Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 53.3 A figure suddenly appeared in the painting (3)

Upon returning to the classroom, Qiu Keke found Shi Qi sitting at his seat and carefully neared Ning Meng to ask, “Has it been settled?”

Ning Meng responded, “He’s coming.”

Qiu Keke smiled and kneaded her cheeks, “Thanks Ning Ning, I’ll cut a big piece of cake for you tonight.”

Ning Meng’s eyes lit up, “You promised this, alright? Don’t you go back on your word.”

Once school had ended, Qiu Keke pulled her outside.

Shi Qi walked behind them. His face looked cold and his figure was tall and slender, seemingly unaffected by the noise surrounding him as though he was completely independent from them.

Qiu Keke’s other friends were already waiting outside the classroom.

Among them, a girl called Lu Shi was particularly impatient, “Hurry hurry. Time is of essence. If we go late, we won’t have much time to play. I’m only allowed to stay 2 hours outside today.”

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Ning Meng was startled by their enthusiasm, “My name is Ning Ning. Nice to meet you.”

After exchanging pleasantries outside the classroom, the two boys who were responsible for class sanitation had finished their duties. Qiu Keke waved her hands at them and said, “Alright, we can go.”

Qiu Keke’s family driver had come to fetch them.

Seeing that she had gathered a lot of people, Qiu Keke muttered to herself for a moment before deciding, “In any case, Shi Qi has his own car. Ning Ning can sit in his car while the rest can sit in mine.”

She was usually the center of their circle so they usually didn’t oppose her decisions. Moreover, they weren’t close with Shi Qi, merely knowing some matters about him.

And as they were looking at Shi Qi, the majority of their gazes also fell on Ning Ning, feeling like becoming a third-wheeler wouldn’t be a good idea.

Ning Meng could only ride with Shi Qi in his family car.

Fortunately, it was not her first time riding it. In fact, she felt it quite familiar, reaching her hand out to the area where the melon seeds were laying, “Can I eat this?”

Her tone sounded cute and soft.

Shi Qi looked at her in surprise for a long while before responding, “Eat.”

Ning Meng felt her scalp turn numb from being stared at but since this was another person’s possession, it was better to ask in advance and to be honest, these melon seeds were really delicious.


Upon arriving at the Qiu Residence, the group of people went crazy.

All kinds of music and cake were prepared and if it weren’t for the sake of thinking about health, they would’ve gone straight to opening some alcohol. Since the weather was still cold, it was better to choose some drinks first.

Ning Meng was feeling cold and didn’t want any but Qiu Keke poured her a cup of orange juice and placed it in front of her.

All the other people were dancing and singing happily whereas she was at the side eating and amusing herself, reluctant to bother other people.

Shi Qi was in the same boat as her. He sat at the site and was calmer than anyone else.

At around 10 in the evening, all the other people had already left.

Their homes were a bit far from this place and it was not safe to return home very late at night. Moreover, their elders and parents were waiting for them at home so they couldn’t stay any longer to play.

Ning Meng was also about to leave but was pulled by Qiu Keke, “I felt like that painting had changed this morning. I took a photo with my phone so can you take a look if it’s the same?”

She ran upstairs and took the painting from the table down.

As she was afraid that something was going to pop out from the painting, before she left, she covered it with a cloth and hadn’t taken it off up until now.

Qiu Keke asked, “Do you still remember what it looked like?”

Ning Meng nodded, “Yeah, a ball of mess.”

After looking at it several times and even discovering it the first night, how could Ning Meng not remember what it looked like. She remembered it as clear as day.

Only the three of them were left in the house as well as the auntie in the kitchen. She pulled off the covering cloth and the whole painting once again appeared in view.

Its original messy ball appearance turned into a landscape painting.

The painting was of a forest which looked gorgeous as if the painter had meticulously drawn it. The sky consisted of the stars and the moon but the depths of the forest was pitch black, looking slightly scary.

Ning Meng’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, “This…”

Shi Qi was pouring himself some water in the kitchen as Qiu Keke said, “I knew something was wrong when I was looking at it last night. It didn’t even look like this last night and before I left the house this morning, I took a picture of it.”

She opened the gallery on her phone and a picture popped out.

Looking exactly like the one in the painting.

Qiu Keke was taken aback, “Holy shit. What’s going on? I clearly remember it didn’t look like this in the morning. How did it suddenly change into this picture?”

She also carried her phone with her so it was impossible for anyone else to have taken it away.

Shi Qi carried the cup and walked over, placing it in front of Ning Meng.

He lowered his eyes, fixating his gaze on the painting. Stroking his slender fingers across the surface, he asked in a deep voice, “Did it get stained with blood?”

Ning Meng looked at him for a long while, feeling taken by his captivating beauty. Seeing that the two weren’t paying her any attention, she lowered her head in guilt.

Great grandson was too good-looking, one could not fault her for getting distracted.

Upon hearing his words, Qiu Keke was immediately reminded of the matter that happened last night, “I was almost robbed last night and my hand was grazed. When I picked it up, I might have accidentally done so.”

Afterwards, she really didn’t pay attention to this matter.

Qiu Keke roughly narrated what happened last night as well as this morning when she took a photo, baring her suspicions about these mysterious happenings.

As she was talking, Ning Meng keenly saw the painting changing again out of the corner of her eyes.

She looked at it for a few seconds and affirmed that there really was something changing and she pointed at the corner, alerting them, ”A figure suddenly appeared in here!”

Qiu Keke quickly neared it to take a look.

The figure appeared at the corner of the forest which was also the edge. If one sat close to the painting, they’d be able to notice this but wouldn’t be able to see it clearly.

Fortunately, they had a magnifying glass in the house so Qiu Keke took it over to inspect the figure.

Upon taking a closer look, she was rendered dumbfounded.

Ning Meng was confused as to why she wasn’t reacting so she took the magnifying glass from her hand and looked at the painting herself, nearly jumping up from the sofa.

This figure’s clothes, hair and even face…looked like someone who had participated in tonight’s gathering, Lu Shu.

Moreover, the expression on Lu Shu’s face was gradually undergoing changes bit by bit.

From blank to helplessness to panic and lastly, to fear….


Since the candy was given to me.

It naturally belongs to me.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: So good-looking

When Ning Meng was looking through the gap under the podium, a lovely reader said she must’ve met with the girl’s eyes and was scared out of her wits.

This reminded me of some things I’ve seen before: When people are afraid, they hide under the bed and if a ghost bends down or falls, they’ll be able to spot them.

There’s also another one. If one squats down between cubicle dividers and looks up from underneath and sees a head looking at him, he’d get scared regardless if it was a human or a ghost.

The last one seems to have come from a movie.

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