Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 53.2 A figure suddenly appeared in the painting (2)

The system explained, “There’s definitely something added into the paint but I can’t tell what it is nor can I see it.”

This system was completely different to all the other systems who gave their hosts a golden finger, it was only able to notice something out of place.

Ning Meng no longer pursued further questions as there presently wasn’t any danger posed.


Throughout the whole day, Qiu Keke kept asking her good friends with the intention of finding out who had left the painting but it was to no avail.

Moreover, two of her friends mentioned that they had also received a painting a few days ago which they threw directly into the trash.

Their painting also consisted of a jumble of colors which had now gone.

As such, Qiu Keke concluded that the person must not be in her circle of friends.

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Qiu Keke’s expression turned very dark. As soon as she lifted her head from the ground, that person had already gone far away. Fortunately, her bag wasn’t snatched away.

Fumbling her hands around the ground, she realized that the skin on it had torn, blood oozing out.

Luckily, the wound wasn’t big. It could be easily dealt with just by using a slightly damp napkin to wipe it dry. Moreover, it only hurt a little bit.

“Sicko.” Qiu Keke cursed under her breath.

The zipper on her bag had been pulled open by that person, nearly causing the painting in her bag to slip out. In any case, this wasn’t her own personal possession but a gift from someone else.

She picked the painting out and patted off the dust before placing it back.

A hint of blood rubbed against the painting and disappeared into the paint.

After arriving home, Qiu Keke disinfected her wound with alcohol and once again cursed that person for making her suffer such bad luck.

Her family circumstances were very good. The company her parents established was considered to be one of the very best in the industry and she had no other siblings. As an only child, she was doted on growing up.

When Father Qiu and Mother Qiu returned and saw her injuries, they felt distressed, “Oh my baby. If I catch that thief, I’ll rip his skin off for you.”

Qiu Keke laughed out loud before heading to her room.

After returning to her room. She placed the painting on the table then headed into the bathroom.

The sounds of water and singing floated out, concealing the minute noises coming from the bedroom.

Life seemed to have been breathed into that blob of color in the painting as it slowly started to move in all directions.

After a long time, Qiu Keke came out of the bathroom.

She went to the table and dried her wet hair, sitting on the chair and looking at the odd painting, seeing the colors still jumbled up.

However, upon looking carefully, she noticed something fishy.

She asked herself befuddled, “There seems to be something different about it…Was I just imagining things?”

However, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Qiu Keke assumed that perhaps because she had just stepped out of the shower, her head was still a little muddy.

Mother Qiu pushed the door and stepped inside, “Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?”

She placed a cup of milk on the table and looked at the painting, holding it up to ask, “Did you draw this? Isn’t this too ugly?”

Since their family had a lot of connections, they naturally had all kinds of people sending them gifts, among them included rare pieces of artwork.

The pieces hung at the wall next to their staircase also weren’t cheap. Mother Qiu had a very discerning eye, immediately able to tell that this was the ugliest piece of artwork she had ever laid eyes on.

Qiu Keke denied, “How could that be mine? Someone gave it to me.”

Mother Qiu winked at her and put down the painting to inquire, “A boy or a girl?”

Qiu Keke pushed her out of her room, “A girl a girl a girl. There’s no use thinking about it the whole day. I’m going to sleep.”

Returning to the desk, she cast another glance at the painting and reached out a hand to touch it. The painting felt pretty nice to the touch but the contents were still scarring to the eye.

Cutting off her train of thoughts, Qiu Keke proceeded to dry her hair before climbing into bed, turning off the lights and falling into sleep.

The forgotten painting laying on the sofa suddenly had a small change….Unfortunately, no one bore witness to it.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The next morning, Qiu Keke was woken up by her alarm.

Mother Qiu entered her room just in time and asked, “Tomorrow’s Saturday and you’re coincidentally celebrating your birthday tonight. Do you want to invite your friends to come over?”

Qiu Keke had just finished combing her hair when she responded, “I do I do I do. Then, mom, will you and dad be at home tonight?”

“We won’t. We have some business to attend to. I’m accompanying your father to a dinner party but the auntie will be at home. Just ask her to make food for you or get some takeout.” Qiu Mother said.

Qiu Keke nodded, “Alright. I understand.”

As the last birthday she’ll ever have in her senior year, she had to invite her friends over to play. After all, with all things considered, it would be very hard to organize another get-together in the future.

The door was then shut.

After Qiu Keke fixed herself up, her gaze was once again attracted to the painting and she took it in her hands, “Why does it feel different…”

Last night, it felt as if she had been hallucinating, however, now, the feeling that something was wrong still remained, but she couldn’t figure out where.

Thinking up until here, she took some picture of the painting with her phone.

She decided to look back at the photos tonight in reference and spot the difference. She also felt that she might be thinking too much. How could a painting suddenly change by itself?

There was no doubt she was just overthinking this.

By the time she arrived at school, she discovered a rare thing. Ning Ning had arrived earlier than her.

She sat in her seat, reading a book, appearing cute and lovely, white and tender. Her countenance looked soft and delicate, it made her want to pinch her.

It was no wonder Shi Qi acted differently towards such a lovely person.

Qiu Keke walked forward with her thoughts running wild and said, “Ning Ning, today is my birthday so I’m holding a celebration at my home tonight. Do you want to come?”

“Ah. Happy Birthday.” Ning Meng said in surprise, “I have to go home and ask my mom but since there’s no late night revision today, I’m sure I’ll be allowed to go.”

Schools on friday usually didn’t have late self-revision. It was also the weekday which students considered to be the best as they had plenty of assignments to finish on the weekends.

Qiu Keke nodded her head, “Then, you should go invite Shi Qi.”

Ning Meng’s eyes grew wide, “It’s your birthday, why don’t you go and ask him, Why are you making me do it?”

Qiu Keke secretly covered her smile, “Then, help me ask him. I still have to go upstairs and ask other people.”

How could she be certain that he would come unless she sent the little cutie out.

If Ning Ning goes, Shi Qi will definitely also attend. She knew this for a fact.

And so, Ning Meng could only agree.

When Shi Qi finally arrived, Ning Meng brought up the matter, “It’s Keke’s birthday and we’re going to her place to celebrate tonight. Are you coming?”

Shi Qi didn’t respond but asked, “Are you going?”

Ning Meng said, “Yeah, I am. Of course I’m going. Even if you’re not coming, I’m still gonna go.”

After a long time, Shi Qi responded, “Oh. I’m coming.”

His appearance was indifferent as he placed a candy on the table. The sunlight outside spilled in, shining at the transparent packaged candy, making it look particularly good.

Ning Meng stared blankly for a moment before asking, “Are you returning the candy that I gave you?”

Shi Qi didn’t react and was sluggish for a few seconds before placing his fingers on top and asking slowly, “You don’t want it.”

Ning Meng immediately took it, “It’s not that I don’t want it.”

Not long ago, the candy was named the same as her surname.

However, midway, she had changed her surname1This refers to when she transmigrated the first time so her surname was Shi.. Now, she used the same surname again.

If she could keep the same surname in the future, that would be nice. In any case, the candy had already entered her mouth after passing through Shi Qi’s pocket.

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