Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 86 I’m going to show her

Ning Meng knew that if Shi Qi were to know that she had a system, or that she was from another world, then it would be disastrous. Not locking her up would be considered the lightest punishment he would probably give.

It was better for her to internally complain to herself.

Shi Qi did not speak.

Almost all of her thoughts were written on her face, so it was really easy to see. Perhaps she herself thought she was hiding it well.

The surroundings on the ground were opened up, and a circle of black soil surrounded an exquisite urn.


And if one took a bird’s eye view, this place was situated inside the room and no matter how you looked at it, it was weird.

The workers involved found the situation fishy. Who would put the urn here? Moreover, the owner’s expression seemed wrong, and judging by their words, it didn’t seem like he knew about this in advance.

They wouldn’t have dipped their hands into supernatural matters, have they?

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Ning Meng shrank and asked, “Do any of you feel cold?”


Then she silently leaned closer towards Shi Qi.

She touched her neck and turned her head suspiciously, finding Huang Feifei, who was supposed to be downstairs, standing behind her.

Without saying a word, her face was expressionless.

And what was even more terrifying was that she was wearing the red wedding gown.

The original fair skin was lined with bright red, making it look ghastly pale, adding on the darkness under her eyes, it made her look as if she hadn’t slept for days and nights, which was extremely horrifying.

Compared to how she looked when she saw her for the first time, she looked much more terrifying now.

Seeing Ning Meng turning her head to look at her, Huang Feifei revealed a smile and said softly, “Do I look good?”

If this question was asked by any ordinary person, Ning Meng would have definitely answered it, but now, seeing that it was her, and seeing the black air surrounding her, she only wanted to stay far far away from her.

Seeing her keep away from herself, Huang Feifei was not unhappy either.

She still wanted to ask something, but seeing the young man’s expression, she couldn’t help but step back a bit and didn’t speak again.

In this room, she was most afraid of that person. There was something on him that attracted her, but also gave her a very dangerous feeling. She knew well that she couldn’t take risks.

Qin Huaiwen’s attention was still on the urn, and he didn’t see her change at all. Hearing her voice at the moment, he turned his head to see Huang Feifei and his tone immediately turned unpleasant, “Why did you put the dress on again?”


Now that he saw her wearing the dress again, he felt unpleasant, itching to throw it away.

But recalling the last time he threw it away and finding that it came back in this house by itself, it not only made his scalp numb but also made him feel terrified so he ignored the desire to do so.

Huang Feifei smiled again, “Do I look good?”

How could Qin Huaiwen still pay attention to how she looked? He quickly said, “Take it off immediately. What time do you think it is? Do you think it’s appropriate to ask such an immature question at this moment?”

He turned to Shi Qi, “Young Master Qi, please don’t mind her. She’s just being stupid.”

Shi Qi didn’t say a word, and just nodded.

The workers felt that the situation was not right, and took the lead to ask, “Boss Qin, what’s going on…?”

Doing this line of work, they were most afraid of encountering bad luck, which could affect their future fortune.

Qin Huaiwen froze, “If you want to go, you can go now.”

Hearing these words, how could workers still have the mind to ask, they all left this place immediately. Anyway, the wages will be settled in the end so they weren’t afraid their boss would run away.

In an instant, only four people were left in the entire room.

Qin Huaiwen glanced at Huang Feifei, then turned around and asked, “Young Master Qi, who put this here? I clearly remember that it was put in the tomb. It was even recorded. Why would it suddenly appear here?”


He was most concerned about this question.

Cemeteries nowadays were guarded and also monitored. If something were stolen, he would have definitely been informed.

The urn must have been placed here for a long time, and since he had not received any news, he could only have assumed that nothing had happened at the cemetery.

Shi Qi cast a light glance at the side, “Ask her.”

Qin Huaiwen’s body stiffened as she obviously knew the meaning behind this sentence.

He turned around and stared at Huang Feifei.

Even though she looked strange, he was able to tolerate it after seeing it many times, rather than feeling terrified like Ning Meng.

Huang Feifei was still the same as before, seemingly unfazed by Qin Huaiwen.

Ning Meng couldn’t help but interject, “She is obviously possessed, you might as well ask who she is.”

Just now she vaguely saw the appearance of another figure in the black air, but she quickly disappeared and Ning Meng didn’t know if she had totally vanished or was just hiding deeper.

Qin Huaiwen kept away from Huang Feifei calmly, frowning at her, “Are you Huang Feifei or someone else?”

As soon as this sentence came out, the woman in front of him smiled, “What do you think?”


The expression on her face suddenly became vivid and charming.

Qin Huaiwen’s face became even more ugly, “Where did I offend you?”

Huang Feifei smiled and glanced at the young man over at the other side, her eyes flashed cautiously, before turning back, “I just like this body very much.”

She clearly hadn’t died but was forced to wear a wedding gown and put into a coffin to become someone else’s wife.

By the time she saw the skies again, it was just a couple of days ago.

Someone had dug her out of the ground, put her into clothes, and sent her here ecstatically.

Having stayed underground for so many years, she finally had a chance to see the sun so of course, she had to seize the opportunity. She could only blame this woman for her own bad luck.

Had she not come, this body would have been blown up by the excessive qi.

That qi was now naturally used by her, coincidentally serving as her nourishment for her to cultivate, and become a real human as soon as possible.

“What about Feifei?” Qin Huaiwen asked.

‘Huang Feifei’ smiled and said, “As for her, well, I don’t know.”

She looked at him and curled her lips, “If you have the time to care about her, why don’t you spend it on the urn instead, it is almost about to dry up.”

The room became quiet instantly.

‘Huang Feifei’ still felt that it was not enough, and added more details to her words, “It’s almost been a year and you only noticed it now.”

In other words, she was implying that she was using Shen Yun’s ashes to nourish herself.

Qin Huaiwen’s sight almost went black, his legs almost rushing to strangle Huang Feifei.

Shen Yun was his ex-wife, yet she was being treated like this without his knowledge. He was still about to marry this woman and live the rest of his life with her. Was all of the things happening right now a warning from Shen Yun?

His throat was dry, making him unable to utter a word.

Strictly speaking, the time he and Huang Feifei had really gotten to know each other was only for a year, so did this mean that this had happened back then?

Did Huang Feifei use Shen Yun’s ashes to get together with him?

Once this thought formed, the surge of all other thoughts couldn’t be stopped.

Qin Huaiwen recalled their first encounter and the bits and pieces of how they had spent their time, gradually realizing Huang Feifei’s peculiarity more and more.

He had bought this house, but soon after, he went on a business trip abroad and only returned after half a month.

Perhaps it was during this time that Huang Feifei brought Shen Yun’s urn over, and his encounter with her was a conspiracy.

Qin Huaiwen only felt chills in his heart.

What a conniving woman. He had never discovered that Shen Yun’s tomb had been raided, having just been to the cemetery himself a few months ago.

Ning Meng frowned, and approached Shi Qi, asking in a low voice, “Are her words true or false?”

Shi Qi raised a brow, “They’re true.”

Ning Meng couldn’t help but sigh.

If she were Shen Yun, she would not be willing.

She was already dead yet she was still being used in this despicable way to nourish the other’s luck. Not only that, the other person even stole her husband. Having to see the two of them shower each other with affection every day, how could she be reconciled?

Even if Shen Yun became a ghost and killed Huang Feifei, Ning Meng wouldn’t think it odd at all.

“Four corners, soul-locking.” Shi Qi said concisely.

Ning Meng looked at the entire room again, feeling that this positioning was really incredible.

The urn was buried at the foot of the bed, which happened to be in the middle of the room. Originally, this room had good feng shui so this urn immediately occupied the best position as soon as it was buried.

All the qi gathered in the very center, flowing into the ashes, and was used by Huang Feifei, inevitably becoming the biggest beneficiary.

Thinking of this, Ning Meng looked at Huang Feifei.

She really couldn’t tell from her current appearance that her complexion looked well, feeling as if she probably had gotten backlash the past few days.

That’s not right. It should be said that this female ghost wanted Huang Feifei’s body, and the two people were fighting over control, leading to the situation today.

According to the situation Qin Huaiwen mentioned before, it could be surmised that the female ghost controlled the body at night, so Huang Feifei naturally felt tired when she awoke and took over during the day.

Moreover, if a ghost was possessing a person’s body, it would definitely affect the person’s vitality, to the extent that their life could be lost.

Seeing Qin Huaiwen’s gloomy appearance, the female ghost was obviously very happy and couldn’t help laughing while covering her mouth.

After experiencing things like ghost marriage, she was very disgusted with men, so when she first took possession of a body, she wanted to kill him. If it weren’t for the restrictions placed on her, she would have succeeded in her plan.

Ning Meng appeared to be in a trance when she suddenly heard Shi Qi’s voice, “Do you want to see?”

She didn’t react, and asked, “See what?”

As soon as her voice fell, she heard Huang Feifei suddenly calling out in panic, “Huaiwen!”

Huang Feifei then glanced around and then at the clothes on her body, and asked, “When did I change my clothes?”

Qin Huaiwen’s face was completely black, almost making a move himself.


I’m going to show her.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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