeping silent at the periphery, also stared at the scene speechless. Her lips moved, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

Half a minute later, Liu Feiyang finally reacted, his face turning pale, and he couldn’t say anything.

“I……I didn’t do it intentionally” After a long time, he slumped on the ground, his words incoherent, “I really di-……didn’t want to lose this job!”

Qin Huaiwen panted for breath, feeling anger overwhelm him, “Is there surveillance footage?”

He wanted to see if Huang Feifei stole the urn, or someone else stole it and gave it to Huang Feifei.

Liu Feiyang’s face paled and he glanced at the tomb on the side, trembling as he said, “…… I drank too much alcohol that night last year and when I did a patrol in the morning, I realized..that the tomb had been opened…”

He was in a bad mood that day because the girl from his blind date belittled him because of his job. After returning, he bought a case of beer and took it to the room.

Even though drinking beer wouldn’t make anyone drunk, after downing many bottles, he felt really miserable and didn’t patrol that night, falling asleep directly instead.

When he awoke the next day, the sky was already bright.

He washed his face, then went to patrol the cemetery. All the way down, when he finally reached the tomb of Shen Yun, he saw the opened tomb.

At that time, Liu Feiyang’s drowsiness immediately cleared up. He became very clear-headed and saw that the inside was empty, evidently indicating that the urn was stolen.

He couldn’t react at all, frightened and shocked.

By the time Liu Feiyang came back to his senses, the idea of ​​filling this tomb had already popped into his head.

He was not the only one who kept watch of the tombs in this cemetery, but the other person went home to get married during that period, so he was the only one left. Moreover, there was coincidentally no one who visited the cemetery that day.

The tomb in the cemetery was stolen. If people were to know about it and look into it, he would definitely be held accountable, perhaps, he might be punished to pay compensation as well.

Originally, this job didn’t pay much. The people who could buy places in this cemetery weren’t rich. If he were ordered to compensate them, a few years of his salaries probably wouldn’t even cover it.

In the end, Liu Feiyang decided to conceal the matter.

It took a few days for the tomb to be restored, Qin Huaiwen came over to visit the grave and at that time, his heart palpitated from fear. He followed him from behind, afraid that he would discover something.

Fortunately, he had learned some bricklaying work before. Since Qin Huaiwen couldn’t see any problems, he threw the matter to the back of his hand.

Even so, every time Qin Huaiwen came over, he still felt very nervous, afraid of being exposed.

This time, seeing Mr. Qin’s expression today, he felt that something was wrong. Even when he was handing the flowers to him, his hands were shaking.

Sure enough, his conjecture was right.

Liu Feiyang stood up, and lowered his head, “Mr. Qin, I really didn’t mean it…I can’t lose this job…”

Ning Meng was shocked to hear this, watching from the side.

How should she say this? Everything that happened in the dark was foreordained to lead to this situation. If Liu Feiyang had reported the incident to the police, how else would the current Huang Feifei appear?

Whether it was the ashes stolen by Huang Feifei or someone else, they were all used on her in the end, and Shen Yun’s luck was taken away.

After listening to Liu Feiyang’s words, there was no need to dig the tomb because Qin Huaiwen had fully understood the cause of the matter.

He glanced at the calm Shi Qi, knowing that his thoughts weren’t on his side, and didn’t want to disturb him. He also did not want to trouble him lest he offended him, so he simply turned his head and asked calmly, “Where’s the surveillance of that day?”

Liu Feiyang hurriedly got up from the ground, “It’s in my computer, I have kept it, if you need it, I’ll get it right away!”

Qin Huaiwen suppressed his anger, turned his head and said to Shi Qi, “Young Master Qi, I’ll be going first.”

Shi Qi nodded slightly.

Seeing his agreement, Qin Huaiwen breathed a sigh of relief.

This also meant he would be safe if he went over by himself.

Qin Huaiwen glanced at Huang Feifei, who was shaking behind him, and dragged her over, slightly suppressing his voice, “You come with me!”

Seeing him this furious, how could Huang Feifei dare not follow him?

She had never seen Qin Huaiwen like this before, her arm was dragged, causing her to stagger behind, yet she did not dare to utter any complaints.

Next to the cemetery was Liu Feiyang’s house.

The house he lived in wasn’t big, but it was all for work, and also saved the big price of renting a house in Yanjing. With the exception of being a little bit easy to intrude, it was also very convenient.

He had watched this surveillance countless times, and he had nearly seen through almost every minute and every second of it, but he hadn’t seen who that person is up until now, and he dared not show the video to others. In the end, he had no choice but to leave it unsettled.

The footage was not clear, but some things could still be made out.

The cemetery under surveillance at night was very scary. Tombstones were standing, and the trees would sway. Even when it was currently daytime, Ning Meng still felt her back turn cold.

If there really was a ghost who popped out, she wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Liu Feiyang had apparently watched it countless times, “It will be about half an hour before the person stealing the urn will appear.”

Despite that, Qin Huaiwen still didn’t let him fast forward.

Just like what Liu Feiyang said, the surveillance was fine, until about half an hour later when a new change occurred. A dark shadow appeared in the surveillance corner.

The dark shadow acted sneakily.

It was originally dark, and the clothes that the figure wore were hard to make out. If one didn’t look carefully, the figure could be easily mised.

As time passed by, soon, the ghost figure’s destination was revealed, and it was indeed the location of Shen Yun’s tomb.

Coincidentally, the big tree happened to be blocking some of it, so the specific movement was not very clear, only half of it could be seen.

But it can be assumed that that person was digging up Shen Yun’s tomb.

About an hour later, the man finally left from the tomb, and he was holding something in his arms, leaving quickly in fast steps, disappearing into the darkness.

Liu Feiyang stopped the video and said in a low voice, “Here it is, he was the one who stole the urn.”

He looked at this figure for a year, and hadn’t found out who it was, so he kept hiding it. Who could’ve expected that the matter would be uncovered today.

Qin Huaiwen saw Shen Yun’s urn stolen with his own eyes. He was originally in a rage at the beginning, but now, his anger only intensified.

Shen Yun followed him, but she didn’t receive any fortune. After she died, he found a better cemetery, but her urn ended up being dugged up and stolen. How could he calm down?

He turned around abruptly and saw Huang Feifei’s face pale behind him, and snarled, “Was that you?”

Huang Feifei quickly shook her head, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t not me! That person wasn’t me!”

She looked so panicked. In addition, the urn was found in her own home, and the female ghost said the same as well. Qin Huaiwen had already made a decision.

Huang Feifei grabbed his arm and shouted, “Huaiwen, it really wasn’t me…Believe me, I didn’t do it. It was given to me by an old man!”

She originally thought she could hoodwink her way through, denying that she knew about the urn hidden at home but didn’t think that it would all unfurl today.

She didn’t even know it was Shen Yun’s urn!


Very good.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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